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Monday, August 19, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.12- Lunar Ellipse

Scott does the impossible, Ms. Blake does the unthinkable, Deucalion shows his true self, and Peter shows his true colors....

Well, Ms. Blake is officially dead.  After having her throat slashed by Deucalion and retreating to the chamber to heal again, she meets Peter who kills her with finality.  What puzzled me was what he said as he killed her.  Killing her was no surprise; come on, this is Peter Hale; but after she said that he would steal Scott's Alpha power, he shouted that he was always an Alpha.  I suspect that he meant that he was able to lead, even if only through manipulation, but what if being brought back by Lydia did actually restore his powers?  That would be weird, because he hasn't used them since he came back, but given how cunning and untrustworthy he is, it would not surprise me.  I don't think it is the case, but I could be wrong.

Deucalion managed to escape with his life because Scott and Derek allowed him to.  He also got his sight back, thanks to Derek tricking Ms. Blake into healing him.  After Scott's little display (see below), I don't blame Deucalion for leaving.  The question is whether or not he'll come back.  His Alpha pack has been decimated, Scott has become an Alpha, and he is alive because of mercy.  I am curious as to what (if anything) he will do in the future.

Scott has fully embraced his True Alpha side and managed to do something that was thought to be impossible.  After Ms. Blake threw down a circle of mountain ash, Scott managed (with considerable effort) to push through the circle and break it.  Whether this is a True Alpha ability or something unique to Scott remains to be seen.  I suspect that since mountain ash is a protective measure and a True Alpha is made one because of their innate goodness, this ability is one that all True Alphas have.  It may also be something that can only be done periodically.  Or, it is also possible that now that Scott has truly embraced his Alphaness, he can go through it easier next time.  I know that is not really saying anything, but there is very little to go on, so speculation will be of little use.

And Scott's pack has (apparently) been enlarged.  Ethan and Aiden have apparently thrown their lot in with Scott.  I say apparently because they are (presumably) still Alphas and it is possible that they will either leave or try and form their own pack.  I suspect that they will stay with Scott because of Danny and Lydia respectively, but I could easily be wrong.  Either way, this will be very interesting.  With 3 (possibly 4) Alphas in the same town, life will be exciting.  I think that Scott (as a True Alpha) will be preeminent since his power is purer.  Ethan has definitely shown signs of a good heart and a conscience and Aiden seems to be starting to show the same.

Derek and Cora have both left.  I do not think that Derek is gone permanently, but I do think that Cora is gone pretty much permanently given the fact that Adelaide is the lead on Reign.  If she is back, it will be sporadically.  Derek leaving is a good thing because he has become more and more useless as time has gone on.  I hope he comes back, even if it is only for a visit, but he will have to take a back seat to Scott now.  I do not think that he will have an issue with that, but I could be wrong.

Scott's dad is back and the temperature in the McCall house is subzero.  Scott has some *MAJOR* issues with his dad and he is not afraid to let his dad know about it.  Watching this relationship develop will be truly interesting.  I think that he will sneak around and figure out what is going on.  It is questionable whether or not Scott needs him since he has protectors in the form of his mom, Sheriff Stilinski, and Mr. Argent.  Having all three adults around should prove useful to Scott as he learns about leadership.

Speaking of leadership, Alison is stepping up to the plate in the best possible way.  She is insisting that her dad teach her about fighting because of what is coming to Beacon Hills as a result of what she, Scott, and Stiles did.  Just had a thought.  I wonder if Scott's willingness to sacrifice himself, coupled with the determination to go through the mountain ash, was what pushed him over the edge into True Alphadom.  Speaking of the ritual, we learned something interesting.  At least, I don't remember it being said before.  The night that Scott was bit, the vehicle that nearly hit him was driven by Mrs. Argent with Alison inside.  Also, Scott, Stiles, and Alison were all by the stump that night.  Also, the drawing that Scott was showing Derek as the inspiration for his tattoo, was a picture of the stump.  Weird, but cool.

So, Teen Wolf comes back for Season 3B on January 6th.  Will be back with more Teen Wolf reviews then.  Tomorrow, I will put out my Under the Dome review.  Under the Dome will last until the middle of September and in the fall, I will be writing reviews for The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, and (hopefully) The Originals.  Until then!