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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 10- Let the Games Begin

Linda and Julia investigate the fuel and find out some unpleasant truths, Maxine continues to pull the strings, Big Jim goes exploring, Barbie takes matters into his own hands, and the kids do their own thing....

I am not sure how much longer Maxine will have Big Jim and Barbie under her thumb.  Barbie has told Julia everything that happened and she appears to have accepted his word for it after her investigation and Big Jim found Maxine's mom and seems to think that he has gotten what he needed.  So, will Maxine be able to hold anything over the two of them?  I know she'll be pissed when she finds out that Big Jim left her mother to drown.  Whether or not she is actually dead is up for debate.  We never saw a body, but they implied pretty heavily that she did drown, seeing as her hand were tied and what not.  Interestingly, Maxine's mom was an old classmate of Big Jim's who dropped out of high school after getting pregnant with Maxine.  Talk about revenge being a dish best served cold....

The truth was so not a pleasant thing for Julia.  She found out that her husband basically committed suicide by Barbie in order to leave her with life insurance money so that she could keep the house.  I was definitely surprised that she took everything as calmly as she did.  I wonder if it is the calm before the storm or if she is resigned to the worst about her husband.  And I so hope Barbie doesn't have anymore skeletons in his closet because if he does, she is not going to be as understanding.  I also wonder if they'll actually stay together or if this will drive them apart.

When Joe found out what Junior did, he was pissed.  And rightfully so.  But, as Angie pointed out, Junior was needed to help with the mini dome (I so called that last week!).  Between his having a seizure a while ago (years I think) and the picture from his mom, he is as connected to the mini dome as Joe, Norrie, and Angie are.  And the mini dome shows itself to be a projection of stars.  I think I also saw a room plan of some sort, but that could have been something else.  In fairness to Angie, what happened did initially slip out and I know there was no way that Joe was going to let that particular comment go unexplored.  The only question is, what's next?

I will say that having the kids have a separate storyline bugs me a little bit.  They really needs to get this storyline connected to everything else PDQ.  I get why they are hiding everything given the fear that this town has shown thus far when odd things happen, but they do need to tell someone.  We also need to see what part they have in the bigger scheme of things.

Poor Linda.  She finds out that she has been kept in the dark on so many things.  Duke was hiding the truth about the propane and drugs from her because he was trying to save the town.  He made the deal so that Maxine would keep her drugs out of Chester's Mill and so that other kids wouldn't die the way his son did.  Linda also has to deal with the fact that Big Jim has been involved in this thing up to his neck.  So, what will she do?  So hope we get to see this conversation.

Until next week!