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Monday, August 5, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 7- Imperfect Signals

A new life enters the dome, Joe and Norrie discover something new in the center of the dome, Big Jim takes a shocking step, and Junior finds out about what almost happened to Angie....

Joe and Norrie are definitely running for cutest couple.  The two of them are adorable together.  After the events of last week, they decided to explore the dome some more to see if they could get more information about their connection to the dome.  I have to say that making out on the dome was an interesting way to figure things out.  :-)  I do want to know what was up with the mini dome in the middle of the woods.  Is that some downscaled version of the dome, a power source for the dome, or something else entirely?  And what is that black egg in the mini dome?  Also, why was the mini dome showing visions of other people?  yeah, a bunch of questions and I am *SO* looking forward to answers.

Big Jim had a roller coaster of a week.  First off, his "friend" from last week manages to find the propane stockpile and uses it to force Big Jim to bow to his wishes.  While Jim's response was not too surprising, I was surprised at the form it took.  I assumed that Jim would shoot the guy, instead he blew up with truck.  Impressive shooting, but also surprising.  And Big Jim set himself up for a major collision with Junior over Angie.  He told Junior, in no uncertain terms, that he was to stay away from Angie.  Jim even kicked Junior out of the house.  Given Junior's instability (and the preview for next week), I am not all that certain about Jim's future.

Barbie, Julia, Alice, and Carolyn brought a new life into the dome in the form of a baby to one of Julia's neighbors.  Love that the baby was named after Alice and that Barbie took over so smoothly when he was needed.  He is really good for people to help them stay calm and what not.  I just fear what will happen if/when they find out that he killed Julia's husband.  Fortunately, he and Junior seem to have come to an uneasy truce, so there will be no infighting in the sheriff's department for now.

I feel for Norrie and Carolyn.  Alice seemed like such a nice, wonderful woman.  I wonder if her dying was linked to baby Alice's birth or if it was all a big coincidence.  I am opting to believe the latter for now, but I am open to the former.  When Norrie ran out of the house and demanded answers from the dome, I must admit that I was wondering if the dome would somehow absorb her energy to revive Alice.  I knew it was unlikely, but I still wondered.  Norrie and Joe are (seemingly) too important to the dome to die without some Big Important Reason.

Angie is free and reunited with Joe.  So happy for the both of them.  I do hope that she keeps her mouth shut about Junior.  While I would love nothing more for Junior than for him to get his just desserts, I don't want anything bad to happen to Angie or Joe because of it.  Keeping quiet for now would not be a bad thing.  If something were to happen to Jim, then that would change the entire situation.

Speaking of Junior, he was mightily pissed when he found out that Angie was nearly raped last week.  He was so pissed that he executed one of the brothers.  While Linda shot the one in self-defense, Junior's brother had given up and asked to be taken in.  And Junior was *SO* cold-blooded about the whole thing, it was more than a little freaky.  That boy is becoming more and more unstable each week.

Until next week!