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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 8- Thicker than Water

A father-son showdown occurs, Barbie faces off against Big Jim, Joe shows Julia the minidome, Norrie goes through grief stages awfully fast, and someone else dies....

Let's start with Norrie.  While I appreciate the stages of grief, she moved through them entirely too quickly.  I get that this is TV, so things are accelerated, but going through the stages as quickly as she did is a tad unrealistic.  In the space of one hour of TV (maybe a day in show time), she went from depressed to angry at Joe to blaming Joe to blaming her mom to blaming herself.  Each of these stages is true, but I do not think anyone (even an emotionally volatile teenager) would go through all of these as fast as she did.  I think it would have been a lot better to have gone through them over a week or two of the show.  Just saying.

Julia now knows about the minidome and the egg, which is now pink.  When she touched the minidome, she saw Joe appear and say "The monarch will be crowned."  The weird part is that Joe was there with her.  Apparently the minidome allows people to see different things.  I do wonder if it was connected to Alice's death.  I suspect that the minidome allowed Norrie and Joe to see Alice because she died rather than causing her death directly.  If I am correct, the minidome would be a conduit of sorts to the large dome or whatever is controlling it.

When I first heard the phrase about the monarch, I assumed (logically) that a new leader would come forth to lead the people of Chester's Mill.  It could still be that, but given the monarch butterfly on Angie's shoulder, I suspect it is something else.  She could rise up and lead people or she may rise up for another purpose.  Given the previews for next week, it would appear that she will join Joe and Norrie in the dome communication crew.  I wonder if she and Joe were meant to be the communicators given their kinship, and Norrie was chosen because Angie was not around.

Big Jim had a bad week.  Olly is using the water as part of a bid to gain power in Chester's Mill and Big Jim is more or less powerless to stop him short of an assault on Olly's farm, an incident that leads to the death of 5 (maybe 6) people and the wounding of another.  The reason I say "maybe 6" is that I am unsure if Barbie was counting Olly among the dead or not.  Given the fact that he was not present when Junior killed Olly leads me to suspect that he was not counting Olly, but I could be wrong.

Barbie's plan was trickier, but ultimately the right choice.  Turns out that Olly's family siphoned all available underground water to their well years ago.  That would make them thieves which places Big Jim ever so slightly on the right side.  The problem is that I think Barbie was correct, Big Jim wanted to seize the water to enhance his own power.  When Barbie bombed the well, he dispersed the water which means that Big Jim cannot use the water for his own aggrandizement.  Barbie and Big Jim are definitely going to come to blows (at the very least metaphorical if not actual) soon.  Both of them has told the other that it is a bad thing to have them as an enemy.  So which is the worse enemy?

Junior learned some unpleasant news about his mom.  Turns out that she killed herself in the car accident.  She was unstable and drove herself into a tree.  I would feel sorry for Junior if he weren't a total loon.  He is mercurial and he has guns.  This makes him very dangerous.  He claimed that he went to Olly's side in order to destroy him from within, but I call bull.  Junior was pissed at daddy, so he joined Olly.  After daddy told him the truth about his mom, he killed Olly when Olly threatened Big Jim.  I so do not trust this guy.

Until next week!