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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 9- The Fourth Hand

We meet Barbie's boss and she has a surprising connection to another character.  The mini-dome disappears, Junior appears to have calmed down a bit, Linda investigates the propane, and Big Jim has an interesting request of the town....

So, Barbie's boss is also Big Jim's boss.  Or, at least, she is the one supplying him with what he needs to make drugs.  Nice woman.  And apparently Barbie knows her in the biblical sense of the word.  Talk about a complicated relationship.  Barbie and Big Jim are barely getting along, but now they find out that they are working for the same person.  Oh, and Maxine (the boss) has enough dirt on both of them to keep them in line and doing what she wants.  Gotta say that she seems to be an absolute sweetheart and someone I would love to have as a next door neighbor.  One of the first things she does is get Big Jim to do a "voluntary" confiscation of all weapons in Chester Mill.  Please note the quotes because when a man who earlier accidentally shot his neighbor doesn't turn his guns, Big Jim goes to get them.  Gotta love this definition of voluntary.  <eyes rolling>  I must admit that I was wondering if Barbie was going to take a shot at Big Jim.  I figured it wouldn't happen, but it was fun to imagine, I must admit.

Julia went to show Barbie the mini-dome and it was gone.  Poor Julia.  Turns out Joe went out in the middle of the night, dug it up, and brought it back to his barn.  The question is what was controlling him since Angie said that he was walking like a zombie.  Why she didn't stop him, we'll never know.  I know that if I saw one of my brothers (or my sister) walking like a zombie at 3 in the morning, I would at the very least follow them to see what was up.  I would probably stop them if I thought there was no danger in doing so.  The really interesting thing is that when Angie, Norrie, and Joe put their hands on the mini-dome, it lit up where their hands were and a place for a fourth hand lit up too.  So, to whom does the fourth hand belong?  Could it be Junior who was painted in a picture with pink stars falling around him 9 years ago?  Could it be one of Joe's friends?  Or, could it be someone else entirely?  I am going to go with Junior for a couple of reasons.  First off, the aforementioned picture seems to indicate him.  Secondly. Joe and Norrie are a couple, so having Angie and Junior as a second couple would make for nice symmetry.  Twisted, but nice nonetheless.

I was surprised at how easily Junior seems to have gotten Angie to trust him.  Granted, he did help her after the seizure and did bring her back to her house, but still.  You also have to wonder if he is actually off his rocker.  Is it possible that he and/or his mom have some sort of psychic sense that tells them about the true nature of things and that is how he knew that Angie was being affected by the dome?  Or, is he actually crazy and therefore able to see things that others miss?

Linda needs to be careful.  She is investigating something very, very hazardous to her health.  I have no doubt that if she stumbles across the truth and Maxine finds out about it, Maxine will have her killed or (at the very least) put away somewhere.  I am glad that she is such a dogged investigator, but that sort of thing can get you in trouble.  Be careful dear.

Until next week!