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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars and Twisted Summer Finales

On PLL, there were some fairly major revelations this week.  First off, Cece is Red Coat.  I will say that I was sort of hoping it would be Alison's heretofore unknown twin sister (a la the books) who was Red Coat, but oh well.  Second, Ezra is (apparently) A.  That was a major shock for me.  Then I thought about it and I am sort of doubting the conclusion because the evidence is entirely too thin.  Could he be A?  Sure, but the conclusion is based on a lot of inferential thinking that does have other possible explanations.  Also, I feel compelled to remind everyone that PLL is famous (or infamous) for apparently showing one thing and then giving it a *MAJOR* twist at some point to show that the previous thinking was wrong.  Two quick examples of this are Toby's "death" and his joining the A-team.

This last observation actually applies to both revelations.  First off, Cece could be a lackey of Red Coat and appeared in Ravenswood in the red coat in order to throw the girls off once she was wanted for the murder of Wilden.  She could be Red Coat, but the revelation lacks serious punch if she is Red Coat, so I'll reserve judgment for the moment.  I mainly want to focus on the Ezra revelation.

Here is what we know.  The girls discover a lair with timelines of their lives, computers for observing them, and a closet of men's suits.  They also bump into a woman who claims that Ali was alive after the night she disappeared and feared that a man was after her.  Ali conveniently disappeared from the woman's car at the hospital, so there is no way to verify what the girls were told.  After the girls leave the lair, a hooded figure enters and takes off the hood, so we see Ezra who is obviously pissed off about something.

Now, if Ezra is A, then he could be pissed off that the girls are on his trail and discovered his lair.  However, it is equally possible that Ezra followed the girls in order to see what was going on and is pissed off that A is still around and is still after the girls.  I will admit that I am hoping for the second, if only because I love Ezria and I don't want their whole relationship to be based on a lie.  So, my thinking is not exactly impartial.  However, much like with Toby's "body" in the spring, there is no concrete evidence, merely some inferences based on somewhat shaky evidence (ok, my hopes are based on the same, I must admit!).  So I will definitely be holding onto the hope that Ezra was there for the second reason until it is clearly and definitively proved to be otherwise.  Maybe they'll explain it in the October 22nd episode.

On Twisted, there were two revelations that rocked me on my heels.  First off, the investigator brought in by the mayor to "help" Chief Masterson had argued with Regina and had scratched her arm.  This would most definitely explain why she is so eager to "prove" that it was Danny.  I cannot believe that *NO ONE* pointed out that finding the knife was *EXTREMELY* convenient and that (miraculously?) has Danny's fingerprints on it.  Sorry, but I am calling a serious foul here.  The second revelation is that Vikram is still alive and that Jo's mom knows it!  That one seriously rocked me.  Given this, here is my theory of what happened:

Vikram and Regina either had an affair or Regina had something on Vikram.  Regina threatened to expose Vikram, so he sent the private investigator to talk with her and they had an argument in which Regina was scratched.  Later, Vikram either killed Regina or sent someone to do it for him.  He ordered that the necklace be taken and then got it into Danny's locker at school.


[UPDATED]  Apparently I was wrong.  I just read this article on, this article on, and this article on it appears that Ezra really is A and is not just doing something to protect the girls.  This should be interesting.....