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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some thoughts on Scott's Pack and Derek

Last night, after I wrote my review, I had some thoughts about Scott's pack and Derek that I wanted to share.

What I was thinking about Scott's pack, I've basically said before, but I think it bears repeating.   First off, it is a very eclectic group which is its biggest strength.  It consists of a human (Stiles), a werewolf hunter (Alison), a banshee (Lydia), a werewolf (Isaac), a druid advisor (Deaton), and 2 (possibly 3) former (possibly present) Alphas (Ethan, Aiden, and Derek).  It is being protected by a healer (Ms. McCall), a lawman (Sheriff Stilinski), and a werewolf hunter (Mr. Argent).  It also has 2 other potential members in the form of a druid advisor (Ms. Morell) and a human (Danny via Ethan) as well as one potential protector (Mr. McCall).  This is quite the group with different skills and talents to bring to bear and that makes them quite formidable as many a supernatural creature has discovered.

The other thing about this group is that they have managed to defeat every enemy that they have come across.  First it was Peter, then Derek's pack (even getting some of them to join), and then the Alpha pack (doing the same re. joining) and Ms. Blake.  Trying to fight Scott's pack is extremely difficult, not because they are the strongest or the best, but because they are bound together by love and mutual admiration.  There is no forced bonding here, every member chooses to belong for their own reasons.  The other thing that makes them difficult to fight are the different skills and fighting styles.  Trying to fight another enemy (say the Alpha pack) is easier because they are all basically straight physical attackers.  Scott's pack uses different means, methods, and styles that means that an enemy has to be *VERY* flexible to fight them.

Of course, this strength can also be a singular weakness.  Because the bonds are voluntary, they are easier to break than other bonds.  Also, the group will be subject to great internal tension as Scott learns how to be a leader and as the group figures out how to deal with the expansion it has just undergone.

Then there is Derek.  Some people may think that I have been overly harsh on Derek recently and I may have been.  Derek is the classic tragic character.  I do not doubt his intentions or his innate goodness.  He is a good person and wants what is best.  The problem is that he is in over his head and refuses to look for outside help.  When I said that he has been useless, it is because he has not done much good recently.  Granted, he came up with an insta-ploy that helped defeat Ms. Blake, but it has been a long time between that and his previous good idea.  His plans suck, he consistently bites off more than he can chew, he is one of the worst leaders I have seen, and he has lost his entire pack to death or abandonment.  As a Beta in Scott's pack, I think he will be much better.  He won't have the pressure of leadership that he has had since killing Peter in the S1 finale and he'll be able to help if needed.  So I do hope he comes back in that sort of capacity.