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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 12- Exigent Circumstances

Chester's Mill come even more tightly under Big Jim's grip, the kids get in trouble, someone else dies, and Barbie makes an interesting choice...

Chester's Mill is now Big Jim's personal fiefdom.  That man now has the town right where he wants them and he is milking it for all it is worth.  Out of fear of the "murderer" Barbie, they gave him carte blanche in his methods.  So not a good thing.  This demagogic @$$hole is manipulating people left and right and killing people who get in his way.  Wonderful leader, just the sort of person I would want to lead my town.  I get that he is supposedly a known quantity and that the people trust him, but I am seriously surprised that no one has thought to question anything he has to say.  Like I said last week, he has given them a story to swallow and they are interpreting *EVERYTHING* through that filter.

One of my big problems with Big Jim is that the man is a major league hypocrite.  He spouts off about following the rule of law and what not, but in the fine tradition of demagogues everywhere, he proceeds to completely violate everything he said in the name of "protecting the people".  What he actually means is protecting his power.  I suspect that the person who so conveniently said that Big Jim should be able to search houses may very well have been planted by Big Jim in order to get the ball rolling.  The problem for Big Jim is that the army knows what he did to the reverend and when Dodee overheard it, he killed her and torched the radio station in order to ensure that no one else would find out and he then pinned it on Barbie to an all-too-willing-to-listen-and-gullible Chester's Mill.

The other thing to hate about Big Jim is the fact that he is a major league bully.  Arresting teenagers for protecting their parents, threatening them, and shoving them up against walls is not the mark of a good leader or a decent man.  Big Jim also has to watch out for Junior.  The guy is so confused by what is going on that he doesn't know which way is up.  Big Jim is manipulating his desire for parental approval and Angie used him to help Barbie get Julia out of the clinic.  It is really hard not to feel sorry for him.  About the only thing that is preventing me from feeling sorry is what he did to Angie and the fact that he is at least somewhat of a loon.

Fortunately, there are some who are willing to stand up to him.  Unfortunately, they can't do much because Big Jim is using the townspeople to enforce his will.  As he said, he does not want the dome to come down (at least not yet) because it would threaten his power.  So he is doing everything in his power to ensure that the dome stays up.  He did not count on Joe, Norrie, and Angie standing up to him.

And it is a good thing that they did.  Hiding the mini-dome and egg with Joe's friend was smart.  I am also glad that Carolyn now knows about the mini-dome and that she accepted it without histrionics.  I just want to know what was up with the high pitched sound and red lines at the end.

I continue to be severely disappointed in Linda.  She knows that Barbie cares about Julia and that Julia's husband planned his own death, but she is still swallowing everything that Big Jim has to say.  She seems to be an honest, decent person, but she is also seemingly incapable of independent thought.  Not meaning to be harsh, but I haven't seen much on that front from her.  She is acting like since Barbie was involved in Peter's death, he must be involved in the other deaths.  That chain of logic is not flying at all, particularly where it comes to Julia.  I really hope she gets her head screwed on straight soon.

I was glad that Barbie chose to break his "deal" with Big Jim and declare his innocence, particularly now that Julia is awake.  Hopefully someone will take the time to look at the so-called case against him with a hint of rationality instead of this mob mentality that the town has adopted.  As soon as someone does, they'll realize that the case against him boils down to what Big Jim says being true.  If that can be undermined, the case falls apart.

Next week, the season finale....