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Monday, September 16, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 13- Curtains

The Monarch is crowned, pink stars rise in lines, darkness and light both come, and we get a pseudo-answer about the dome....

Julia is the Monarch.  I was honestly not expecting that.  I was expecting it would be Barbie or one of kids or, in a weird twist, Junior.  Julia never actually entered my mind as a contender.  So what is her first decision as the Monarch?  She drop the egg into the lake in order to protect it and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.  That actually makes sense.  It could be found, but somehow I doubt it will be for some time.

I think Junior expected to be the Monarch given how badly he reacted to the news about Julia.  The problem with Junior is that he so desperately wants dad's approval that he is willing to go along with whatever  Big Jim wants.  He knows the Big Jim has killed people, but now that Big Jim has told him that they have a destiny together, I don't think that Junior will ever go back.  The truly scary thing is how quickly Junior turned on Angie and the rest.  Attacking Barbie was no surprise, but turning on Angie was something I did not think he would do.  Guess his "love" has limits after all.

Big Jim is becoming scarier and scarier by the week.  I think he is as unbalanced as his son is.  Barbie is right, Big Jim is a politician and has no issue switching sides if the need arises.  The scary thing is that he seems to honestly believe that everything he is doing is for the greater good of Chester's Mill.  I am not sure if this is his attempt at coping a justifying the horrific things he has done or if he is delusional enough to actually believe his own propaganda.

Linda's actions regarding the minidome make sense so long as you believe in what Big Jim says.  If Big Jim were telling the truth about everything, then the minidome is vital to the survival of Chester's Mill.  The problem is that Big Jim is a liar and Linda refuses to look at that basic truth.  She doesn't see that everything she is doing is tightening his grip on Chester's Mill.

The dome was apparently sent by some entity to protect Chester's Mill from something that is coming.  The nature of the threat has not been defined.  All we know is that it is that the dome is protection for Chester's Mill.  So, why this particular town?  Why not a bigger city or another town?  What is so special that Chester's Mill deserves this type of protection?  And who exactly are these entities?  Extraterrestrials?  Some lifeform within the Earth itself?  Or is this some massive hoax on the part of some human group?  Or is it the truth from some human group?

So, going into next season we have those answers as well as the question of what happened to Barbie.  Will what Julia did somehow save Barbie or will something else?  Or, will he end up being hanged by Junior and Big Jim?

Until next summer!