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Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.05- Monster's Ball

Katherine gets a surprise (ok, two), Damon has a plan, Caroline is shocked, Elena is warned, and Jeremy lies...

So, Nadia is Katherine's daughter.  That was a definite shock.  I suspected it might be the case when I realized how old Nadia was, but I wasn't sure until Nadia mentioned the date in 1492 that her mother was killed.  I wonder if Silas knows who Nadia really is.  I am trying to figure out if Nadia is here to protect Katherine or not.  This is going to prove very interesting for Katherine.  That also means that Nadia is a distant ancestor of Elena's.  Obviously, she had a child before she became a vampire or else Elena wouldn't be around.  I so hope we learn a little more about this because I am seriously intrigued.

I was definitely surprised that Damon decided to work with Silas.  I get why he did, but it was still surprising.  Damon wants to help Elena and Jeremy by bringing Bonnie back.  Since Silas wants to dies anyway (once the mystical purgatory is destroyed), using the energy released by his death to bring Bonnie back is useful.  I just wonder if Silas' death will do anything to Stefan.  Since Stefan's existence as Silas' doppleganger is a result of Silas' immortality, will Silas' death (or the fact that he is mortal now) have some sort of impact on Stefan?  I don't think Stefan will drop dead or anything, but I do suspect that (at the very least) the doppleganger line will end because the reason for it (Silas' immortality) is no longer around.

I can't say I was surprised that Jeremy lied to Damon about Bonnie's willingness to go along with the plan.  Jeremy is alive because Bonnie sacrificed herself and he is being tortured because he can see and talk with her, but they can't touch or anything.  If he wasn't willing to go along with the plan despite her protestations, I would have been completely shocked.

I am most definitely not happy with Tyler.  I have never liked that guy and his actions tonight merely reinforced my dislike in a major way.  He supposedly loves Caroline, but he is so intent on getting revenge on Klaus that he is willing to cause Caroline a lot of pain in order to get his revenge.  Sorry, but it really seems like he got his poor little ego bruised and his sense of masculinity damaged, so now he is having a temper tantrum.  Nice, real nice.

So what exactly is Dr. Maxfield up to?  He is obviously aware of the existence of vampires and seems to be experimenting on them, but he warned Elena (and presumably Caroline as well) to go away.  He is also (apparently) the guardian to one of their dead roommate's childhood friends.  I really hope we get an explanation soon because I am seriously intrigued about him.

Watching Damon sacrifice Katherine to bring back (and un-immortalize [is that even a word?]) Silas was satisfying and karmic in view of the fact that it was Katherine who sacrificed Jeremy last year to bring Silas back in the first place.  I was a little surprised that Elena didn't protest more, but I get why she let Damon do it.  I was also seriously shocked that Katherine is still alive.  I am not sure why she is, considering the fact that Nadia said that Silas would need all of her blood to become mortal again, but this should prove interesting.  My first thought was that she might have been revampirized, but then I remembered that she probably can't because of the cure.  Also, I don't think that a vampire's blood would have brought Silas back.  So how exactly did she survive?

Until next week!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.04- Kill or Be Killed

We get some back story on John and Jedekiah, Stephen has an unwelcome dinner guest, and a figure from John's past returns with vengeance in his heart...

Last week we learned about Cara and tonight we learned about John.  Turns out that John was a foster child in an abusive home where the foster dad used the money to buy booze, so John was forced to steal to make sure that he and his foster siblings remained fed.  That is, he did so until he was "rescued" by Jedekiah.  I have to admit that I hesitated before using the quotes around rescued because in a very real way, Jedekiah did rescue John.  He took John from an abusive situation into a more controlled situation.  Alas, it was akin to going from the frying pan into the fire.  The saddest part is that John genuinely loved Jedekiah until Jedekiah did something that destroyed that trust.  More on that in a bit.

Around the same time that Jedekiah rescued John, he also acquired a young man named Killian McCrane.  He then proceeded to use Killian (and other agents) in an experiment to see if he could get around the fact that the Tomorrow People cannot kill.  Listening to Jedekiah's reasoning was bizarre.  He said that this inability to kill was their one flaw and that by eliminating it, he was perfecting them.  He also said that by creating the best soldier, he could then keep that soldier in his pocket and make sure he was used appropriately.  It does make a certain amount of sense, but it is also seriously twisted.  The inability to kill is only a flaw because Jedekiah sees the existence of the Tomorrow People as warfare.  I think that John was right when he said that it was a good step.

Learning that John was experimented on and modified so that he could kill was a complete surprise.  I was so not expecting that he would have been modified that way.  It does make a certain amount of sense.  After all, Killian is out there with the ability to kill and a serious grudge against Ultra, so creating a new version of him who could fight him was necessary.  This was the incident that pushed John completely away from Ultra.  I find it interesting that being altered seemed to have made Killian a psychopath whereas it hasn't done that to John.  I would guess that it is a temperamental difference, but it could also be that the process was modified to prevent that sort of transformation.  If Killian really absorbed Jedekiah's ideas, then it would make sense that he sees humans as lower life forms who need to be wiped out in order for the Tomorrow People to flourish.

I am glad that Stephen has finally made some headway where John is concerned.  As I've said before, I get why John is so concerned about fighting Ultra openly, but there are times when it must be done.  Killian was a danger to everyone and he needed to be dealt with appropriately.  I can't say I was surprised that Jedekiah betrayed John even if I was disappointed in him.  I get that he sees John as a threat, but he is also driving Stephen further and further away from Ultra.  Stephen cares about normal humans and the Tomorrow People and will protect both.  He also has an honorable streak that is extremely uncomfortable with what Jedekiah does.  I suspect that what Jedekiah is doing is in part a test of Stephen and in part his SOP.

Watching that family dinner was sort of amusing.  Stephen's mom does not like Jedekiah, but she is smart enough to realize that Stephen needs him (at least temporarily)  and she isn't going to stand in their way.  Smart woman.  She also hinted at more secrets to come.  I almost wonder if she is (or was) a Tomorrow Person herself or at least aware of their existence.  That would be interesting.

Until next week!

My Review of Arrow 2.04- Crucible

The Black Canary is unmasked and Oliver deals with the fallout, a new (yet not) villain is seen, and Laurel is digging herself into a deeper hole with no bottom in sight....

As announced over the summer, the Black Canary has been unmasked and she is Sarah Lance.  I so wish they hadn't spoiled this because that would have been an awesome, jaw-dropping moment.  However, they did spoil it, so we have to go with it.  I still loved the moment however, if only for the pole-axed look on Oliver's face.  He had problems when he revealed her identity to Felicity and Diggle.  Remember, he said that she had died when the Queen's Gambit sunk.  Turns out that she was on the ship that took Oliver hostage.  Given the fact that we know (from last week) that she is in the League of Assassins, does this mean that the ship belongs to that group?  Or did she connect with them later?  My guess is that the ship is attacked (which is why Oliver assumed that Sarah was dead) and that this leads Oliver to the Russian mob (which you may remember he is/was affiliated with) and after that for some unknown reason, he returns to the island.

Having Sarah back is going to be uber-complicated for Oliver and the Lances.  He believes that they will refuse to associate with him again when/if they find out and frankly I wouldn't blame them.  I get that he didn't tell them that Sarah survived the sinking because he didn't want to spoil their memories of her anymore than he already did.  But now that she is back, I am struggling to see how he can keep the information from them.  The unfortunate thing is that the information may drive Laurel even further into the bottle and may also cause Officer Lance to relapse, both of which would be very bad.

I am interested to see how/if Sin is incorporated into Roy and Thea's lives.  There is something there between Sin and Roy.  Not sure if it is attraction or just friendship, but I so want to see.  I hope they don't go the route of a love triangle (which annoy the bejeezus out of me), but I am afraid that they'll go there.  I would like to see Roy and Sin continue to act as intermediaries between the Arrow and the Black Canary, but I sort of doubt that will continue since Oliver and Sarah know who the other is.  I suspect that they'll have the two of them work together to collect information for their respective vigilantes.  I am also a little worried about the possible strain that working for the Arrow will put on Roy and Thea's relationship.  It will only get worse when Roy figures out who the Arrow really is.

The Mayor was an interesting villain.  He was an ordinary man who used the opportunity presented by the quake to seize power.  He reminds me of Neville in Revolution.  Unfortunately for him, he attracted the attention of the Arrow and of Alderman Blood.  Watching the Arrow and Black Canary working together to take down his soldiers was a thing of beauty.  I loved the way that the two of them worked together really well and even used each other's weapons when needed.  And dude, don't piss off a masked vigilante when she has a staff to your neck.  Not a good idea.

Attracting the attention of Alderman Blood was an equally big blunder.  Blood is apparently the new Big Bad.  Not sure of his exact identity, but that mask was more than a little creepy.  And was that Vertigo that he injected into the Mayor's arm?  I knew that Blood was a bad person and now we are seeing how bad.  It can only get worse from here.

Watching Laurel sink deeper into the bottle was a little depressing and it was made worse by the fact that her father can only stand by helplessly and watch.  Lashing out at her father and Oliver was a classic reaction.  Even if she has a point about the hypocrisy, when will people learn to listen to those who have made the mistakes and not repeat them?  Sadly, Laurel is so wracked with guilt that she is blind to what she is doing.  Hitting bottom is going to destroy her and her career methinks.

Until next week!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.05- Sinners and Saints

Lots of backstory about the vampire/witch situation, how Devinna came to be with Marcel, and the murdered seminarians.  Nice....

Rather than go character by character as I normally do, I am going to take this episode storyline by storyline.  All of the storylines are connected, so we'll start with Devinna, move onto the vampire/witch situation, and end with the seminarians.  After that, I have a few character comments, so we'll address those.

In an earlier episode, Sophie (I think) mentioned that the witches in New Orleans derive their magical power by creating links with their ancestors.  Turns out that once every 3 centuries, the witches need to go through a ceremony called the Reaping in which they channel their ancestors power into 4 girls and then kill the girls.  As each girl is killed, the power is passed from one to another, so each witch gets more and more powerful.  After they are all killed, there is a second ceremony called the Harvest where the power is redistributed and the girls come back to life.   This time, there was a complication.  Sophie didn't believe in the ceremony and her niece was one of the girls.  She told Marcel (who she was sleeping with!) about the ceremony and he interrupted it in time to save Devinna from being killed (she was the fourth girl).

That is why Devinna is so freaking powerful.  As the last girl, she is the receptacle of all of the power of the ancestors of the coven.  That is also why she is working with Marcel.  The girls were told that they would be bled a little and would be put into a limbolike state.  They were also told that after the Harvest was performed, they would come back stronger than they were before.  Naturally, when they were being killed via having their throats cut, the girls panicked.  Devinna now hates the witches and is biding her time so that all of the power will vanish since the ceremony will not be completed.

This means that the vampire/witch situation is much more recent that had been implied earlier.  From the pilot, it sounded like the situation with the witches being tracked was a long term thing, when in fact it has only been in place for a few months.  The witches found out about Hayley and then used her to manipulate Klaus into coming back to New Orleans in order to find Devinna and complete the Reaping and the Harvest.  This is the sort of thing guaranteed to make Klaus grumpy (to say the least!).  If there is one thing Klaus hates, it is being manipulated by other people.  Manipulating Klaus is like playing with fire.  In other words, it is so not the right thing to do if you care about your long term health.

I will say that I thought that Devinna had been in Marcel's care for much longer than she actually was.  I thought that he had raised her and that was why she hated witches.  Having this new information makes her little rebellion last week make more sense.  She is working with Marcel because she hates the witches and because Marcel saved her, but she does have her own agenda.  Makes a difference....

It turns out that Cami and her brother are the niece and nephew to the priest who runs that church that Devinna is being kept in.  When he sided with Sophie against the witches, one of the witches put a hex on Cami's brother in order to drive him insane and put the priest on the sidelines.  As a result of the hex, he slaughtered the seminarians.  Before he left town, the priest asked Marcel to save the girls.  He only saved Devinna though.  It also turns out that the priest occupies a very high place in the human hierarchy.  He seems to be the spokesman (and possibly) leader of the humans who made an agreement with the witches and vampires to protect New Orleans in exchange for keeping their existence a secret.

One last plot thing.  According to Sophie, the witches from last week are from an extreme group of the witches.  Whether or not Sophie can be trusted is up for debate at this point.  I do think that she did not sanction the attack because had Hayley died, Sophie would have died too (assuming she told the truth about the linking spell).  If the attack was not meant to kill Hayley, but had some other (as yet unrevealed) purpose, then that could change things dramatically.

I am happy that Elijah is back.  He's always been my favorite Original.  I really hope that he can keep his word and get the grimoire to Devinna.  I also think that, no matter how much he would like to punish Klaus, he is going to set what Klaus did aside in favor of working with him against the witches and Marcel.  And what was up with the look that he and Hayley exchanged?

How long has Marcel actually been in control of New Orleans?  Was he in charge before he saved Devinna or did he come to be in charge because he had Devinna and her power in his corner?  If the latter, then he managed to impose order *VERY* quickly and I am highly impressed.  My guess is that before he had Devinna, he was prima inter pares (first among equals) where the witches and humans were concerned.  After he saved Devinna, I think he managed to gather enough power together to impose his will on the witches and the city.  I could be wrong, but that is my guess.

Until next week!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.04- For Whom the Bell Tolls

Stefan learns about his past, more than one truth comes to light, someone returns, and a major WTF moment ends the show....

Stefan spent most of the hour learning about the man he was from Elena, Caroline, and Damon.  And he was not terribly impressed.  There is obviously  still some sparkage with Elena and it looked like there might be some with Caroline, but that is all pretty much over.  Elena told Stefan about her and Damon which caused Stefan to decide that there was really no point in being the good guy.  Not only did he attack Jesse, but he has chosen to leave the Salvatore house.  I am not sure where he is planning on staying, but it does seem like Elena and Damon have lost whatever influence they may have on him.  So not a good thing.

Listening to the running commentary when Elena and Damon were filling him in on his past life was quite funny, particularly when Damon went through the list of people they had killed (or not) in the crypt.  When Stefan said that Damon was the boring one and he was the fun one, I practically fell over laughing.  Paul is definitely having fun playing a different side of Stefan.  This isn't the Ripper or St. Stefan.  Rather it is just plain Stefan with no baggage.  I must admit that I do like him.

Jeremy finally confessed to everyone that Bonnie is dead.  His reasons for keeping it quiet were laudable, however once everyone starting putting things on hold because they were waiting for Bonnie's return, he had to tell the truth.  I loved Damon's reaction when he figured out what Jeremy was hinting at.  He didn't want Jeremy to say it because of how it would affect Elena, but after Jeremy did, he went in fairly quickly to give Jeremy a reassuring hug.  Damon really is growing as a person and that is awesome to see.  Not too long ago, he wouldn't have done that.  Honestly, I thought (for a split second) that he was going to hit Jeremy or snap  his neck or something like that.  Instead Damon acted as a pillar of support for Elena and Jeremy.

Unlike the rest of the gang, Jeremy has had a while to come to grips with Bonnie's death.  Besides, she's not really dead to him because he can still talk with her if needed.  I loved the scene where he was doing push-ups and Bonnie appeared.  Of course, the being shirtless was (as always) wonderful to see, but Bonnie's line about her (and others') enjoying his working out was completely hilarious.  And I can tell her that there are many of us watching who enjoy it as well.  :-)

The reactions to Bonnie's death were about what would be expected.  Elena had a minor meltdown, Caroline is trying to hold it together and not talk about it, and Matt is heartbroken.  Having Bonnie speak to the gang through Jeremy was a really nice touch and it was something that the gang really needed.  While she may not be able to help out magically, she may still have knowledge that can be helpful.  The one good thing about her death is that Tyler came back for Caroline (at last!).  While he is not my favorite character, he can be a good support for Caroline when he is around.

When Stefan and Caroline were talking, was I the only one to sense some possible sparkage?  Nothing really serious, but there was definitely something there.  I don't know if he is actually attracted to her or what was going on, but there was something.  I am not sure if it is a good thing or not.  Because of my dislike for Tyler, I am not unfond of the possible pairing, but I am not overly fond of it either.  But if it happens, it happens.

Watching alternaMatt deliver that video message to Matt was a little freaky.  What is so important about that particular knife that alternaMatt would threaten to cut Matt's throat (thus killing them both) if Matt didn't deliver it to the friends who are coming?  And what exactly is alternaMatt doing when he takes over Matt's body?  A little freaked out, but glad they're finally giving Zach a decent storyline.

I have to admit that I was shocked when the doctor killed Jesse.  I assumed that the doctor was fighting vampires or acting like the Council and covering up their existence.  But instead, he appears to be creating vampires.  This cannot be a good thing at all.

Until next week!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.03- Girl, Interrupted

We get some background on Cara, Stephen continues to play both sides, someone learns Stephens secret, and we learn about another rule of the Tomorrow People.

I was very surprised to learn that Cara was born deaf.  Presumably she is still deaf, but it is possible that when her powers manifested she somehow gained the ability to hear.  The more likely possibility is that she "hears" using her telepathy which would explain why she is so damned good at it.  She can also read lips (as would be expected) very well.  We also learned the circumstances surrounding the manifestation of her powers.  Turns out that she was with a boy who was ready to rape her when she used her telekinesis in self-defense and killed him.  Consequently, after she escaped custody (courtesy of teleportation) she had to run in order to stay free.  Is it any wonder that she doesn't entirely trust humans?

Stephen, on the other hand, can be entirely too trusting.  While I can appreciate the rule of not helping humans for fear of revealing the existence of the Tomorrow People on a purely pragmatic level, it is not the best rule.  As Stephen pointed out, using their powers to help people is a very human thing to do.  As long as they are careful about using their powers in public, they should be able to help people if needed.  Unfortunately, Stephen teleported directly in front of Astrid, who now knows that everything Stephen told her in the pilot is not entirely untrue.  He is going to have some serious explaining to do.

He also has some serious explaining to do to Jedekiah.  I admire his skill at breaking into the level in order to plant the device so that TIM could get info on potential break-outs.  Unfortunately, he was not nearly stealthy enough and Jedekiah used the device in order to set a trap for Cara, John and Russell.  His actions to save Cara, on the other hand, were inspired.  Using his unique ability to stop time so that he could inject her with a saline solution instead of the ability blocking drug was an awesome idea.  I do wonder if Jedekiah will see through it though.

I so cannot wait to see what Astrid does.  Investigating Stephen is a bad idea, because I doubt that Jedekiah will hesitate before killing her if he feels threatened or if he thinks she'll uncover the truth.  Unfortunately, I don't the the Tomorrow People will react much better.  I also doubt that she'll listen to Stephen for a while unless he saves her or something.  This could be very interesting.

Everyone else really played supporting roles tonight.  Russell and John helped out in the fight on the docks, but didn't  do much else.

Until next week!

My Review of Arrow 2.03- Broken Dolls

Oliver gets some help from one not entirely unexpected source and one surprising source, Laurel admits the truth, Roy gets his first job, and two names get dropped....

Oliver managed to get away from the police surrounding him thanks to some intervention from the Black Canary and her nifty sonic device.  That was pretty cool.  Honestly, I thought he might use an arrow with a rope to escape, but this was more fun.  It also got Oliver to give Roy his first assignment: find the Black Canary.  Roy managed to do so, but not entirely on his own or in the way he expected.  After bribing someone to get some info, he finds the Black Canary's contact and gets himself knocked out after a pretty cool chase.  She looked like she was going to kill him until Thea texted.  I think that, given the ending, she thought that Roy worked for R'as al Ghul and spared him when she realized that he did not.  And yes, that was the second name dropped.  We'll get to the first in a sec.

Seeing Officer Lance and Laurel trading places in regards to the Arrow (first name drop!) this year has been interesting.  He has had his eyes opened and realized that justice is not limited strictly to the law.  For those who are too powerful for the law to affect directly, sometimes justice must take a different form.  Is it ideal?  No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be necessary.  Also, since Oliver is determined to not kill now, he is not as far away as he once was.  Not that Lance approves of everything the Arrow does (see his reaction to the Arrow shooting the lawyer!), but he seems to accept them as a necessary evil.

Laurel, on the other hand, is feeling so freaking guilty about what happened to Tommy (see my review from last week).  As she said tonight, she feels responsible for what happened to Tommy and to cope with the feelings of guilt, she set her sights on taking the Arrow down.  Now that he has saved her life (again!), she'll hopefully lay off a little bit.  Is he the perfect hero that people need?  No, but he is definitely what is needed right now.

It was nice to see Thea and Moira getting along.  When Thea brought the clothing, it was amusing.  Understandable, but still amusing.  I do get why the DA is going for the death penalty, but he is neglecting to consider that Moira did warn the city about what was going to happen and did save some lives.  Also, there is no way this trial would take place anywhere near Starling City.  Any lawyer worth their salt would get the venue changed due to the intense feelings that are present in Starling City.  There is no way that a jury from the area would be anything even approaching unbiased.

I found it very interesting that the messenger sent by R'as al Ghul was wearing the same outfit that Malcolm Merlyn wore.  Does that mean that Malcolm Merlyn was a member of whatever organization R'as al Ghul is the head of?  That would definitely explain his fighting skill and his singular focus on avenging wrongs and "justice".

On the island, we got to see the possible transformation of Slade Wilson into Deathstroke.  If you remember from last week, Shado, Oliver, and Slade found the bodies of some Japanese soldiers in a place which some people were looking for.  This week, the people used a ship to attack the area where the plane was (with Shado inside).  Oliver went back for Shado and Slade followed.  During the bombardment, Oliver was knocked down and in the background, you could see Slade and it looked like he was on fire.  In addition, Oliver has been captured.  He had mentioned that he spent some time off the island and we know that he has ties to the Russian mob, so I wonder if this is where those come into play.

In a bit, The Tomorrow People.

On why I may not watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for much longer....

One of the shows I was the most excited for this season was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I was excited for 2 main reasons.  First off, it is a spin off of comic books and a great set of movies.  Secondly, it is a Joss Whedon show and Joss Whedon; for those who may not know; has history of doing awesome, incredible shows.  He created Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse all of which I loved.  Sadly, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has seriously failed to deliver on much.

Going in, I knew that the show wasn't about superheroes, so that didn't shock me.  What did what the almost complete lack of Jossness in the show.  In BtVS, Joss took stereotypes and completely turned them on their head.  He made one blonde cheerleader into his hero, a second into a major villain, and killed what looked like a major character in the pilot episode.  As the show went on, it became famous for the banter, quips, and twists, much of which we now take for granted.  Joss also excelled at teaching moral lessons while not seeming to teach anything and without being preachy.

Unfortunately, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't deliver anything remotely close to this.  The characters and banter are incredibly mundane and bland.  It's like someone decided that they wanted to try and imitate Joss, but lacked his deft hand and failed miserably.  All of the characters are cookie cutter and (frankly) boring.  Ming-Na's Melinda is the most interesting character, mainly because she is an incredibly bad-ass fighter.  The rest of the cast is a fairly cookie cutter collection of a special agent, a hacker, and two tech geeks, none of whom are particularly interesting.

All of this I could forgive and I could hold out for more characterization later if the stories were interesting, but frankly, they are not.  They are ok and the action scenes are not bad, but overall it doesn't deliver anything that makes me want to come back.  I am honestly at the point where I am saying that if I miss an episode and tape it, I am not in a hurry to watch it again.  Not a good thing.  I want to love this show and I want to get lost in it, but sadly that is not happening.  I have decided that I am giving the show two more episodes (last nights and next week's) to impress me.  If it doesn't, then I am dropping it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.04- Girl in New Orleans

We learn a little more about Cami, Devinna meets Klaus, Hayley runs into some trouble and some new information comes to light, and Marcel makes some decisions regarding the Originals.

Klaus and Devinna face off and it ends in a draw.  Devinna can hurt Klaus and keep him away, but he heals so quickly that nothing she has done so far does much more than give him pause.  She tried boiling his blood and breaking bones, but it didn't matter to Klaus.  Good luck trying to kill him.  She would have to do catastrophic damage and make the cumulative effects cause him so much damage so quickly that he wouldn't be able to heal.  Somehow I doubt she can do that.  He did not help matters at all when he put her in his debt by first almost killing and then reviving her crush.  If Klaus can manage to turn Devinna to his side, Marcel won't last very long.  Between the witches, Devinna, Klaus, Rebekah, and (maybe) Elijah, Marcel and his army don't stand a chance.

I found it interesting that Cami's brother killed a bunch of seminarians around the time that Marcel took Devinna.  At least, I think it was the same time.  Cami said that the massacre was 5 years ago and Devinna said that she last saw her crush when she was 10 or 11 (she is 16 now).  If Cami is right and her brother was under compulsion at the time, I wonder if Marcel (or one of his lackeys) compelled her brother in order for Marcel to have some place to stash Devinna.

Marcel has decided that he doesn't want Rebekah or Klaus hanging around the French Quarter.  The problem is that he cannot effectively discipline either of them and they can make him look weak.  Not a good thing for him.  And he appears to be losing his grip on Devinna which is also not a good thing.  Lastly, although he does not know it, he has lost Elijah because Devinna removed the dagger from his chest.  All in all, it is not a good time to be Marcel.

I wonder what Elijah will do now that he is awake.  He does not appear to be carrying a major grudge against Klaus, but that doesn't mean that he is not.  He may be biding his time, although I suspect that he will forgive Klaus and work with him and Rebekah in order to protect Hayley and the baby.  I so hope they show the chat that he is going to have with Devinna.  I want to know what he plans on saying to her.

Hayley is a bit of a badass.  Not surprising given the fact that she is a werewolf, but I suspect that maternal instincts are making her even more dangerous than she would normally be.  Also, the baby's blood can apparently cure her very quickly which would make her very hard to put down for any length of time unless you're a witch who can exert continuous force.  So, why were the witches after Hayley anyway?  Do they really want to make an enemy of Klaus as well?

Until tomorrow!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.03- Original Sin

A new (well, old really, but new) character shows up and stirs things up, we get lots of answers, and everyone is now caught between a rock and a hard place....

Qetsiyah is back and, boy, does she really go for the whole "woman scorned" thing.  The nice thing about having her around is that we got some more of the story about how the Veil was made and about Silas' immortality.  Turns out that Qetsiyah was (as previously stated) deeply in love with Silas and wanted to be immortal with him so that they could live together for eternity.  She made a potion and gave some to him so that they could consume the potion together when they got married.  The problem is that Silas was in love with one of Qetsiyah's handmaidens.  In a bit of an interesting (though hardly unexpected) twist, this handmaiden was the first of the Petrovas and from her sprang the Petrova dopplegangers.

Since both Silas and the handmaiden consumed the potion, dopplegangers came from both in order to right the balance, as nature is wont to do.  Qetsiyah threw a bit of a wrench into the works when she killed the handmaiden and then made the immortality cure out of her blood.  This is why Silas has been desperately searching for Katherine.  Her blood holds the key to making the cure so that Silas can become mortal again and can rejoin his love.  My only real question is this: If the blood of the Petrova doppleganger holds the cure for immortality, then why did Elena's blood not make Klaus mortal at the end of Season 2?  My assumption is that the blood of the doppleganger is a cure for the immortality potion, but they weren't exactly clear about that, so I could be wrong.

I was impressed that Quesiyah managed to put an end to Silas' mental abilities using Stefan as a conduit.  She linked the two magically and then used Stefan to affect Silas.  The only problem is that now Stefan does not know either Damon or Elena.  I wonder if this amnesia extends to everything or if it is related to certain things or people.  If this is an instance of total amnesia, then this could be very interesting since they may very well have to teach Stefan about who he is and what he can do.

Poor Damon is stuck with a massive problem on his hands.  His brother is an amnesiac, his girlfriend is apparently destined to be with his brother, and he is left to sort everything out.  Not fun for him.  The fact that Katherine is now in the hands of the Traveler makes things more complicated.  Add to that the fact that Matt is carrying around the spirit of the dead Traveler in his head and that occasionally the Traveler will take control of his body and you have a recipe for very hard times ahead.

I also found it interesting that Silas and Qetsiyah were Travelers as well.   Not shocked or anything, but it was interesting.

Until next week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.02- In Too Deep

Stephen begins to figure out just what he in in for, the Tomorrow People receive a wake-up call, and Jedekiah is suspicious...

Stephen is in over his head.  I get that he wants to do whatever he can to find his dad, but he is in trouble and he knows it.  He is caught in between a rock named Ultra and a hard place called the Tomorrow People.  Neither side seems to fully trust him, although the Tomorrow People seem to trust him more than Ultra does.  I definitely admire that Stephen is idealistic and truly wants what is best for everyone.  Seeing what Ultra is willing to do to people freaked him out and I am definitely surprised that he decided to stay.  Don't get me wrong, I think it is the right thing to do, but he'll have to be a lot more careful about what he does in the future.

Part of his problem is that he is very idealistic and does (or rather did) not understand what Ultra is truly about.  Sending in a kill team immediately definitely struck me as overkill.  I get what Jedekiah is saying about needing to control the criminal element present within the Tomorrow People, but you'd think that it might not be a bad idea to bring in some of them alive.  But, nope, he wants them dead.  Fortunately, Stephen managed to save the guy (forgot his name) from Ultra, but there was a price.  His supervising agent was killed because he could not control Stephen.  Somehow, I don't think that is going to cow Stephen, rather I think it will make him more determined and cautious.

The Tomorrow People received a much needed wake-up call courtesy of Stephen.  They have been on the run for so long that they are unwilling to stick their necks out to help people.  I get why they are this way, but it is a problem.  Fortunately, Cara and Russell were more willing than John to do the right thing.  Is it dangerous?  Sure, but as Cara pointed out, what is the use in being free if they don't do what they can to help out people who need it?

I am trying to figure out how exactly Jedekiah can justify (in his mind) the actions he is taking.  He has people killed without blinking an eye, orders surveillance on his nephew, and acts as if everything he is doing is the right thing to do.  I get that he views this as a war and that, as such, many things are justified, but the fact that only one side can really do any lasting damage to the other makes this an incredibly one sided war.  He is basically using the idea of a preemptive strike to make everything ok.  Since the Tomorrow People are only "one gene away" from being able to kill, it is ok to wipe them out before they can kill humans.

The other problem is that both sides look at the other as something wholly other and that, as we all know, allows each side to do horrific things in the name of self-preservation.  Stephen still looks at the Tomorrow People as gifted humans, which I think is closer to the truth.  Since they are all humans, all of the death is a bad thing that needs to be stopped.  I wonder if he'll lose this view or if he'll somehow be able to persuade others to follow him in this view.

Until next week!

My Review of Arrow 2.02- Identity

The title sums up what tonight was about: Oliver's quest to figure out who he is and what he can or cannot do.  Roy also had to figure out who he is and what is important to him.  Laurel, Diggle, and Felicity also had some identity issues as well....

Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he is at a bit of a loss about how to proceed.  On the one hand, he wants to do everything he can to save the city and help people, but he doesn't want to return to the Hood and killing.  On the other hand, he wants to do what he can as Oliver Queen to help people if possible.  The problem is that he can't do both at the same time, as he learned tonight.  Not that he won't try, but it is not possible.

His job as the Arrow (is he using this yet?) is being made much harder because the police are out to get him bigtime and Laurel is helping them out.  I hate to put it this way, but Laurel is basically having a massive hissy fit.  I get that she is grieving what happened to Tommy, but blaming the Hood for his death is a bit of a stretch.  Did she once consider the possibility that the Hood couldn't get to Tommy in time because he had to try and save other people?  From what she said tonight, I doubt it.  Add to that the fact that she is undoubtedly feeling guilt over having slept with Oliver and you have a recipe for some major issues.  Not totally unjustified, but also a little jarring given her previous thoughts about the Hood.

His job as Oliver is being made difficult thanks to a demagogic and grandstanding alderman named Sebastian Blood who is ascribing all of the worse possible motives to Oliver.  Again, given the secrets Oliver is keeping, this is not totally unjustified but it is definitely making Oliver's life harder.  Badmouthing Oliver at his own benefit was extremely tacky and is poor taste.  I am so not liking this guy right now.  Of course, demagogues do have a particular way of getting under my skin, so that is a large part of it.

I am trying to remember something.  I thought that Malcolm Merlyn had bought Unidac Industries, but people keep on saying that Oliver's family had made the earthquake device.  Either my memory is bad or they changed the continuity.  If it is the former, can someone let me know so I won't be continually annoyed when people say that.  If it is the latter, someone needs to clear up the situation ASAP.

Roy was having some identity issues of his own.  He is trying to do the right thing and help people, but he keeps getting in trouble for it.  Fortunately, the Arrow has figure out a way for Roy to help him out while simultaneously removing him from the line of fire.  By having Roy gather intel and pass it on, Oliver will be able to move where he needs to, keep Thea's boyfriend safe, and help Roy to make a difference all at the same time.  That was a smart move on his part.  You know this will morph into something else eventually.  I am very curious as to how that will happen.

Diggle has lost Carly because of his obsession with Deadshot.  While I think that Felicity was a little unfair in how she yelled at Oliver about his not noticing this, it was not completely off the mark.  Oliver has a lot on his plate from running Queen industries to figuring out how to manage his double life to helping Thea and Roy, etc.  I don't think he was being purposefully dense, but rather he was missing something that Diggle was trying to hide.

Speaking of Felicity, that girl showed a different side tonight.  She yelled at Oliver, sassed him several times, and was a bit of a pain in the ass.  It was nice to see that she does have some spirit and spunk.  She is normally fairly sedate (aside from the mouth-foot problem she has), so seeing that she can unleash on Oliver when he needs it is a good thing.  He needs that sort of person in his life.

As I said above, Laurel is dealing with a lot of issues and it seems that a lot of her anger and guilt has found a target in the Arrow.  She is definitely her father's daughter in that respect.  I just hope she learns from his mistakes and doesn't focus so much on bringing the Arrow down that she alienates the people around her.  Hopefully Officer Lance will be able to help her there.

I doubt that this is the last we will see of the Triad.  Taking them down will require all of Oliver's skill and cunning, particularly since he is trying to avoid killing people now.  The Triad will not share that compunction and that will make his job a whole lot harder.

Until next week!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.03- Tangled Up in the Blue

Klaus puts his plan to depose Marcel into action, Hayley finds out some information about Elijah, Rebekah is disappointed, and Marcel is shocked by Davinna.

Watching Klaus put his plan into action was sort of fun. He never shares his whole plan with anyone which inevitably leaves someone (normally Rebekah or Elijah) disappointed.  His first plan was to ask for Elijah.  When that didn't work, he used the witches to create a situation where he could rescue Marcel.  The problem was that he made Rebekah believe that he was manipulating the witches to have one spell mask another so as to find Elijah.  I'll be honest and say that I don't get why Rebekah continues to be disappointed in Klaus.  You'd think that, after 100 years, she'd know that he always has ulterior motives and alternate plans.

Not only did he save Marcel, but he managed to sideline Thierry (Marcel's right-hand man) by manipulating a situation so that Thierry would stake another vampire (who was compelled by Klaus), thus breaking Marcel's primary rule that one vampire could not kill another.   That is killing two birds with one stone.  Remove someone who is suspicious of him while simultaneously ingratiating himself to Marcel.  Good plan that worked out quite well.  Klaus doesn't have the strength to take Marcel on directly, so he can only accomplish his goals using subterfuge, which is where he excels.

Hayley finding Elijah's journal was a good thing.  It gave her further insight into Klaus' mind and the relationship between the three Originals, which will be vital for her as she lives with them.  I do wonder how she'll deal with being cooped up in house.  I also wonder what was going on with the witch when she was doing that ceremony over Hayley.  That was a weird chant coming from her mouth.  Obviously there is something going on with the baby, but whether it is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Cami got her first real glimpse of Marcel and she did not like what she saw.  She saw a little bit of his violent side and it freaked her the hell out.  Unfortunately for her, she is caught between feuding vampires and that is never a good place for a human to be, particularly when that human does not know about vampires and their world.  Marcel likes her and I get the feeling that Klaus is attracted to her as well.  She looks a little like Caroline, so that would make sense.  Also, Klaus is attracted to things that are damaged, so that aspect of her personality would attract him as well.

When Davinna refused to give up Elijah, Marcel was surprised.  She is obviously not as much under his control as he would like.  I think that she is more like a slightly controlled wild animal.  She helps Marcel and normally listens to him, but when she wants to do something on her own, he can't stop her.  Rather, he has to persuade her to do what he wants.  This does not bode well for him.  Will she actually find a way to kill an Original?  If so, that probably means that she'll only be able to kill Klaus' hybrid side and then he'll be as vulnerable as any other werewolf after that.

Until tomorrow!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Reflections on "The Quarterback" and Mourning Celebrities

Last night, Glee aired the episode "The Quarterback" which paid tribute to Cory Monteith and his character Finn Hudson.  If you saw the episode, you probably had a hard time of maintaining your composure because it was so incredibly emotional.  I just wanted to give a few thoughts about the episode and then make some comments about some posts I have seen online.

First off, the music was perfect.  It may have been partly the subject of the episode, but every song seemed perfect.  "Seasons of Love" from Rent made for a perfect opening number because the epsiode was not about how Finn died, but how he (and Cory) lived.  Bringing together the old and new student cast (except for Dianna, Heather, and Lea) for this song was especially poignant.  Amber's rendition of "I'll Stand By You" was incredibly powerful.  I have never heard the songs that Naya or Mark sang before, but their renditions were absolutely haunting.  When Chord and Kevin started up "Fire and Rain" and then the cast joined in, it was a thing of beauty.  Then Lea came into the memorial and all of a sudden everything felt so much more real.  She was radiating grief and that really lent a sense of gravitas when she was on screen.  I am glad that she was only in the last part of the episode because if she had been in the whole thing, it would have been too hard to watch.  Her rendition of "Make You Feel My Love" went beyond haunting and beyond words to a place that was pure grief and pure love.  It was incredible.

I have to say that I do feel very sorry of Jane and Jenna, both of whom had to portray reactions that I am sure they were not feeling.  Jane was being Sue continuing to be a bitch which led to an epic shouting match with an intense Santana and to Santana shoving Sue.  It was nice to see Santana totally stand up to Sue, even if it was mostly because of how Sue was treating Finn's memorial.  It also gave us a chance to see Sue in an extremely vulnerable state, which is not something we get to see a lot of.  Jenna played Tina as tired of mourning and wearing black.  While I do sort of get it, she was being sort of divaish.  Since no one else was really wearing black, she could have done something else.  My issue with her is the fact that she was trying to make this more about her than Finn, which was not cool.

I was sort of surprised that Will took Finn's jacket, particularly since he had asked Puck to return the jacket not long before.  Honestly, I had assumed that maybe Beiste had taken it because Puck wanted to put it up as a memorial for Finn.  I realized that Will had taken it just a few seconds before he took it out of his valise.  I so hope he gets it back to Santana.  It was good that he could cry.  I remember that after my mom's funeral I was so overloaded that I could not cry.  There was just too much grief.  Had I actually cried then, I would have been paralyzed.  As it was, my mind virtually shut down for a while after I heard she died before I could do anything else.

I was quite happy that they didn't discuss how he died.  While I do understand that it may have been a great moment to teach about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol, it would have been something that would not have made sense given that the episode was about his life and his impact.

This leads me to the comments about internet posts I have seen.  There are a lot of people who think that Cory should not be celebrated because he was an addict and that by celebrating him, we are somehow saying that what he did was ok or all right.  The problem here is that they are not seeing that what is being celebrated and honored is not his addiction, but the fact that he made a large impact on many, many people.  Even people who didn't know him personally were impacted by his death.  Is it fair that we celebrate him and not an ordinary addict?  No, but the ordinary addict is not someone who has impacted all of our lives the way Cory has.  Yes, everyone's life is equally valuable, but that doesn't mean that they will all be celebrated or missed in the same way.  Is it sad and unfortunate?  Yes.  But it is also true that the more people you touch, the more people will miss and mourn you.  Also, to those people who say that Cory should not be celebrated *BECAUSE* he was an addict, go grow a heart.  Addiction is a disease; and an all to common one at that; that damages people as surely as any other disease.  So pull out that massive stick you have jammed up your ass and be human and not just a giant prick.

There is another branch of postings which say that Glee should have used this moment to teach about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol.  As I mentioned above, I think this was the wrong time to do that.  First off, Finn wasn't a drug addict, Cory was.  To have introduced that storyline at this point would have been in horrendously bad taste and would have been incredibly jarring.  How Cory died has been discussed since he died in July and that pretty much covers the teachable moment.  Besides, they had the PSA afterwards which also covered this.  By allowing the hour to celebrate his life, they gave both the actors and the fans the chance to express their grief about Cory's death.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.02- True Lies

Katherine is protected by a surprising pair, Elena finds out what happened last week, we learn what happens to humans who are killed while wearing a resurrection ring, Silas has a couple of nasty surprises, and we learn about the mystery girl Matt and Rebekah met in Europe....

It was nice to find out what happens to people who die while wearing the resurrection ring.  The ring takes them to the other side where they must find their body and reunite with it in order to come back to life.  The trick is that the person is taken farther and farther from his/her body each time.  I wonder if that has anything to do with people going dark if they are killed enough times.  Is it possible that being on the other side is enough to corrupt a person or that spending that much time separated from their body causes them to go insane?  That is definitely an intriguing idea that I would love to see explored.

I was impressed that Matt and Jeremy went along with the plan to protect Katherine.  Granted that Silas wants her for is probably bad thing, so keeping her from him just makes sense.  Matt did a decent job protecting Katherine and I was seriously impressed with the lack of hesitation that Jeremy displayed when he went to take on Silas.  For someone with minimal training, he is definitely doing well.  Granted, he has been in many fights and he has the advantage of being a Hunter, but it was still impressive.  He just neglected to consider the fact that Silas is immortal and could stab himself the way he did in order to try and kill Jeremy.  Hopefully Jeremy'll only need to learn that lesson once.

I am thinking that Jeremy should fear Elena.  She was mightily pissed when she found out what happened to Jeremy last week.  I will say that I do think she overreacted a bit, especially since Damon got Jeremy's punishment reduced and because she didn't have all the facts.  But I do get why she was upset.  Of course, her anger was dramatically heightened by Silas' mental meddling.  Getting her to attempt to off Damon was unexpected.  Not entirely surprising, but unexpected.

Now that Elena has gone to look for Stefan, Caroline is going to have to gumshoe all on her lonesome.  I wonder how she'll do.  Will she be able to meet with the professor to get his information or will he only talk with Elena?  I am also wondering if this group the professor is a part of is an extension of the Founders' Council or something completely separate.  Given the fact that Elena's dad is involved somehow, I suspect that it is somehow related to the Founder's Council, but I could very easily be wrong.

While I am glad that Stefan got free, having the Ripper back will be a very bad thing.  Fortunately, they won't have to deal with Klaus' compulsions this time, so it will hopefully be a little easier to bring Stefan back.  He is hunting because he was starved for months, so maybe (just maybe) he'll be more amenable to turning his humanity on and reverting to out Stefan.  Having the Ripper and Silas both out and about would be a very bad thing indeed.

Turns out that Nadia (the girl from Europe) is a gypsy and that the gypsies have dedicated themselves to ensuring the Silas stays locked up.  Unfortunately, Nadia seemingly has no intention of putting Silas back, so that is not a good thing.  I wonder if she is seeking immortality herself or if there is a darker reason for wanting Silas to run loose.

Bonnie needs to figure out how to deal with what has happened so that her friends can deal with it.  Matt is right that Elena and Caroline do deserve to know what is going on.  Jeremy won't tell them, in part (I suspect) because he can see her, so she isn't really dead to him.  When he is caught in the lies, I would not want to be him.  That will not be pretty.

Until Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.01- Pilot

I was not expecting to write this review, but I found this show more enjoyable and intriguing than I had initially thought, so here we go.  So here we go....

As with all new shows, let's start with a basic plot synopsis.  The Tomorrow People is about a group of people who have advanced genetically and have each developed three abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation.  Unfortunately, these people are being hunted/looked for by a government agency (Ultra) which is looking to control/wipe them out.  Our main character, Stephen Jameson, is a second generation Tomorrow Person (his dad was one too) and is exceptionally powerful.  He is finding himself torn between the government agency (run by his uncle) and the other Tomorrow People.

First off, I have always loved shows/movies about people with powers, so I knew I would like this show.  I was not expecting it to be as good as it was.  It is not perfect, but it is definitely promising and highly enjoyable.  I am highly curious as to why the Tomorrow People cannot kill with their abilities.  I get that as a storytelling thing, it prevents them from being too powerful, but I do hope they provide an explanation beyond that.

Watching Mark Pellegrino play Zedekiah (the head of Ultra) was just lots of fun.  He definitely believes that he is on the right side and is unapologetic about doing what he sees as being necessary.  I was not expecting him to be Stephen's uncle.  If anything, I thought that he would be John's dad given the way the two of them were talking when Stephen was being rescued.

I feel bad for Stephen.  He is thrust in the middle of a war he didn't know he was a part of, only to be told that his dad is a messiah figure and his uncle is the devil.  The problem is figuring out which side is being more honest with him.  Both sides want him with them and both seem to be shading the truth to fit their narrative.  The Tomorrow People want him so they can find his dad and Ultra wants him because he is powerful and is Zedekiah's nephew.  I wonder if his power comes from being a second-generation Tomorrow Person or if it is something else.  In addition to the normal Tomorrow Person powers, Stephen can also stop time and can teleport out of a prison that prevents other Tomorrow People from teleporting.

John, Cara, and Russell seem to be pretty good.  John is obviously the leader and warrior of the group.  Cara is the communicator, planner, and level head.  Russell seems to be another warrior and back-up as needed.  John does some nifty teleporting during his fights and Russell seems to use telekinesis more.  I wonder if  each Tomorrow Person specializes in one of the skills or if that is a peculiarity of the group.  Tim (the computer) is also neat and I look forward to seeing what it can do.

Astrid is going to be the wild card here.  She is Stephen's best friend, so she will end up being caught in the middle of all this, but she is not (yet) a Tomorrow Person, so I do wonder how she will cope with everything.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing them bring her into the mix.

Until the Vampire Diaries tomorrow!

My Review of Arrow 2.01- City of Heroes

Oliver returns to find that a lot has changed.  Thea runs Verdent, his mom is in jail, Laurel has a new job, there are cheap Hood knockoffs, and his company is in trouble....

So after Tommy died, Oliver returned to the island to get some alone time.  Understandable.  Not the best idea in the world, but understandable.  I am so glad that Felicity and Diggles returned to get him, because Starling City really needs him.  His company is on the verge of being taken over, his mom is in jail and is being completely blamed for what happened, and there are groups of people "imitating" the Hood,  More on that in a bit.  Oh, and Laurel has decided to hunt him down since she blames the Hood for Tommy's death.  Yeah, not good.

First off, let me say that I completely disagree with the idea that somehow the Hood was a killer.  Did he kill?  Yes, but he never killed capriciously.  The Hood had a mission and did what it took to accomplish it.  Was it all morally correct?  No, but he always had a good reason and a purpose behind his actions.  The new group seems to be taking the worst aspects of the Hood and using it as a justification for doing whatever they can.  Pretty sad actually.

I also think that Oliver is being too hard on himself.  I get why he blames himself for Tommy's death, but he did do everything he could to stop it.  Unfortunately, he didn't realize that Malcolm had 2 devices, so he couldn't stop both.  I also think that Laurel is being massively unfair in saying that Tommy's death was the result of the fight between the Hood and the Dark Archer.  Malcolm was planning to destroy the Glades for years and that is why Tommy died.  The Hood only affected the timing because he was working on taking out people on the list.  If Tommy had be injured as a result of an actual fight or something that was directly caused by the Hood, she would have a point, but he didn't, so she doesn't.

Also, I am trying to figure out why people are saying that Queen Consolidated's R&D division invented the earthquake device.  Malcolm was fairly specific that the devices were invented by another company which he bought.  Nothing to do with Queen Consolidated.  I get that maybe the ordinary citizens would be confused given Moira's confession, but the DA should not have been confused that way.

I do like that Oliver has definitely grown since he first returned.  He has acknowledged that his revenge last season was not the right path and that he needs to turn from being an avenging angel to being a protector.  Not that the avenging angel didn't do some protecting, but it was mostly incidental.  So having it now be his primary mission is a good thing.  I wonder if he'll assume the mantle of Green Arrow yet or if he will go by another name for a bit a la the Blur in Smallville.

I do feel sorry for now-Officer Lance.  He did the right thing and is being punished because it was against the rules.  I did not always appreciate his single-minded obsession with the Hood and Oliver, but he was never a bad person, just a misguided one.  Hopefully he'll find a way to earn back his detective's badge.

I definitely like the improved lair.  Felicity's tech touch is very prominent and now she'll be able to be even more helpful to Oliver.  I definitely giggled at her crack about liking Oliver's exercise equipment.  Sweetie, you're not the only one who appreciates his working out.  Having a new bow fashioned for Oliver was also a very good thing.  I wonder how she knew what to look for.  Maybe Diggles helped?

Thea is running Verdent and she is still with Roy.  It is also nice to see how she has grown.  I was also very glad to see that she was able to forgive her mother and realize that what Moira did is not the unadulterated evil that she seemed to think it was.  Now if Roy would only learn how to pace himself a bit.  He seems to be doing a good job keeping some people safe, and now that Oliver is back, I so want to see the two of them work together.  I also have to wonder how Oliver will manage to keep Thea clueless about his alternate identity since his lair is in the basement of her club.

I am intrigued by Isabel Rochev.  I think it will be fun to watch Oliver take her on in the board room, particularly since she owns half of his company now.  That will be a very different set of skills for Oliver to display and I am looking forward to seeing him develop in that area.

The Tomorrow People is next and then Vampire Diaries tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.02- House of the Rising Son

Klaus is a better planner than he appears to be, we learn how Klaus met Marcel, Rebekah arrives in New Orleans, and Klaus and Rebekah find out about Devinna(sp?)....

Well, I don't think I have ever seen Klaus plan something out so well before.  Well, he did on Vampire Diaries, but he never explained it, so we got it as it unfolded.  This time, we actually got to see him explain to Rebekah what his plan was and it is a good one.  He knows that Marcel doesn't trust him, so he gave Marcel a daggered Elijah as a way to gain some trust.  He also knew that Marcel has his vamps taking vervain to get around Klaus' mental powers, so Klaus compelled a newly created vampire to spy on Marcel for him.  He also got a woman Marcel is interested in to spy for him.  All in all, this is a good plan, if it works.

It was very interesting to see how Marcel and Klaus met.  Marcel is the bastard son of the former governor of Louisiana (who knew about the Originals) and a slave.  Klaus saw him getting beaten and saw that he was a survivor, so Klaus rescued him and took him in because Klaus saw in Marcel someone like himself: a young man who was detested by his father.  We also found out that Marcel and Rebekah were almost an item, until Klaus daggered Rebekah and gave Marcel the choice of being turned or living out his human life with Rebekah.  We know what Marcel chose.  Sucks for Rebekah.  Given that and the boyfriends Klaus has killed, it is no wonder the girl has issues with boys.

We also found out why the Originals left New Orleans.  They left because MIkael found them.  Unfortunately, they thought that Marcel was dead, so they went without him.  From there, we get two different stories.  Klaus thinks that Marcel should have sought them out and worked with them, whereas Marcel was upset that the Originals abandoned him.  Two mutually exclusive views that are at the root of the problem between Marcel and Klaus.  Klaus sees Marcel as a usurper and betrayer.  Marcel sees Klaus and the Originals as people who abandoned him, so he just took what they left.

Hayley was right when she said that Rebekah and Klaus have a complicated and tempestuous relationship.  There is a love there that is rooted in the fact that they are family.  There is also a hatred that runs deep because of the number of times that Klaus has betrayed or caused pain to his siblings.  I look at the Originals as a group who will tear each other apart viciously as a part of their infighting, but if you present them with a common enemy that threatens them, they will pull together to end the threat before being back at each others' throats again.  And Marcel has presented Klaus and Rebekah with just such a threat.

And that threat is in the form of Devinna, the massively powerful witch we met last week.  She is powerful enough to toss Rebekah around like a rag doll, knock her out, and then erase parts of her memory.  Wonder what would happen if she came face-to-face with Bonnie.  That would be interesting.  Now Marcel wants Devinna to find a way to kill the Originals.  I am pretty sure there is no way to do so without the ash stake and (unless my memory is bad) that was destroyed some time ago.  I actually seem to remember it being mentioned that Klaus is invincible because he is a hybrid.  The only possibility I can see is if Devinna can somehow undo the magic that made them immortal in the first place.

Until Arrow tomorrow!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.01- Always and Forever

A retelling of the events of the backdoor pilot from Elijah's perspective with some new information.  For my review of The Originals go to  Because of this, this will be a shorter review than normal.

It was nice to see the events from Elijah's perspective, if only to allow any new viewers to get up to speed with what is going on.  Also, Elijah has always been my favorite Original because he is the most human.  His innate sense of honor and decency is a wonderful thing and an incredibly rare trait among vampires.

The introduction of the Originals to New Orleans was classic Vampire Diaries.  Watch the clueless humans investigate and the get killed one by one.  I think I will love that the flashbacks will allow us to see Kol again.  Honestly, I don't care much about Finn, but I do like Kol.  He's a bad guy to be sure, but he is lots of fun.  Besides, I am a sucker for cute guys with an accent.  :-)

It was nice to see Marcel's secret to controlling the witches.  It's another witch, apparently a very powerful one.  Given her (apparent) age, I am guessing that she was raised by Marcel to do exactly what he wants her to do.  Maybe he told her that all witches are bad or something, so that is why he is having her track them.  He also seems to think that he can use her against Klaus and Elijah.  Would magic hurt either of them if they are not linked?

Watching Elijah clean up the messes that Klaus left behind gave me a definite appreciation for how his life must be, particularly if he has to do that all the time.  I am surprised that he hasn't left Klaus before now.  Well, I would be if he weren't so honorable and if he didn't believe so strongly in the importance of family.  He also feels a certain amount of guilt because of how he helped Mikael bind Klaus' werewolf side.

I was very surprised that Klaus daggered Elijah.  It makes sense from Klaus' perspective, but it was still surprising.  You'd think that Klaus would want any ally he can get his hands on to take Marcel down, particularly since Elijah a) can take care of himself and b) cannot be killed except by the white ash stake.  How many times will Elijah forgive Klaus for pulling that move?

Next Tuesday, The Originals moves to its normal night, so I will hopefully have a full length review for that episode.  Until then!

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.01- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Elena and Caroline head off to college, Silas has fun, Stefan suffers, Damon is taking care of Jeremy, Katherine is freaked out, and Matt had an interesting summer....

That has to be a record for getting rid of a college roommate.  I was honestly expecting her to stick around for a while, but instead they killed her off in the first episode.  The interesting things are that a) she knew Elena's dad and b) she appears to have known about vampires.  So are we going to get Elena and Caroline, vampire detectives?  I have to say that sound like fun.  If a vampire really killed her, I have to wonder why.  And how exactly did she end up with Elena and Caroline in the first place?  So many questions.

Watching Damon try and take care of Jeremy was funny and sort of sweet.  Glamouring the principal to get her to turn the expulsion into a suspension was quite the Damon thing to do.  I do have to ask why a fight was enough to get Jeremy expelled.  Granted, he took the guys apart rather handily, but they did greatly provoke him.  I suspect that part of the expulsion has to do with Jeremy's sudden reappearance, particularly if he said that burned the house down on purpose.  I also have to wonder if Jeremy might have done something else given the fact that he was rather obviously less than pleased to be going back to school.

Watching Katherine complain about being human was very satisfying, if only because it was so karmically deserved.  She has been a thorn in the side of many a person and vampire, so she really does deserve whatever she gets.  Is she correct when she speculated that having taken the cure, she cannot become a vampire again?  It is possible and she does love living, even if it is as a weak human and not a vampire.

Silas came back and made no secret about who he was.  The interesting thing is that he insists that he is not a vampire.  That would still make the Originals the original vampires.  He does have to consume human blood, but I think that he lacks the fangs and weaknesses of the vampires, which is why he had to cut Sheriff Forbes' wrist to get blood.  I do wonder how he healed her since he did not feed her any blood or anything.  Is it that property of the blade?  If so, there may be hope for Bonnie's dad if Silas used the same knife to slit his throat.  Probably not, but you never know.  And Silas' powers are astonishing.  He managed to control the entire town square.  Is that because he is Silas or is there another reason?  And we thought the Originals were powerful.  And what exactly does he want with Katherine?  I wonder if being the only human doppleganger will allow him to use her to die and pass on or something like that.

Matt's trip with Rebekah was interesting.  They had quite the carnal relationship including at least one threesome which came back to haunt Matt (more on that in a sec).  I wonder how he is going to adjust to being back in Mystic Falls.  I do think it would be a good idea for Jeremy to live with him, if only because it would give Matt someone to live with and put Jeremy in a vampire-free house.  Nadia is rather obviously up to no good.  She took the ring from Matt only to come back to "return" it and have a witch (presumably) put some sort of spell on Matt.  Not a good thing.

Stefan is still stuck underwater.  I can't blame him for wanting to turn off the humanity to avoid suffering, but I can totally see why he doesn't want to.  Remember what happened the last time he turned it off?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Not good....

Coming in a few, my review of The Originals pilot....