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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Review of Arrow 2.02- Identity

The title sums up what tonight was about: Oliver's quest to figure out who he is and what he can or cannot do.  Roy also had to figure out who he is and what is important to him.  Laurel, Diggle, and Felicity also had some identity issues as well....

Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he is at a bit of a loss about how to proceed.  On the one hand, he wants to do everything he can to save the city and help people, but he doesn't want to return to the Hood and killing.  On the other hand, he wants to do what he can as Oliver Queen to help people if possible.  The problem is that he can't do both at the same time, as he learned tonight.  Not that he won't try, but it is not possible.

His job as the Arrow (is he using this yet?) is being made much harder because the police are out to get him bigtime and Laurel is helping them out.  I hate to put it this way, but Laurel is basically having a massive hissy fit.  I get that she is grieving what happened to Tommy, but blaming the Hood for his death is a bit of a stretch.  Did she once consider the possibility that the Hood couldn't get to Tommy in time because he had to try and save other people?  From what she said tonight, I doubt it.  Add to that the fact that she is undoubtedly feeling guilt over having slept with Oliver and you have a recipe for some major issues.  Not totally unjustified, but also a little jarring given her previous thoughts about the Hood.

His job as Oliver is being made difficult thanks to a demagogic and grandstanding alderman named Sebastian Blood who is ascribing all of the worse possible motives to Oliver.  Again, given the secrets Oliver is keeping, this is not totally unjustified but it is definitely making Oliver's life harder.  Badmouthing Oliver at his own benefit was extremely tacky and is poor taste.  I am so not liking this guy right now.  Of course, demagogues do have a particular way of getting under my skin, so that is a large part of it.

I am trying to remember something.  I thought that Malcolm Merlyn had bought Unidac Industries, but people keep on saying that Oliver's family had made the earthquake device.  Either my memory is bad or they changed the continuity.  If it is the former, can someone let me know so I won't be continually annoyed when people say that.  If it is the latter, someone needs to clear up the situation ASAP.

Roy was having some identity issues of his own.  He is trying to do the right thing and help people, but he keeps getting in trouble for it.  Fortunately, the Arrow has figure out a way for Roy to help him out while simultaneously removing him from the line of fire.  By having Roy gather intel and pass it on, Oliver will be able to move where he needs to, keep Thea's boyfriend safe, and help Roy to make a difference all at the same time.  That was a smart move on his part.  You know this will morph into something else eventually.  I am very curious as to how that will happen.

Diggle has lost Carly because of his obsession with Deadshot.  While I think that Felicity was a little unfair in how she yelled at Oliver about his not noticing this, it was not completely off the mark.  Oliver has a lot on his plate from running Queen industries to figuring out how to manage his double life to helping Thea and Roy, etc.  I don't think he was being purposefully dense, but rather he was missing something that Diggle was trying to hide.

Speaking of Felicity, that girl showed a different side tonight.  She yelled at Oliver, sassed him several times, and was a bit of a pain in the ass.  It was nice to see that she does have some spirit and spunk.  She is normally fairly sedate (aside from the mouth-foot problem she has), so seeing that she can unleash on Oliver when he needs it is a good thing.  He needs that sort of person in his life.

As I said above, Laurel is dealing with a lot of issues and it seems that a lot of her anger and guilt has found a target in the Arrow.  She is definitely her father's daughter in that respect.  I just hope she learns from his mistakes and doesn't focus so much on bringing the Arrow down that she alienates the people around her.  Hopefully Officer Lance will be able to help her there.

I doubt that this is the last we will see of the Triad.  Taking them down will require all of Oliver's skill and cunning, particularly since he is trying to avoid killing people now.  The Triad will not share that compunction and that will make his job a whole lot harder.

Until next week!