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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Review of Arrow 2.04- Crucible

The Black Canary is unmasked and Oliver deals with the fallout, a new (yet not) villain is seen, and Laurel is digging herself into a deeper hole with no bottom in sight....

As announced over the summer, the Black Canary has been unmasked and she is Sarah Lance.  I so wish they hadn't spoiled this because that would have been an awesome, jaw-dropping moment.  However, they did spoil it, so we have to go with it.  I still loved the moment however, if only for the pole-axed look on Oliver's face.  He had problems when he revealed her identity to Felicity and Diggle.  Remember, he said that she had died when the Queen's Gambit sunk.  Turns out that she was on the ship that took Oliver hostage.  Given the fact that we know (from last week) that she is in the League of Assassins, does this mean that the ship belongs to that group?  Or did she connect with them later?  My guess is that the ship is attacked (which is why Oliver assumed that Sarah was dead) and that this leads Oliver to the Russian mob (which you may remember he is/was affiliated with) and after that for some unknown reason, he returns to the island.

Having Sarah back is going to be uber-complicated for Oliver and the Lances.  He believes that they will refuse to associate with him again when/if they find out and frankly I wouldn't blame them.  I get that he didn't tell them that Sarah survived the sinking because he didn't want to spoil their memories of her anymore than he already did.  But now that she is back, I am struggling to see how he can keep the information from them.  The unfortunate thing is that the information may drive Laurel even further into the bottle and may also cause Officer Lance to relapse, both of which would be very bad.

I am interested to see how/if Sin is incorporated into Roy and Thea's lives.  There is something there between Sin and Roy.  Not sure if it is attraction or just friendship, but I so want to see.  I hope they don't go the route of a love triangle (which annoy the bejeezus out of me), but I am afraid that they'll go there.  I would like to see Roy and Sin continue to act as intermediaries between the Arrow and the Black Canary, but I sort of doubt that will continue since Oliver and Sarah know who the other is.  I suspect that they'll have the two of them work together to collect information for their respective vigilantes.  I am also a little worried about the possible strain that working for the Arrow will put on Roy and Thea's relationship.  It will only get worse when Roy figures out who the Arrow really is.

The Mayor was an interesting villain.  He was an ordinary man who used the opportunity presented by the quake to seize power.  He reminds me of Neville in Revolution.  Unfortunately for him, he attracted the attention of the Arrow and of Alderman Blood.  Watching the Arrow and Black Canary working together to take down his soldiers was a thing of beauty.  I loved the way that the two of them worked together really well and even used each other's weapons when needed.  And dude, don't piss off a masked vigilante when she has a staff to your neck.  Not a good idea.

Attracting the attention of Alderman Blood was an equally big blunder.  Blood is apparently the new Big Bad.  Not sure of his exact identity, but that mask was more than a little creepy.  And was that Vertigo that he injected into the Mayor's arm?  I knew that Blood was a bad person and now we are seeing how bad.  It can only get worse from here.

Watching Laurel sink deeper into the bottle was a little depressing and it was made worse by the fact that her father can only stand by helplessly and watch.  Lashing out at her father and Oliver was a classic reaction.  Even if she has a point about the hypocrisy, when will people learn to listen to those who have made the mistakes and not repeat them?  Sadly, Laurel is so wracked with guilt that she is blind to what she is doing.  Hitting bottom is going to destroy her and her career methinks.

Until next week!