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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.01- Always and Forever

A retelling of the events of the backdoor pilot from Elijah's perspective with some new information.  For my review of The Originals go to  Because of this, this will be a shorter review than normal.

It was nice to see the events from Elijah's perspective, if only to allow any new viewers to get up to speed with what is going on.  Also, Elijah has always been my favorite Original because he is the most human.  His innate sense of honor and decency is a wonderful thing and an incredibly rare trait among vampires.

The introduction of the Originals to New Orleans was classic Vampire Diaries.  Watch the clueless humans investigate and the get killed one by one.  I think I will love that the flashbacks will allow us to see Kol again.  Honestly, I don't care much about Finn, but I do like Kol.  He's a bad guy to be sure, but he is lots of fun.  Besides, I am a sucker for cute guys with an accent.  :-)

It was nice to see Marcel's secret to controlling the witches.  It's another witch, apparently a very powerful one.  Given her (apparent) age, I am guessing that she was raised by Marcel to do exactly what he wants her to do.  Maybe he told her that all witches are bad or something, so that is why he is having her track them.  He also seems to think that he can use her against Klaus and Elijah.  Would magic hurt either of them if they are not linked?

Watching Elijah clean up the messes that Klaus left behind gave me a definite appreciation for how his life must be, particularly if he has to do that all the time.  I am surprised that he hasn't left Klaus before now.  Well, I would be if he weren't so honorable and if he didn't believe so strongly in the importance of family.  He also feels a certain amount of guilt because of how he helped Mikael bind Klaus' werewolf side.

I was very surprised that Klaus daggered Elijah.  It makes sense from Klaus' perspective, but it was still surprising.  You'd think that Klaus would want any ally he can get his hands on to take Marcel down, particularly since Elijah a) can take care of himself and b) cannot be killed except by the white ash stake.  How many times will Elijah forgive Klaus for pulling that move?

Next Tuesday, The Originals moves to its normal night, so I will hopefully have a full length review for that episode.  Until then!