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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.02- House of the Rising Son

Klaus is a better planner than he appears to be, we learn how Klaus met Marcel, Rebekah arrives in New Orleans, and Klaus and Rebekah find out about Devinna(sp?)....

Well, I don't think I have ever seen Klaus plan something out so well before.  Well, he did on Vampire Diaries, but he never explained it, so we got it as it unfolded.  This time, we actually got to see him explain to Rebekah what his plan was and it is a good one.  He knows that Marcel doesn't trust him, so he gave Marcel a daggered Elijah as a way to gain some trust.  He also knew that Marcel has his vamps taking vervain to get around Klaus' mental powers, so Klaus compelled a newly created vampire to spy on Marcel for him.  He also got a woman Marcel is interested in to spy for him.  All in all, this is a good plan, if it works.

It was very interesting to see how Marcel and Klaus met.  Marcel is the bastard son of the former governor of Louisiana (who knew about the Originals) and a slave.  Klaus saw him getting beaten and saw that he was a survivor, so Klaus rescued him and took him in because Klaus saw in Marcel someone like himself: a young man who was detested by his father.  We also found out that Marcel and Rebekah were almost an item, until Klaus daggered Rebekah and gave Marcel the choice of being turned or living out his human life with Rebekah.  We know what Marcel chose.  Sucks for Rebekah.  Given that and the boyfriends Klaus has killed, it is no wonder the girl has issues with boys.

We also found out why the Originals left New Orleans.  They left because MIkael found them.  Unfortunately, they thought that Marcel was dead, so they went without him.  From there, we get two different stories.  Klaus thinks that Marcel should have sought them out and worked with them, whereas Marcel was upset that the Originals abandoned him.  Two mutually exclusive views that are at the root of the problem between Marcel and Klaus.  Klaus sees Marcel as a usurper and betrayer.  Marcel sees Klaus and the Originals as people who abandoned him, so he just took what they left.

Hayley was right when she said that Rebekah and Klaus have a complicated and tempestuous relationship.  There is a love there that is rooted in the fact that they are family.  There is also a hatred that runs deep because of the number of times that Klaus has betrayed or caused pain to his siblings.  I look at the Originals as a group who will tear each other apart viciously as a part of their infighting, but if you present them with a common enemy that threatens them, they will pull together to end the threat before being back at each others' throats again.  And Marcel has presented Klaus and Rebekah with just such a threat.

And that threat is in the form of Devinna, the massively powerful witch we met last week.  She is powerful enough to toss Rebekah around like a rag doll, knock her out, and then erase parts of her memory.  Wonder what would happen if she came face-to-face with Bonnie.  That would be interesting.  Now Marcel wants Devinna to find a way to kill the Originals.  I am pretty sure there is no way to do so without the ash stake and (unless my memory is bad) that was destroyed some time ago.  I actually seem to remember it being mentioned that Klaus is invincible because he is a hybrid.  The only possibility I can see is if Devinna can somehow undo the magic that made them immortal in the first place.

Until Arrow tomorrow!