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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.03- Tangled Up in the Blue

Klaus puts his plan to depose Marcel into action, Hayley finds out some information about Elijah, Rebekah is disappointed, and Marcel is shocked by Davinna.

Watching Klaus put his plan into action was sort of fun. He never shares his whole plan with anyone which inevitably leaves someone (normally Rebekah or Elijah) disappointed.  His first plan was to ask for Elijah.  When that didn't work, he used the witches to create a situation where he could rescue Marcel.  The problem was that he made Rebekah believe that he was manipulating the witches to have one spell mask another so as to find Elijah.  I'll be honest and say that I don't get why Rebekah continues to be disappointed in Klaus.  You'd think that, after 100 years, she'd know that he always has ulterior motives and alternate plans.

Not only did he save Marcel, but he managed to sideline Thierry (Marcel's right-hand man) by manipulating a situation so that Thierry would stake another vampire (who was compelled by Klaus), thus breaking Marcel's primary rule that one vampire could not kill another.   That is killing two birds with one stone.  Remove someone who is suspicious of him while simultaneously ingratiating himself to Marcel.  Good plan that worked out quite well.  Klaus doesn't have the strength to take Marcel on directly, so he can only accomplish his goals using subterfuge, which is where he excels.

Hayley finding Elijah's journal was a good thing.  It gave her further insight into Klaus' mind and the relationship between the three Originals, which will be vital for her as she lives with them.  I do wonder how she'll deal with being cooped up in house.  I also wonder what was going on with the witch when she was doing that ceremony over Hayley.  That was a weird chant coming from her mouth.  Obviously there is something going on with the baby, but whether it is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Cami got her first real glimpse of Marcel and she did not like what she saw.  She saw a little bit of his violent side and it freaked her the hell out.  Unfortunately for her, she is caught between feuding vampires and that is never a good place for a human to be, particularly when that human does not know about vampires and their world.  Marcel likes her and I get the feeling that Klaus is attracted to her as well.  She looks a little like Caroline, so that would make sense.  Also, Klaus is attracted to things that are damaged, so that aspect of her personality would attract him as well.

When Davinna refused to give up Elijah, Marcel was surprised.  She is obviously not as much under his control as he would like.  I think that she is more like a slightly controlled wild animal.  She helps Marcel and normally listens to him, but when she wants to do something on her own, he can't stop her.  Rather, he has to persuade her to do what he wants.  This does not bode well for him.  Will she actually find a way to kill an Original?  If so, that probably means that she'll only be able to kill Klaus' hybrid side and then he'll be as vulnerable as any other werewolf after that.

Until tomorrow!