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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.04- Girl in New Orleans

We learn a little more about Cami, Devinna meets Klaus, Hayley runs into some trouble and some new information comes to light, and Marcel makes some decisions regarding the Originals.

Klaus and Devinna face off and it ends in a draw.  Devinna can hurt Klaus and keep him away, but he heals so quickly that nothing she has done so far does much more than give him pause.  She tried boiling his blood and breaking bones, but it didn't matter to Klaus.  Good luck trying to kill him.  She would have to do catastrophic damage and make the cumulative effects cause him so much damage so quickly that he wouldn't be able to heal.  Somehow I doubt she can do that.  He did not help matters at all when he put her in his debt by first almost killing and then reviving her crush.  If Klaus can manage to turn Devinna to his side, Marcel won't last very long.  Between the witches, Devinna, Klaus, Rebekah, and (maybe) Elijah, Marcel and his army don't stand a chance.

I found it interesting that Cami's brother killed a bunch of seminarians around the time that Marcel took Devinna.  At least, I think it was the same time.  Cami said that the massacre was 5 years ago and Devinna said that she last saw her crush when she was 10 or 11 (she is 16 now).  If Cami is right and her brother was under compulsion at the time, I wonder if Marcel (or one of his lackeys) compelled her brother in order for Marcel to have some place to stash Devinna.

Marcel has decided that he doesn't want Rebekah or Klaus hanging around the French Quarter.  The problem is that he cannot effectively discipline either of them and they can make him look weak.  Not a good thing for him.  And he appears to be losing his grip on Devinna which is also not a good thing.  Lastly, although he does not know it, he has lost Elijah because Devinna removed the dagger from his chest.  All in all, it is not a good time to be Marcel.

I wonder what Elijah will do now that he is awake.  He does not appear to be carrying a major grudge against Klaus, but that doesn't mean that he is not.  He may be biding his time, although I suspect that he will forgive Klaus and work with him and Rebekah in order to protect Hayley and the baby.  I so hope they show the chat that he is going to have with Devinna.  I want to know what he plans on saying to her.

Hayley is a bit of a badass.  Not surprising given the fact that she is a werewolf, but I suspect that maternal instincts are making her even more dangerous than she would normally be.  Also, the baby's blood can apparently cure her very quickly which would make her very hard to put down for any length of time unless you're a witch who can exert continuous force.  So, why were the witches after Hayley anyway?  Do they really want to make an enemy of Klaus as well?

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