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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.01- Pilot

I was not expecting to write this review, but I found this show more enjoyable and intriguing than I had initially thought, so here we go.  So here we go....

As with all new shows, let's start with a basic plot synopsis.  The Tomorrow People is about a group of people who have advanced genetically and have each developed three abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation.  Unfortunately, these people are being hunted/looked for by a government agency (Ultra) which is looking to control/wipe them out.  Our main character, Stephen Jameson, is a second generation Tomorrow Person (his dad was one too) and is exceptionally powerful.  He is finding himself torn between the government agency (run by his uncle) and the other Tomorrow People.

First off, I have always loved shows/movies about people with powers, so I knew I would like this show.  I was not expecting it to be as good as it was.  It is not perfect, but it is definitely promising and highly enjoyable.  I am highly curious as to why the Tomorrow People cannot kill with their abilities.  I get that as a storytelling thing, it prevents them from being too powerful, but I do hope they provide an explanation beyond that.

Watching Mark Pellegrino play Zedekiah (the head of Ultra) was just lots of fun.  He definitely believes that he is on the right side and is unapologetic about doing what he sees as being necessary.  I was not expecting him to be Stephen's uncle.  If anything, I thought that he would be John's dad given the way the two of them were talking when Stephen was being rescued.

I feel bad for Stephen.  He is thrust in the middle of a war he didn't know he was a part of, only to be told that his dad is a messiah figure and his uncle is the devil.  The problem is figuring out which side is being more honest with him.  Both sides want him with them and both seem to be shading the truth to fit their narrative.  The Tomorrow People want him so they can find his dad and Ultra wants him because he is powerful and is Zedekiah's nephew.  I wonder if his power comes from being a second-generation Tomorrow Person or if it is something else.  In addition to the normal Tomorrow Person powers, Stephen can also stop time and can teleport out of a prison that prevents other Tomorrow People from teleporting.

John, Cara, and Russell seem to be pretty good.  John is obviously the leader and warrior of the group.  Cara is the communicator, planner, and level head.  Russell seems to be another warrior and back-up as needed.  John does some nifty teleporting during his fights and Russell seems to use telekinesis more.  I wonder if  each Tomorrow Person specializes in one of the skills or if that is a peculiarity of the group.  Tim (the computer) is also neat and I look forward to seeing what it can do.

Astrid is going to be the wild card here.  She is Stephen's best friend, so she will end up being caught in the middle of all this, but she is not (yet) a Tomorrow Person, so I do wonder how she will cope with everything.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing them bring her into the mix.

Until the Vampire Diaries tomorrow!