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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.03- Girl, Interrupted

We get some background on Cara, Stephen continues to play both sides, someone learns Stephens secret, and we learn about another rule of the Tomorrow People.

I was very surprised to learn that Cara was born deaf.  Presumably she is still deaf, but it is possible that when her powers manifested she somehow gained the ability to hear.  The more likely possibility is that she "hears" using her telepathy which would explain why she is so damned good at it.  She can also read lips (as would be expected) very well.  We also learned the circumstances surrounding the manifestation of her powers.  Turns out that she was with a boy who was ready to rape her when she used her telekinesis in self-defense and killed him.  Consequently, after she escaped custody (courtesy of teleportation) she had to run in order to stay free.  Is it any wonder that she doesn't entirely trust humans?

Stephen, on the other hand, can be entirely too trusting.  While I can appreciate the rule of not helping humans for fear of revealing the existence of the Tomorrow People on a purely pragmatic level, it is not the best rule.  As Stephen pointed out, using their powers to help people is a very human thing to do.  As long as they are careful about using their powers in public, they should be able to help people if needed.  Unfortunately, Stephen teleported directly in front of Astrid, who now knows that everything Stephen told her in the pilot is not entirely untrue.  He is going to have some serious explaining to do.

He also has some serious explaining to do to Jedekiah.  I admire his skill at breaking into the level in order to plant the device so that TIM could get info on potential break-outs.  Unfortunately, he was not nearly stealthy enough and Jedekiah used the device in order to set a trap for Cara, John and Russell.  His actions to save Cara, on the other hand, were inspired.  Using his unique ability to stop time so that he could inject her with a saline solution instead of the ability blocking drug was an awesome idea.  I do wonder if Jedekiah will see through it though.

I so cannot wait to see what Astrid does.  Investigating Stephen is a bad idea, because I doubt that Jedekiah will hesitate before killing her if he feels threatened or if he thinks she'll uncover the truth.  Unfortunately, I don't the the Tomorrow People will react much better.  I also doubt that she'll listen to Stephen for a while unless he saves her or something.  This could be very interesting.

Everyone else really played supporting roles tonight.  Russell and John helped out in the fight on the docks, but didn't  do much else.

Until next week!