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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.01- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Elena and Caroline head off to college, Silas has fun, Stefan suffers, Damon is taking care of Jeremy, Katherine is freaked out, and Matt had an interesting summer....

That has to be a record for getting rid of a college roommate.  I was honestly expecting her to stick around for a while, but instead they killed her off in the first episode.  The interesting things are that a) she knew Elena's dad and b) she appears to have known about vampires.  So are we going to get Elena and Caroline, vampire detectives?  I have to say that sound like fun.  If a vampire really killed her, I have to wonder why.  And how exactly did she end up with Elena and Caroline in the first place?  So many questions.

Watching Damon try and take care of Jeremy was funny and sort of sweet.  Glamouring the principal to get her to turn the expulsion into a suspension was quite the Damon thing to do.  I do have to ask why a fight was enough to get Jeremy expelled.  Granted, he took the guys apart rather handily, but they did greatly provoke him.  I suspect that part of the expulsion has to do with Jeremy's sudden reappearance, particularly if he said that burned the house down on purpose.  I also have to wonder if Jeremy might have done something else given the fact that he was rather obviously less than pleased to be going back to school.

Watching Katherine complain about being human was very satisfying, if only because it was so karmically deserved.  She has been a thorn in the side of many a person and vampire, so she really does deserve whatever she gets.  Is she correct when she speculated that having taken the cure, she cannot become a vampire again?  It is possible and she does love living, even if it is as a weak human and not a vampire.

Silas came back and made no secret about who he was.  The interesting thing is that he insists that he is not a vampire.  That would still make the Originals the original vampires.  He does have to consume human blood, but I think that he lacks the fangs and weaknesses of the vampires, which is why he had to cut Sheriff Forbes' wrist to get blood.  I do wonder how he healed her since he did not feed her any blood or anything.  Is it that property of the blade?  If so, there may be hope for Bonnie's dad if Silas used the same knife to slit his throat.  Probably not, but you never know.  And Silas' powers are astonishing.  He managed to control the entire town square.  Is that because he is Silas or is there another reason?  And we thought the Originals were powerful.  And what exactly does he want with Katherine?  I wonder if being the only human doppleganger will allow him to use her to die and pass on or something like that.

Matt's trip with Rebekah was interesting.  They had quite the carnal relationship including at least one threesome which came back to haunt Matt (more on that in a sec).  I wonder how he is going to adjust to being back in Mystic Falls.  I do think it would be a good idea for Jeremy to live with him, if only because it would give Matt someone to live with and put Jeremy in a vampire-free house.  Nadia is rather obviously up to no good.  She took the ring from Matt only to come back to "return" it and have a witch (presumably) put some sort of spell on Matt.  Not a good thing.

Stefan is still stuck underwater.  I can't blame him for wanting to turn off the humanity to avoid suffering, but I can totally see why he doesn't want to.  Remember what happened the last time he turned it off?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Not good....

Coming in a few, my review of The Originals pilot....