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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.02- True Lies

Katherine is protected by a surprising pair, Elena finds out what happened last week, we learn what happens to humans who are killed while wearing a resurrection ring, Silas has a couple of nasty surprises, and we learn about the mystery girl Matt and Rebekah met in Europe....

It was nice to find out what happens to people who die while wearing the resurrection ring.  The ring takes them to the other side where they must find their body and reunite with it in order to come back to life.  The trick is that the person is taken farther and farther from his/her body each time.  I wonder if that has anything to do with people going dark if they are killed enough times.  Is it possible that being on the other side is enough to corrupt a person or that spending that much time separated from their body causes them to go insane?  That is definitely an intriguing idea that I would love to see explored.

I was impressed that Matt and Jeremy went along with the plan to protect Katherine.  Granted that Silas wants her for is probably bad thing, so keeping her from him just makes sense.  Matt did a decent job protecting Katherine and I was seriously impressed with the lack of hesitation that Jeremy displayed when he went to take on Silas.  For someone with minimal training, he is definitely doing well.  Granted, he has been in many fights and he has the advantage of being a Hunter, but it was still impressive.  He just neglected to consider the fact that Silas is immortal and could stab himself the way he did in order to try and kill Jeremy.  Hopefully Jeremy'll only need to learn that lesson once.

I am thinking that Jeremy should fear Elena.  She was mightily pissed when she found out what happened to Jeremy last week.  I will say that I do think she overreacted a bit, especially since Damon got Jeremy's punishment reduced and because she didn't have all the facts.  But I do get why she was upset.  Of course, her anger was dramatically heightened by Silas' mental meddling.  Getting her to attempt to off Damon was unexpected.  Not entirely surprising, but unexpected.

Now that Elena has gone to look for Stefan, Caroline is going to have to gumshoe all on her lonesome.  I wonder how she'll do.  Will she be able to meet with the professor to get his information or will he only talk with Elena?  I am also wondering if this group the professor is a part of is an extension of the Founders' Council or something completely separate.  Given the fact that Elena's dad is involved somehow, I suspect that it is somehow related to the Founder's Council, but I could very easily be wrong.

While I am glad that Stefan got free, having the Ripper back will be a very bad thing.  Fortunately, they won't have to deal with Klaus' compulsions this time, so it will hopefully be a little easier to bring Stefan back.  He is hunting because he was starved for months, so maybe (just maybe) he'll be more amenable to turning his humanity on and reverting to out Stefan.  Having the Ripper and Silas both out and about would be a very bad thing indeed.

Turns out that Nadia (the girl from Europe) is a gypsy and that the gypsies have dedicated themselves to ensuring the Silas stays locked up.  Unfortunately, Nadia seemingly has no intention of putting Silas back, so that is not a good thing.  I wonder if she is seeking immortality herself or if there is a darker reason for wanting Silas to run loose.

Bonnie needs to figure out how to deal with what has happened so that her friends can deal with it.  Matt is right that Elena and Caroline do deserve to know what is going on.  Jeremy won't tell them, in part (I suspect) because he can see her, so she isn't really dead to him.  When he is caught in the lies, I would not want to be him.  That will not be pretty.

Until Tuesday!