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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.03- Original Sin

A new (well, old really, but new) character shows up and stirs things up, we get lots of answers, and everyone is now caught between a rock and a hard place....

Qetsiyah is back and, boy, does she really go for the whole "woman scorned" thing.  The nice thing about having her around is that we got some more of the story about how the Veil was made and about Silas' immortality.  Turns out that Qetsiyah was (as previously stated) deeply in love with Silas and wanted to be immortal with him so that they could live together for eternity.  She made a potion and gave some to him so that they could consume the potion together when they got married.  The problem is that Silas was in love with one of Qetsiyah's handmaidens.  In a bit of an interesting (though hardly unexpected) twist, this handmaiden was the first of the Petrovas and from her sprang the Petrova dopplegangers.

Since both Silas and the handmaiden consumed the potion, dopplegangers came from both in order to right the balance, as nature is wont to do.  Qetsiyah threw a bit of a wrench into the works when she killed the handmaiden and then made the immortality cure out of her blood.  This is why Silas has been desperately searching for Katherine.  Her blood holds the key to making the cure so that Silas can become mortal again and can rejoin his love.  My only real question is this: If the blood of the Petrova doppleganger holds the cure for immortality, then why did Elena's blood not make Klaus mortal at the end of Season 2?  My assumption is that the blood of the doppleganger is a cure for the immortality potion, but they weren't exactly clear about that, so I could be wrong.

I was impressed that Quesiyah managed to put an end to Silas' mental abilities using Stefan as a conduit.  She linked the two magically and then used Stefan to affect Silas.  The only problem is that now Stefan does not know either Damon or Elena.  I wonder if this amnesia extends to everything or if it is related to certain things or people.  If this is an instance of total amnesia, then this could be very interesting since they may very well have to teach Stefan about who he is and what he can do.

Poor Damon is stuck with a massive problem on his hands.  His brother is an amnesiac, his girlfriend is apparently destined to be with his brother, and he is left to sort everything out.  Not fun for him.  The fact that Katherine is now in the hands of the Traveler makes things more complicated.  Add to that the fact that Matt is carrying around the spirit of the dead Traveler in his head and that occasionally the Traveler will take control of his body and you have a recipe for very hard times ahead.

I also found it interesting that Silas and Qetsiyah were Travelers as well.   Not shocked or anything, but it was interesting.

Until next week!