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Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.05- Monster's Ball

Katherine gets a surprise (ok, two), Damon has a plan, Caroline is shocked, Elena is warned, and Jeremy lies...

So, Nadia is Katherine's daughter.  That was a definite shock.  I suspected it might be the case when I realized how old Nadia was, but I wasn't sure until Nadia mentioned the date in 1492 that her mother was killed.  I wonder if Silas knows who Nadia really is.  I am trying to figure out if Nadia is here to protect Katherine or not.  This is going to prove very interesting for Katherine.  That also means that Nadia is a distant ancestor of Elena's.  Obviously, she had a child before she became a vampire or else Elena wouldn't be around.  I so hope we learn a little more about this because I am seriously intrigued.

I was definitely surprised that Damon decided to work with Silas.  I get why he did, but it was still surprising.  Damon wants to help Elena and Jeremy by bringing Bonnie back.  Since Silas wants to dies anyway (once the mystical purgatory is destroyed), using the energy released by his death to bring Bonnie back is useful.  I just wonder if Silas' death will do anything to Stefan.  Since Stefan's existence as Silas' doppleganger is a result of Silas' immortality, will Silas' death (or the fact that he is mortal now) have some sort of impact on Stefan?  I don't think Stefan will drop dead or anything, but I do suspect that (at the very least) the doppleganger line will end because the reason for it (Silas' immortality) is no longer around.

I can't say I was surprised that Jeremy lied to Damon about Bonnie's willingness to go along with the plan.  Jeremy is alive because Bonnie sacrificed herself and he is being tortured because he can see and talk with her, but they can't touch or anything.  If he wasn't willing to go along with the plan despite her protestations, I would have been completely shocked.

I am most definitely not happy with Tyler.  I have never liked that guy and his actions tonight merely reinforced my dislike in a major way.  He supposedly loves Caroline, but he is so intent on getting revenge on Klaus that he is willing to cause Caroline a lot of pain in order to get his revenge.  Sorry, but it really seems like he got his poor little ego bruised and his sense of masculinity damaged, so now he is having a temper tantrum.  Nice, real nice.

So what exactly is Dr. Maxfield up to?  He is obviously aware of the existence of vampires and seems to be experimenting on them, but he warned Elena (and presumably Caroline as well) to go away.  He is also (apparently) the guardian to one of their dead roommate's childhood friends.  I really hope we get an explanation soon because I am seriously intrigued about him.

Watching Damon sacrifice Katherine to bring back (and un-immortalize [is that even a word?]) Silas was satisfying and karmic in view of the fact that it was Katherine who sacrificed Jeremy last year to bring Silas back in the first place.  I was a little surprised that Elena didn't protest more, but I get why she let Damon do it.  I was also seriously shocked that Katherine is still alive.  I am not sure why she is, considering the fact that Nadia said that Silas would need all of her blood to become mortal again, but this should prove interesting.  My first thought was that she might have been revampirized, but then I remembered that she probably can't because of the cure.  Also, I don't think that a vampire's blood would have brought Silas back.  So how exactly did she survive?

Until next week!