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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Review of Arrow 2.06- Keep Your Enemies Closer

Diggle goes to find Lyla, Oliver and Felicity tag along with an unintended guest, Moira's lawyer makes a demand of Thea, Roy runs into a little spot of trouble, and we learn a little more about Oliver on the boat....

After failing to help Diggle with Deadshot last season, Oliver is determined to help now.  And good thing he was there, because the plan would never have succeeded without Oliver's intervention.  I want to know what it was that Oliver said to that guy in the to get him to back off so quickly.  I would assume it had something to do with Oliver's place within the hierarchy of the Russian crime syndicate, but it could have been something else entirely.  Between that, Oliver's contacts in Russia, and Oliver coming to help Diggle fight his way out, he was absolutely vital to the escape.  It was nice to see Oliver makeup for what happened last time, even if his actions when Deadshot was in Starling City were understandable.

Isabelle definitely got under Oliver and Felicity's skin.  Ok, she got under more than Oliver's skin, but let's just leave it at that ok?  I do wonder if she and other people really think that Oliver is sleeping with Felicity or if that was her way of getting a dig in at Oliver.  I do get why people would think that something is going on, but I would not put it above Isabelle to say something in order to get into Oliver's head.  She is definitely starting to suspect that there is more going on than then is obvious on the surface, so Oliver needs to be ultra careful.

I was impressed with Diggle's restraint.  Granted, he did make a promise to Deadshot about getting out, so honor did prevent him from doing anything, but it still seemed to be a close call.  I was a little surprised to hear that he an Lyla were married.  That was definitely unexpected, although it does explain a lot about why he called her for help and why he will move heaven and earth in order to help her out if she needs it.

I was definitely annoyed that Thea listened to the lawyer and dumped Roy.  I think that, had she explained what was going on, he would have agreed to a break in order to help her out.  No, it wouldn't have been easy on either of them, but I still think he would have agreed to it in order to help Thea and Moira.  Her excuse for breaking up with Roy was pretty lame and totally transparent.  I was very happy that Moira cut that nonsense off at the knees and prevented Thea from making a huge mess out of everything.

Roy did the smart thing when he told Officer Lance about who he was working for.  Lance has come to respect the Arrow and knows that people working for him are not bad people.  Besides, Roy was helping to bring down bad guys, so it was not as if he did something horrible.  Thea's face when she saw Roy in the station was sort of funny.  She was so exasperated and then completely perplexed when she realized he was being released without being charged.

Slade and Shado survived the attack on the island, but now they are being threatened again.  The Japanese were apparently intent on creating super soldiers and had a serum of some sort on a submarine that was attacked and sunk by the island.  That is what the people on the boat are looking for.  Sarah was pretty convincing this episode.  I am surprised that Oliver is trusting her right now.  I suspect that she does something to redeem herself.  Either that or she was under duress when she betrayed him in this episode and he knows it.

Until next week!