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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.06- Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Elijah and Klaus take drastic actions in response to a threat, Rebekah decides to leave, Marcel does some digging, and the witches learn why it is a mistake to piss off the Originals....

Did anyone not see Elijah killing that elder witch on his own?  After all, he planted that mile high loophole in his promise to Sophie.  He told her that his brother (Klaus) wouldn't kill her and that was it.  And he kept his promise.  He stopped Klaus from killing her and then killed her himself.  It can be hard to remember that Elijah can be as violent as Klaus is because Elijah is so cultured.  But if his ire is raised, it is best to make yourself scarce because he is absolutely deadly, as we saw tonight when he ripped out three hearts in a matter of seconds and then snapped the witch's neck with scarcely a pause.  It was funny to see the look on Klaus' face.  He was definitely enjoying the show.

I can't say that I was fond of the way Elijah manipulated Davina but I am not surprised that he did so.  The Originals have been working hard to keep Hayley's existence a secret from Marcel and if Elijah had been honest with Davina, it is possible that Marcel could have found out about what was going on.  Not that it mattered given the fact that Marcel found out anyway, but Elijah had no way of knowing that at the time.  When Davina finds out that Elijah concealed information from her, I am betting she'll be a wee bit upset.

I was a little disappointed that Rebekah went to leave.  Can't say I am surprised given the antipathy that exists between her and Klaus, but I was still disappointed.  At least we know she'll come back to help get Hayley back from Marcel.  Marcel has either forgotten how powerful the Originals are or he is overconfident.  Kidnapping the mother of Klaus' baby is a bad idea on so many levels.  Not only will Klaus be out for blood, but Elijah will as well.  Seeing as how his violence tonight was provoked by a threat to Hayley's life, I shudder at the implications for Marcel and his crew.  If Davina fights for Marcel, they may be able to hold the Originals off, but that's it.  If Davina does not intervene (or worse intervenes on Elijah's behalf), then Marcel doesn't stand a chance.  Klaus may allow him to live if he gets his hands on him, but Marcel better make plans to run or something.

The witches are now in serious trouble.  With all of their elders gone, they have no way to reaccess their magics unless Davina can somehow access them.  The only thing is that Davina refuses to allow herself to die, so they would have to find another way.  Lying to an Original has consequences as the witches discovered tonight.  I feel sorry for them.  I get why they lied, but lying to Elijah (in particular) or any Original is a bad idea.  Klaus and Rebekah may or may not take it phlegmatically, but Elijah generally doesn't unless he sees the reason as particularly good.

Watching Cami attempt to break free of Klaus ought to be interesting.  I do get why she is upset, but I have to wonder if she is overreacting slightly.  I think she was right to be worried about the lack of feeling in relation to her brother.  Where I think she overreacted was in her reaction to the witch being killed.  Was it disturbing?  Yes.  But it didn't exactly make her an accessory.  All she did was share with him some concerns about what happened to her brother, nothing accessory-like there.

Until next week!