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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.07- Limbo

Stephen has some fun and experiences backlash, Cara tells John about last week, and we see a criminal Tomorrow Person...

Stephen definitely deserved some of the flack he got this week, but some of it was entirely unearned.  He did abuse his powers in the basketball game and he did sleep with Cara, so the reactions of John and (to an extent) Jedekiah were completely understandable.  Can't say I felt for Astrid.  After all, she was the one who encouraged him to use his powers for fun.  Then, when she saw him kissing another girl, she went a crazy on him.  Maybe I missed something, but I saw no evidence of the massive personality change she was talking about.  She was acting like he had killed a bunch of puppies or something.  Given the fact that he thought that the party was for the basketball team, I get why he didn't invite her over.  And she only has herself to blame for him not kissing her.  So while I may feel bad that her feelings were hurt, that is more or less cancelled out by her complete overreaction to the situation.  I ain't saying she needs professional help, but she does need to figure out what she wants and talk with Stephen rather than going all psycho on him.

I do also think that Jedekiah overreacted somewhat.  Or, maybe it would be better to say that he overreacted to the party.  He said that Stephen used his powers to throw the party, to which I say "Huh???"  Did I completely miss something?  The only evidence I saw of powers regarding the party was when Stephen saved the vase from breaking and the stoner saw him.  Unless Jedekiah merely meant that the party would not have happened if Stephen hadn't used his powers in school and gotten on the basketball team.

I was amused by John's actions during the basketball game.  Sure, it was seriously petty, but it was also funny.  Since Stephen wasn't seriously hurt and no lasting damage was done, it was not that bad.  Now, the punching was a different matter.  The thing is that Stephen and John represent two very different ways to deal with what is going on.  Stephen is trying to integrate the Tomorrow People into society, whereas John has internalized Ultra's idea of keeping the two groups separate.  They are also both in love with Cara and she in love with them.  This is going to be seriously messy and I really hope it doesn't drag on too long, because love triangles can be seriously annoying.

I was impressed (but not surprised) that Stephen went after the rapist without his powers.  Stephen spent most of the episode being told that he was a useless screw-up and he wanted to change that, so he did.  He is not perfect, but he is a genuinely good guy who makes mistakes.  Unfortunately, he also needs a certain amount of protection at this point, although I hope that changes soon.  I can't say I was surprised that Cara could hear him because Stephen has already demonstrated that things that limit the abilities of others don't necessarily limit him.  Seeing his dad was really interesting.  I wonder what Thatnoss (probably spelled wrong) is/was and why it is important.

In two weeks, the next new episode, so see y'all then!