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Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 5.06- Handle With Care

Silas is mortal and on a quest to die with help from Jeremy and Damon, Caroline and Katherine investigate Professor Maxfield, Tessa plots against Silas, and we find the anchor for the spell that created the other side (and is it a doozy!)...

Watching Caroline and Katherine work together was completely amusing.  Caroline hates Katherine but she realizes (as Katherine rightly pointed out) that she needs the help from the plotting doppleganger to get the information to protect herself and Elena.  Katherine did a good imitation of Elena and the look on the woman's face (was she a professor?) when "Elena" walked into the house uninvited was hilarious.  I think that gobsmacked covers it.  Maybe Katherine will be able to infiltrate the group (forgot the name) and find out about their "tame" vampire.

She also needs to work with Doctor Maxfield to figure out what is up with her.  Between the streak of white hair and the tooth falling out, Katherine is seriously worried about her mortality.  I think it is fairly obvious that whatever happened to her after Silas drank her blood is slowly killing her.  I suspect that she lost the magic that was in her blood when Silas drank from her which is probably why she is slowly decaying.  Not sure why, but that is my guess.

Now for the trippy part of the episode.  It turns out that the reason the Petrova dopplegangers exist is because Qetsiyah didn't kill Amara, but made her immortal and then used her as the anchor for the spell to create the other side.  That was a very interesting  and nasty surprise.  By anchoring the spell in Silas' love and making her immortal, Qetsiyah virtually guaranteed that Silas would find it almost impossible to break the spell and be reunited with Amara forever.  Now, however, we have 2 human dopplegangers and 1 vampire.  Amara drank from Silas (who had the cure in his blood now) and became mortal, Katherine is already mortal, and Elena is human.  Also, the gang has to protect Amara in order to be sure that she can be used to destroy the other side after Bonnie is brought back.  Like I said, trippy.

Tessa is a seriously vindictive bitch.  Not without reason, but she definitely is taking things too far.  Not content to simply take out her anger on Silas, she has widened her wrath to include Elena, Damon, and Stefan.  Granted, Stefan betrayed her in order to protect Elena so that is part of the reason, but Elena has never done anything to Tessa other than look like Amara.  Then again, Tessa is obviously not entirely rational given the depth of her hatred and her desire for revenge, so there is that.  Restoring all of Stefan's memories in one fell swoop was an interesting method of revenge.  I suspect that Stefan will be able to adapt, but it will be interesting to see how his time in the safe affects him.

Will the gang be able to bring Bonnie back?  In large part, that answer depends on whether or not Silas is dead.  If Silas is dead, then I don't see any way for Bonnie to be brought back unless Tessa can be persuaded to do the spell (extremely long shot at best).  If Silas is alive, there will be the challenge of persuading him to kill Amara in order to destroy the anchor for the other side.  Good luck with that one.

Until next week!