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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 5.07- Death and the Maiden

Someone returns, a few leave, there are dopplegangers galore, and we prepare for the next phase....

Amara, Silas, and Tessa are all dead.  Unfortunately for Silas, the other side still exists because Tessa used the blood of the three Petrova dopplegangers to transfer the anchor for the other side from Amara to Bonnie, thus bringing Bonnie back to life with some unintended consequences.  Bonnie will now feel the death of every supernatural creature before they go to the other side.  That is so not going to be fun.  I suspect that Silas and Tessa will be back at some point because they are both on the other side whereas Amara is not.  So now we have 2 people who can talk to people on the other side: Jeremy and Bonnie.  This should be interesting.

I did love watching Silas and Tessa face off against each other.  Neither could really hurt the other with magic, so Silas resorted to throwing a poker through Tessa's shoulder.  I was a little surprised that Silas was able to interfere with the transference spell.  I get that he is powerful, but I thought she was powerful enough to be able to stop him.  Although she was casting a major spell at the time, so it is possible that he was able to get in that way.  I have to say that I loved Silas' scene at the bus stop.  Warped, granted, but it was lots of fun.  His ruminations were giggleworthy and the look on the peoples' faces was just funny.  When the guy started puking up liquified organs, that was pretty gross but still sort of cool.

Caroline now knows that Nadia is Katherine's daughter.  I wonder if she'll do anything with the information or not.  I don't know if the gang even knew that Katherine had a daughter, although I guess she would have had to have one in order for Elena to exist.  Katherine is dying and only has a few months left to live, which totally sucks for her.  It seems as if this is the price for resuming humanity.  That and the fact that vampire blood is no longer efficacious when it comes to healing the remortalized person.  Unfortunately, there is apparently no cure for what Katherine is going through unless Bonnie can come up with some magical solution.  Which brings up a new point.  Is Bonnie still a witch?  Since she is the anchor to the other side, does she still have magical abilities or is this like being a vampire when you can only be one or the other?

Stefan is going to have to continue to live with the memories of what happened to him over the summer.  Elena is trying to help him move beyond it, but it is going to take some time.  I suspect that Damon will want to help, but it will not be easy on any of them.  Stefan was hoping that Damon and Elena would rescue him, but they did not.  Sucks to be him.

So, the next phase of the story is apparently going to be about the secret society back on the college campus.  I wonder if Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline will go back to campus or not.  If they do, Elena may have to do some fancy talking to get around the fact that Katherine pretended to be her and that she cannot go into certain buildings without permission.

Until next week!