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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Review of The Originals 1.09- Reigning Pain in New Orleans

There's a new leader in New Orleans, so we have the normal tumult that accompanies such a change.  Given that the new leader is Klaus,...yeah, it is that bad, especially since he feels a certain need to prove himself to the nervous vampires....

Klaus established his reign in New Orleans the same way he has apparently established his presence elsewhere, in blood, terror, and a general disregard for anyone else but himself.  Given the way he came to power and the fact that Elijah and Rebekah turned on him, he is obviously feeling the need to assert himself.  Despite the fact that Marcel pleaded with him to show diplomacy, when the human leaders demanded that everything remain the same, Klaus (in his very Klausian way) dismissed their concerns and demanded that they follow his whims.  This led to the humans attacking the vampires and Klaus retaliating by killing all of the human leaders except for Father Kieran, who was left out of the planning of the attack and was incensed at what the other humans had done.  Then there is the fact that Father Kieran is Cami's uncle, so that is the other reason he was spared.  I venture to say that Klaus isn't going to have any more trouble with the humans.  He is unkillable, so I don't think they stand a chance.  After all, he did take out dozens of vampires last week on his own.

Marcel is walking a very high, very thin rope here.  He is obviously biding his time to see what Klaus does, but he is also ready to help Klaus if that is what is best.  His paternal feelings towards the city of New Orleans are quite real and he is ready to do whatever is necessary in order to protect it and save himself.  Now that Klaus has offered him a partnership in ruling New Orleans (wonder how long that will last), Marcel has committed himself to helping Klaus out.  On his own, he was not powerful enough to completely rule New Orleans, but with Klaus there, I don't think ruling will be an issue.  The only potential problem now is Davina.

Davina has figured out that Marcel lied to her when he said that she still needed protection.  Once she found out from both Josh and Hayley that Agnes was dead, Davina was pissed because when Agnes died, so did the threat to Davina's life.  Having an incredibly powerful witch pissed at you is not a good idea if you are not one of the Originals.  Then again, I don't know what Davina's abilities are exactly.  She may be powerful enough to actually damage one of the Originals, we just don't know yet.  I think that Klaus is fairly safe from her, but Elijah and Rebekah could be in trouble if Davina turns on them.  Then again, neither of them has really given her a reason to turn on them yet, so we'll just have to see.  Poor Cami though.  Klaus goes through the trouble of erasing her memories so she can leave and live safely, then Davina comes along and undoes the compulsion.  That has to suck.

Cami has had a rough time recently.  First, she is something of a pawn in the secret war between Klaus and Marcel/  Then Klaus uses her to record his memoirs and wipes her memory after every session.  So when she figures everything out, he wipes her memory again and sends her off.  Then, she is visited by a massively powerful witch who restores all of her memories.  Given the trauma that Stefan went through recently on The Vampire Diaries after having his memories restored, I am guessing that Cami is going to be in for a rough few weeks.

You have to admire the fact that Rebekah and Elijah protected the werewolves.  I was seriously surprised to find out that at least some of the werewolves were from the clan that Klaus' biological father came from.  And they had a legend about him returning that was fairly accurate.  I get why Klaus wanted the wolves wiped out (to dispel the rumours that he would use them to create new hybrids), but protecting them is now pretty much the best thing.  I wonder how Father Kieran will protect them.  This should prove interesting.  Elijah's apology at the end of the episode was perfect.  As Klaus observed, it was not easy for Elijah to do, but it was necessary.  Elijah and Rebekah did (apparently) wrong Klaus this time, so apologizing to him was the honorable thing to do.  And as we know, Elijah is honorable in the extreme.  It also gets them at least somewhat back in Klaus' good graces, so that is even better.  I wonder if Rebekah will apologize herself or if she will refuse to.

Until January 14th!