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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.09- Death's Door

Truths are revealed and taken badly, Stephen continues his quest to find his dad, Stephen's two worlds meet, and Jedikiah turns to the Tomorrow People for help.

Well, the core groups now knows that it was John who killed Stephen's dad and they are not happy about it.  Stephen is being very pragmatic about the whole thing and insists on working with John to find his way into limbo.  Cara is flat-out pissed off and accuses John of being a major-league hypocrite (not without reason).  We didn't really get much reaction from Russell, but I suspect that he would fall more into the pragmatic than pissed off camp.  Of course, a part of Stephen's pragmatism comes from his conviction that his dad is in limbo and is not really dead.  If he didn't believe that, I suspect that he would have been much more violent with John.

I am not sure whether to applaud Stephen for his tenacity or smack him over the head with a 2x4.  I think that a large part of the reason he is being so tenacious is because he (obviously) wants to believe that his dad is alive and he realizes that if John really did kill his dad, then he would lose it.  Basically, it is (at least partially) a coping mechanism.  An effective one for sure, but still.  Allowing yourself to be killed in order to enter limbo and then hope that you can be revived?  Not the smartest move Stephen has ever made, but it is definitely born out of a certain amount of desperation.

All that being said, the plan did work.  Stephen managed to stop time as he was dying and saw his dad, so now he wants to find his dad's body.  Not sure how likely that will be, but that could be interesting.  The thing is that unless someone manged to preserve the body, there won't be much left for Stephen's dad to return to.  I am curious as to how this will play out.  Wouldn't it be somewhat ironic if, in returning Stephen's dad to his body, the Tomorrow People end up unleashing a dangerous enemy?  Talk about an interesting twist!

Jedikiah also revealed a truth to the Founder.  Once Stephen helped John to escape, the Founder was going to read Jedikiah's mind, so Jedikiah revealed that he was in a relationship with a Tomorrow Person.  I must say that going to the Tomorrow People for help was not something I quite expected, much less going to them twice in one episode.  Granted, it made perfect sense because only they could keep Morgan safe, but still.  Jedikiah is playing both sides of the fence here, albeit for very personal reasons, and that could be dangerous.  When Jedikiah "shot" Morgan, I wondered why the Founder didn't insist on seeing the body personally or anything, since by having the pillow on top of her, something could easily have been faked (as indeed it was).

We also learned the the Founder is grooming Stephen for his rightful place, presumably as the head of Ultra.  That should be truly interesting.  Jedikiah already knows that Stephen has some feelings for the members of the underground, so I wonder how he'll react to Stephen's continued climb up the ladder.  He does seem capable of destroying Stephen if he deems it to be for the greater good, but I don't know if he will.

Well, this is the second to last review of the year.  The Tomorrow People returns on January 15, so I'll be back then.  Tomorrow, The Vampire Diaries.  Until then!