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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.12- The Devil Inside

Katherine has too much fun while in control of Elena's body, but there are bumps along the way; Tyler finds out some shocking information; Damon receives a rude shock that has utterly predictable consequences; Caroline makes a confession; and two old friends get back together.

Katherine has always enjoyed playing with Elena's friends and tonight was no different.  She compelled Matt in order to get details about Elena's life so that she can successfully impersonate her, learned that Caroline slept with Klaus and made sure that Tyler found out, dumped Damon like a bad habit, and is staying around in order to get Stefan.  There are a couple of things I am curious about.  Unless the writers are pulling a massive twist, Elena is not gone, so where is she?  Is she trapped in Katherine's body?  Or is she trapped on the other side?  If that is the case, it is possible that Bonnie and/or Jeremy may be able to see her and do something to help her.  The other possibility I can think of is that the spell caused her personality to become dormant, in which case it is possible that she could be revived somehow.

Watching Katherine wreak havoc with everyone's lives was weirdly exciting.  I hated what she was doing, but she is such a virtuoso at doing it that I can't help but admire her.  I am glad that Tyler found out about Caroline and Klaus because he really needed to if he and Caroline stand a chance.  I get why he was mad at her, but the situation is partially his fault.  Caroline and Klaus have had chemistry going for some time and the main reason she was able to resist it is that she was with Tyler.  When Tyler walked out on her, he left her shattered.  Klaus arrived and took advantage of what happened in order to get Caroline to admit to what she had always wanted on some level.  Was it a mistake?  Undoubtedly.  But, as Stefan noted, it doesn't define her.

I admire that Stefan is able to see his friends' mistakes and take them in stride.  Granted, he was shocked that Caroline had sex with Klaus, but he also knows that she is genuinely a good person and that she made a mistake.  Of course it helps that he has made more than his fair share of mistakes, some of them pretty severe.  I also like that he was able to say all the mean things that Caroline felt she needed to hear, but not actually mean any of them.  It helped her to get over her guilt and see the situation as the ludicrous situation it truly was.

When Caroline agreed to help Stefan get Elena and Damon back together, I was definitely surprised.  Pleasantly so, but still surprised.  She can be such a bitch towards Damon (ok, there is justification for that, but still....) that it is nice that she can be good to him.  Of course, her dalliance with Klaus undoubtedly had something to do with her change of heart, but whatever it was, she did a good thing.  Unfortunately for all involved, Katherine is in control of Elena's body and managed to completely destroy Damon in a matter of seconds.  She knows exactly how to get Damon to react how she wants, so her ability to destroy him was completely unsurprising.

Another unsurprising thing was Damon's reaction to what "Elena" did.  He had been keeping Aaron safe because it would upset Elena if anything happened to Aaron.  But when "Elena" destroyed him, Damon went out of his way to prove that he is truly a bad person and killed Aaron.  Thus passes the last of the Whitmore's.  Now that Damon has teamed up with Enzo, things are just going to go from bad to worse.

Once again, Matt becomes the toy of a vampire.  To his credit, he tried to stop Katherine, but face it, he didn't stand a chance.  Once she took off the vervain bracelet, he was going to do whatever she wanted.  At least he can be there for Tyler.  The two of them on a road trip ought to be good.  Hopefully it will give Tyler a chance to rediscover life without Klaus and reunite the two friends.

When Jeremy and Bonnie get back from her mother's, things are going to get interesting.  I really think that one of the two of them ought to be able to figure out that something is wrong with Elena, and hopefully they'll be able to put two and two together to get four.

Until next week!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.12- Sitting Ducks

Stephen sets out to confirm his suspicions about Peter while he has to figure out how to protect Astrid from Hillary, John takes on an assignment that turns dangerous to make up for the past while Cara has to take steps to help him out, and a new breakout appears.

Given everything that has been going on in his life, I think Stephen's suspicions where Peter is concerned actually make sense, particularly in view of the telepathy blockage that happened last week.  Pushing Peter off the cliff was a step too far, but by that point Stephen was tired of beating around the bush and honestly thought that Peter would be able to save himself.  The look on his face when he realized that Peter had no powers was one of horrified realization.  He was so sure of himself that he didn't even consider that Luca could be the one with powers.  I figured it out when Luca was trying very hard to talk with Stephen before Stephen went to see Astrid.  This is going to make Stephen's life even more complicated than it already is.  He has been trying so very hard to keep his family separate from the Tomorrow People and Ultra, but now his brother is going to be dragged into that world.  I do not think that his mother will be far behind.  He is already on shaky ground with Astrid because she is not going to be able to go home for some time.  Poor guy.

Also, poor Astrid!  She has been dragged headlong into Stephen's world because Hillary has decided to take Stephen down.  Hillary is so sure that Stephen is getting preferential treatment that she is resorting to all sorts of underhanded tricks in order to topple him.  Fortunately, Jedekiah realizes what Hillary is up to and he gave her a good verbal spanking.  Hillary pushed too hard and was a little too anxious about Astrid being killed although I am sure that Jedekiah knew what was going on before that.  Because of Hillary, Astrid was shot at, had to dig a bullet out of John, shot a gun at a bunch of guys, and now has to hide out with the Tomorrow People for her own safety.  I wonder how she (and they!) will adapt to the situation.

John tried to exorcise another ghost from his past tonight.  14 years ago, he used his powers to protect a comic book seller who was also his friend, only to have Ultra execute the man right in front of him for knowing too much.  Yet another reason to despise Ultra.  At least Jedekiah appears to experience some small measure of remorse for killing someone.  I do wonder why they don't just pay attention to the people who know and; if they talk; take them out then.  That would seem to strike up a decent balance between secrecy and whatnot.

So now Cara is going to have to figure out how to assimilate Astrid into the group.  Astrid is not going to be happy about this, but maybe Stephen will be able to help Astrid adjust.  Then again, Astrid may be too mad at Stephen to allow him to help.  Also, Stephen is going to be busy dealing with Luca breaking out to help out as much as he would like.  Luca is already powerful enough to block Stephen's telepathy and he also has at least decent control over his telekinesis.  If Ultra gets their hands on Luca, that is going to make Stephen's already hard assignment that much harder.

Until next week!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.12- Dance Back from the Grave

Welcome to the first post-Davina episode of The Originals.  Celeste wasted no time in gathering her forces to face the Originals in general and Klaus in particular.  One prediction I made last week turned out to be completely wrong but if this week is any indication, the witches Celeste raised are going to make Davina look like a cake walk.

This week was focused on the voodoo practitioner, a witch named either Papa Tunde.  At least, I assume he is a voodoo practitioner.  We do know that he uses not only ancestral magic, but also sacrificial magic.  About a hundred years ago he was invited to New Orleans by Marcel (!) in order to displace Klaus and Tunde wasted no time in making his presence felt.  He used some sort of magic to drain vampires of their life force in order to boost his magic.  He wanted to be treated with respect and when Klaus (to no one's surprise) refused to do so, he went on a rampage killing vampires, werewolves, and witches who didn't follow him.  Finally, Klaus poked his eyes out and killed him.  No wonder the man is holding a grudge.  Well, between the killing and the fact that Klaus also beheaded Tunde's two sons whom Tunde was using to channel magic.

I was definitely surprised to hear that Marcel invited Papa Tunde to New Orleans.  I get that Marcel wanted to be with Rebekah, which wouldn't happen so long as Klaus was around, but to invite someone who is clearly dangerous, not entirely stable, and uncontrollable?  Talk about an awful plan!  Then, I practically fell over when he told Rebekah that he had invited Tunde and she suggested bringing Mikael in!  I get that she has serious issues with Klaus, but to invite in her father who wants to kill all vampires?  Talk about a majorly moronic and ill-thought out plan!

When Thierry fled from Tunde and left Rebekah there, I was hoping that he was planning on going to either Klaus or Elijah in order to have them help free Rebekah.  Instead, the sniveling coward left her there and went off drinking.  I swear, if I were Elijah I may very well have ripped the guy to pieces.  Thierry had better hope that Klaus never finds out what he did, because it is entirely possible that Klaus would hunt him down and take him apart.

Elijah definitely had something of a point when he practically begged Rebekah to not provoke Klaus.  I do think that Elijah is too forgiving, but if Klaus can get what he wants, he may calm down a little.  Granted, the chance is small, but still.  I do also think that she had something of a point, even if she blew it out of proportion.  Elijah's feelings for Haley are not the best idea, but at least Elijah is trying to maintain some distance from her in order to stay with Klaus.

So, now Celeste has killed Tunde after he sacrificed all of the vampires in the Garden and (I assume) inherited all of his power.  Number one, she is powerful already, but add to that all of the power that Tunde has collected and the prospects are growing dim for the Originals.  Does that knife really have the power to destroy them?  If so, how?  So far as we know, only the wood of the white ash can actually kill an Original, so I would be interested to see how that knife can kill them.  I assume that the magical power it contains will somehow kill them, but how?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Marcel, Klaus, and Sophie have figured out that someone (although they don't know who yet) hijacked the power of the Harvest in order to resurrect the witches.  Can Sophie somehow get the power back in order to bring back the girls?  Watching her team up with Klaus ought to be interesting.

Until next week!

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.16- Illuminated

Lydia gives Aiden a wake-up call, Mr. Argent and Stiles get some bad news, Scott and Kira learn something about each other, Ethan and Aiden help Danny throw a party, and several people find themselves on the bad end of some new things...

What the heck are those things?  They can only exist in shadows, are powerful, can pull weapons out of themselves (that was totally awesome!), and know some serious moves.  Oh, and they apparently have some connection to Mr. Argent.  Whatever they are, they cannot be good.  They have branded Aiden, Ethan, Isaac, Lydia, and Derek with the numbers 1 through 5 and seemed like they were about to turn their attention to Kira until Scott wolfed out and stood between them and Kira and delayed them for a few seconds, long enough for the sun to come up and cause them to dissolve.

Kira saw Scott as a werewolf.  Honey, you were wondering why Scott wasn't weirded out by you?  Well, that's why.  He has seen weirder things than that picture of you.  I didn't see a fox myself, rather it looked sort of like drawings I have seen of the Earth's Van Allen radiation belt only vertical rather than horizontal.  Almost like she is radiated energy of some sort.  I also found it interesting that she said this all started a few months ago, presumably around the time of the confrontation with Ms. Blake and when Scott, Allison, and Stiles sacrificed themselves in order to save their parents.  I wonder if that triggered her abilities (which would explain the move to Beacon Hills) or if there is a coincidence of some sort.  Seeing as little, if anything, is coincidence in the Teen Wolf world, I am going for the former.

Watching Isaac and Allison flirt with each other is really funny.  It is mostly kept as subtext and then one of them will make the subtext come roaring into regular text and then the other is struck dumb for a sec until they get their wits back.  Tonight it was Isaac's turn.  When Allison took off her shirt and asked him if he wanted to paint her body, he got the most hilarious look on his face.  It was like he was trying not to stare, but he never stood a chance.  I also loved Lydia's reaction.  "At last!"  <snerk>

Ethan has always been the more human of the twins and tonight he clued Aiden into the fact that Scott is not that interested in power for its own sake, unlike Deucalion or Peter.  Rather, Scott uses the power he has to help people around him and that is where his interest lies.  Hence, Ethan is trying to be more human in order to prove to Scott that he is worthy to be a part of Scott's pack.  Aiden wasn't going to do it until Lydia called him a bad guy.  If there is someone who is going to get Aiden to turn himself around, it is Lydia.  Granted, he is using what he did in order to prove something to Scott, but (as the saying says) if he fakes it long enough it will become real.

Apparently Stiles is the one who left the message for Barrow last week about Kira.  While it is most definitely not our Stiles, I wonder what is getting into him.  The only thing that really makes any sense is that this is an extension of what happened to him after the sacrifice.  Something got into his head and is controlling him to some degree.  That is not good.  The problem is that if Scott is forced into a position where he has to choose between saving Stiles and saving other people, I don't know if Scott will be able to choose while maintaining his sanity.  I don't see him willingly sacrificing Stiles, but at the same time if he can't save others it will tear him up.  Not a good situation.

Watching Stiles with Caitlin was funny.  He was confused as to why she was kissing him (it was her girlfriend who was sacrificed by Ms. Blake after all) but he is so not complaining at all.   Like I said last week, I am not sure if I want to see him with Lydia at this point, so seeing someone else chase him should be fun.  I will say that after what he figured out tonight, I don't know if he is going to be very focused on being chased for a while.

They need to get some answers to Mr. McCall soon.  He is not going to give up looking for answers and the sooner they can get him answers, the sooner Stiles' dad will be in the clear.  And what exactly is this secret that Stiles and his dad know about Mr. McCall?  Whatever it is, it is bad enough to cause Mr. McCall to be worried when Stiles mentioned it.

Last questions: How did Mr. Argent get injured?  How is he connected to these entities?

Until next week!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 5.11- 500 Years of Solitude *EPISODE 100*

Not many shows reach 100 episodes.  So, to do so is an impressive feat which means that the episode tends to be special for some reason.  The Vampire Diaries did not disappoint this episode.  The episode celebrated (ummm, is celebrated the right word?) Katherine Pierce, who has been (as most of the character noted) the primary motivator behind most of what happens to the residents of Mystic Falls.  Without Katherine Pierce there would have been no Damon or Stefan; no Elena; Klaus would never have come to Mystic Falls; Caroline would still be an insufferable, bitchy cheerleader; Tyler would be an insufferable ass; Vicki would be alive (well, probably); Aunt Jenna, Uncle John, and the Gilberts would still be around; Grams would never have died; Bonnie would still be a witch; and...well, you get the point.  Should I really keep going?  Using the 100th episode to show Katherine's impact (both good and bad) on the world of Mystic Falls was eminently appropriate.

Stefan, unsurprisingly, was trying to help Katherine to the end.  Stefan is such a good person that I don't think that he could ever truly hate someone who has had as big of an impact on his life as Katherine has.  Granted, she has made his life a living hell, but she has been such a major presence in it.  Also, I do think that Stefan does truly care for Katherine.  Add to that the fact that she helped him get over his claustrophobia brought on by Silas' actions and his actions are totally understandable.  Don't forget what is said about love and hate: they are two sides of the same coin.  The only person you can hate is someone who arouse true passion in you.

Damon, also unsurprisingly, decided to torture Katherine.  Like Stefan, he does have incredibly deep feelings for Katherine, so much so that her betrayals have been a large part of what truly warped him over the years.  Having his torture take the forms of Uncle John, Aunt Jenna, and Elijah was pretty cruel.  While I don't know if he would actually miss Katherine, there will be a void of some sort in his life.  Add to that the fact that he is determined to destroy his relationship with Elena and Damon could go dark really easily.

I was somewhat surprised that Elena was willing to forgive Katherine.  Aside from the brothers, I truly think that she has suffered the most as a result of Katherine's actions.  Then again, Elena owes her existence to Katherine, so there is that.  Elena's life has been turned upside down, inside out, and generally made into a total disaster area thanks to Katherine.  However, Elena is as good a person as Stefan is, so forgiving Katherine definitely made sense for her.  After all, had Katherine not been around Elena would never have met Stefan and Damon.

Most of the rest of the gang was happy just to know that Katherine would be out of their lives.  Listening to their lists of what Katherine did to them was sort of funny.  Amusingly enough, I do think that (for the most part) Caroline is actually better off because of Katherine.  Sorry, but I could not stand pre-vampire Caroline.  Vampire Caroline is so much better of a person that human Caroline ever was.  Yes, Caroline did lose her dad, but for the most part her life is not that bad.  Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy have each suffered so much more at the hands of Katherine than Caroline has.  Bonnie lost her dad, her Grams, died, and now is the Anchor for the Other Side.  Matt lost his sister (ok, so that was mostly Damon, but without Katherine there would have been no Damon) and has died numerous times.  Jeremy lost his parents, his aunt, his uncle, his pseudo-parent (Alaric), 2 girlfriends, his sister, and then died himself because of Katherine.

I do have to say that I should have expected that ending, but I didn't see it coming until just before it happened.  When I saw Elena alone with Katherine, I knew what was going to happen.  I wonder if this was always the plan or if Katherine decided to do this instead of commandeering her daughter's body.  The best part for Katherine is that she already has practice pretending to be Elena, so she has a bit of an advantage there.  I think that the ceremony the Wanderers were doing in the house was a part of the setup for Katherine to take over Elena's body, but I could be wrong.  If the ceremony was not related to the hijacking, I wonder what the Wanderers would want with the blood of the two dopplegangers.  Given the power present in the dopplegangers' blood, I am worried.

I loved the look on Caroline's face when she found out that Jeremy and Bonnie had slept together.  I am not entirely sure why this was surprising, but the look on her face was hilarious as was her comment about scandalous sex.  Follow that with her own scandalous sex with Klaus.  Oh boy!  I must admit that I thought that Tyler would walk in on Caroline and Klaus together.  I am glad that the writers' addressed the obvious chemistry between Klaus and Caroline here, because it really needed to be addressed.

Watching Stefan play matchmaker and conciliator between Damon and Elena was interesting.  I am glad that he values both of them enough to help them out if needed.  The two of them really need to give this an honest shot.  Unfortunately, now that Katherine has hijacked Elena's body, this may not happen.  Sigh....

I really loved the last scene in the Salvatore library where Bonnie and Jeremy were conveying messages from the dead to everyone else.  Vicki to Matt was just really sweet and who cannot love themselves some Alaric/Damon snark?

Until next week!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.11- Rumble

We get a little more information about Cara's background, Stephen runs into a new antagonist, the Ultra trainees go through a winnowing process, and Cara's leadership is tested.

It is always interesting to get more background on our main characters.  Six years ago, Cara was saved from Ultra by a man named Julian who holds a very dim view of humans.  He is so convinced that the Tomorrow People are superior that he relishes torturing people and seems to view himself as a latter day Robin Hood, albeit with psychotic tendencies.  He views any sort of sentiment or emotion as a weakness to be exploited and ruthlessly crushed.  All in all, he is a totally wonderful guy.  NOT!  He has a particular vendetta against Cara because Cara released one of his victims who came back and shot Julian's girlfriend.

Cara definitely needed to confront Julian in order to help her get over what happened, but Stephen was right when he urged her to take a little bit of time and actually come up with a plan.  Using Charlotte to disable Julian's crew was an incredibly smart maneuver.  Not only did it cement Cara's leadership and Charlotte's place in the Tomorrow People, but it also allowed Stephen to use Ultra to take out Julian's crew.  Unfortunately, Julian got away and actually got himself a new "recruit".  All in all, it was a good thing.

The attack on Julian's crew also gave Stephen a chance to show that he can do stuff for Ultra on his own.  What is not good for Stephen is that Hillary is determined to become an agent on her own and appears to have no scruples about using whatever method is necessary in order to achieve her goal.  She uses Stephen's sympathy in order to beat him in combat training, follows Stephen when he first attempted to catch Julian, and she also knows about Astrid.  I shudder to think what she'll do with that information.  I suspect that she will manipulate a situation to get Astrid hurt or something in an attempt to cripple Stephen.

Jedekiah revealed, once again, his complete and utter disdain for the Tomorrow People.  His declaration that their powers are privileges that can be revoked at any time is definitely disturbing.  It shouldn't be surprising, but for some reason it was.  The idea that something that is that integral to a person can somehow be stripped away at any time and that they have no recourse is profoundly disturbing and (dare I say it?) immoral.

Russell so should have fled as soon as he knew that Julian was onto him.  Staying there to fight Julian was a profoundly stupid move.  Granted, it gave Cara the spark that she needed in order to confront Julian, but it also put his life in danger for no really good reason.  I can only assume it was some sort of machismo or ego thing, because I would hate to think that Russell is really that stupid.

I am actually enjoying seeing John without the burden of power.  He is definitely more relaxed and he is totally supportive of Cara.  He gives suggestions (just as she did), but he backs her as needed.  He is also sharing tips with her and teaching Charlotte to control her powers, so that is a good thing.  I honestly thought that he might be lost if he wasn't the leader of the Tomorrow People, but he is functioning well without being the leader, so good for him.

Until next week!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.11- Après Moi, Le Déluge

This episode lived up to the billing as a pivotal episode.  There was really only one storyline in the episode and the ending set up the next major storyline.  And boy, is it a doozy!

First, I want to talk about the title.  The title is translated as "After me, the deluge".  I don't speak French, but I assume it could also be translated as "After me, the storm".  And this is an incredibly apt title.  Not only were there literal storms during the episode, but the end showed a coming storm in the form of a face off between the vampires and some (presumably) powerful witches.  There are also storms on the horizon as far as various relationships are concerned.

Davina is dead.  Could she come back?  Sure, but I sincerely doubt it.  This was the main story of the night.  Marcel was determined to keep Davina alive despite the fact that she is losing control of her power and would take the city of New Orleans (or at least the French Quarter) with her.  As she deteriorated, the powers that connected her to the earth created a sort of backlash that effected the physical world.  First, Davina vomited dirt and caused an earthquake.  Then she caused a massive windstorm that was limited solely because she was drugged.  Then she caused a massive deluge as she lost control of the power of water.  Finally, she started to light things on fire as she passed by them.  Turns out that the only way to end the problem would be to complete the Harvest and return the power to the earth, which was supposed to return her and the other sacrifices to life.

If you remember from last week, Sophie was looking for the bones of Celeste in order to consecrate them.  Turns out that consecrating the bones would allow Sophie to take Celeste's power and become an Elder, thereby allowing her to complete the Harvest and re-empower the witches by reconnecting them to the earth.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, there was no power left in Celeste's bones and so Sophie could not complete the ritual.  So the Originals decided to allow Sophie to use Esther's bones in order to complete the ritual.  Marcel, who had previously taken Davina away in order to keep her safe, agrees to bring her back with the understanding that Davina would be resurrected.  What no one realized is that Sabine is actually Celeste (and has been for a year) and that Sabine has somehow managed to take the power and resurrect 3 other Elders.  One is the Elder who led the Harvest, one is (apparently) a flapper from the 1920s, and the last appears to be a voodoo practitioner.

What I want to spend most of the rest of the review on is everyone's reactions to what is going on.  Let's start with Marcel.  He has promised to protect Davina and refuses to deviate from that promise.  He is so wrapped up in trying to win her affections back and protecting her that he loses sight of the fact that she is a very direct threat to all of the residents of New Orleans.  I know this is awfully harsh, but if sacrificing one girl is guaranteed to save hundreds of thousands (if not more) then that sacrifice is worth it.  I am not attempting to devalue Davina's life, but there are times when the individual needs to sacrifice themselves for others.  Fortunately, Davina sees this and is instrumental in persuading Marcel to let the Harvest go forward.  Marcel's reaction to Davina's death was completely expected.  He loses control and breaks down weeping.  What was amazing is that this actually brought out Klaus' sweet and comforting side.

I am trying to figure out if Klaus wanted to save New Orleans for the people involved or if he merely wanted to protect his "kingdom".  He is capable of either one.  I suspect that the latter provided for most of his motivation, but I would not discount the possibility of the former.  Being Klaus, he is utterly pragmatic and perfectly willing to sacrifice Davina to prevent an even bigger disaster.  As you can probably figure out, I actually agree with him this time.  Don't like it, but there it is.

Elijah and Rebekah both seemed to acquiesce to the Harvest going forward, but neither liked it.  Rebekah was seriously worried about giving the witches their power back.  Elijah seemed to see the Harvest as the lesser of two evils.  Either sacrifice one girl or lose her and the whole city with her.  I was sort of surprised that Elijah was the one who suggested using Esther's bones to provide the power for the Harvest to work.  Klaus seemed delighted that Elijah thought of it and Rebekah did not like the idea, although (as I said before) her dislike seemed to stem more from a distaste for re-empowering the witches than any sort of moral objection.

Sophie was determined to go through with the Harvest because it was supposed to resurrect her niece.  Her monofocus is completely understandable, if a little disturbing.  She has been so focused on finishing the Harvest that she has put blinders on to anything else that may be going on.  When she failed to resurrect the sacrifices, she was completely destroyed.

Having the 3 (or is Celeste and Elder too, thus making it 4?) Elders floating around cannot be good.  Given the fact that Davina has been drawing Celeste and talking about how dangerous she is, I do not see this turning out to be a good thing.  I hope that they explain how exactly Celeste was resurrected.  Was she resurrected in order to take control of Sabine's body or did she cast some sort of spell in order to make people think that she had always been around?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Hayley has a lot to make up to Elijah.  She knows how much he prizes his honor and his word, but she betrayed it anyway.  I get that she does not take the long view that he does but she has to understand that, to an immortal being like Elijah, certain permanent changes are tremendously important.  I am sure they'll  make up at some point, but it might be a little while.

About Rebekah and Thierry.  I have no doubt that she meant everything she said about freeing him, but I suspect that, given the newly resurrected Elders, things are going to get hectic and that she'll forget to bring him out, which would make for an interesting story whereby the witches could manipulate him or something.  Could I be wrong?  Of course, but I do think we might be headed in that direction.

Also, I do want to mention that they never actually said that the 3 resurrected witches were Elders (although we know one was).  However, I am making the assumption that Celeste would only bring back witches who are powerful enough to be of help to whatever she wants, and that probably means Elders.

Until next week!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.15- Galvanize

There's trouble on the streets of Beacon Hill and it's not after one of our normal crew, Scott is introduced to sushi, the Twins ask to officially join the pack, Derek gets some information in an interesting manner, Isaac and Allison try and share a special moment with interesting (and utterly hilarious) results, and Lydia explores her abilities.

gal·va·nize  [gal-vuh-nahyz]
verb (used with object), gal·va·nized, gal·va·niz·ing.
1. to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic current.
2. (Medicine/Medical) to stimulate or treat (muscles or nerves) with induced direct current (distinguished from faradize )
3. to startle into sudden activity; stimulate.
4. to coat (metal, especially iron or steel) with zinc  (courtesy of

I liked this transition episode.  After the very heavy past couple of weeks, it was nice to get something with a little less at stake for our group.  That being said, this was definitely a part of the overall story.  I suspect that the Shrapnel Bomber is a precursor of things to come, particularly considering the ending with Kira.  The Shrapnel Bomber was locked up for exploding a bomb that killed several kids because their eyes glowed.  Seeing as this bombing apparently took place before the series started, I wonder if the kids were actually werewolves and; if so; what pack they belonged to.  Then again, considering the fact that he was after Kira, maybe he was just crazy and wasn't really after werewolves.

Speaking of Kira, what the heck is up with her?  Is she the kitsune as I speculated a few weeks ago or is she something else entirely?  She seemed to absorb all of the power in the substation, so she is definitely supernatural.  Given that the kitsune is a shape-shifting trickster, I would be surprised if she is the kitsune.  I could, of course, be wrong, but I feel fairly safe in saying that she is probably something else.  If I am right, then what the heck is she?  One thing that would indicate that she is the kitsune is that her family has what is apparently an impressive lineage.  Impressive enough that he Korean dad took her mother's name and her mother scolded her for not being proud of her lineage.  Also, kitsune often appear as young girls, which Kira most definitely is.  So the jury is definitely out, although (as I said) I am leaning towards he not being the kitsune.

While I understand Scott, Isaac, and Stiles' reluctance to formally accept the twins into the pack, I think it is not the best idea.  If bad things are coming, Scott will need power on his side and the twins provide that in spades.  Also, they have knowledge and information that they learned from Deucalion.  I think this is an important test for Scott as a leader.  Given the fact that the twins; Ethan in particular; turned on Deucalion prior to his defeat at the hands of Scott and Derek, I think that they can be trusted.  Scott should definitely be wary of them, but he will need them.

The issue for Scott is going to be getting everyone else to accept the twins as a part of the pack.  I suspect that Lydia will accept them with little trouble.  Allison and Stiles may accept them if Scott does, but I suspect that Scott will have to assert his Alphaness in order to get Isaac to accept them which is something he will have trouble doing.  While Scott has shown that he can control Isaac if necessary, he does not seem to like to exercise that particular trait.  As for Derek and Peter, I think that Peter will be his normal pragmatic self and accept them, while Derek will probably grudgingly accept them if he can be shown that they are needed.

Watching Scott with Kira and her family was sort of funny.  It was quite amusing to watch him try and use chopsticks, and Kira's save of the first piece of sushi was quite impressive.  I laughed incredibly hard when Scott was struggling with the wasabi.  If you have never had it, wasabi is basically Japanese horseradish with many of the same effects, i.e. it clears sinuses hella fast.  I love wasabi and eat most of it in one go, but if you are not used to it, Scott's reaction is fairly typical.  I do question the wisdom of serving sushi to a teenager, because most teens (in my experience anyway) are not used to eating it.  It is good, but a bit of an acquired taste.

Let's get back to the episode now.  I am loving all of the Lydia/Stiles scenes.  He appears to be over his crush.  Either that or she has lost some of the mystique that made her so alluring to him, so he can control himself better.  I don't know if I'd like to see them date at this point.  They are so good as friends and the brains of the pack and I would hate to see that ruined if something were to happen to them.  Lydia is still sensing death and hearing electricity, which she misinterpreted (understandably) as flies buzzing.  And what was up with that scream of hers?  I know that banshees scream, but I am trying to figure out the purpose of her screams.  Did it just clear and focus her mind or is there another purpose for it?

What exactly did Derek learn from that vision he had when Peter stuck Derek's mom's nails into his neck?  We saw his mom enter in her wolf form a room (apparently the one Derek used in season 3A) and stand on the stump and then Derek came out of the trance a little bit later and had a look of horror (or possibly) despair) on his face.  I hope we learn relatively soon, because I suspect that his information will be crucial for whatever is coming.

The absolutely funniest scene was when Isaac attempted to kiss Allison and then the two of them took off their shirts followed by the entrance of Mr. Argent with the greatest line of the night.  "Allison, can I see you in my office.  Where I keep my guns?"  Yeah, nice totally non-subtle threat.  Followed by the line about "Another werewolf!" and the look on Isaac's face.  That was completely classic.

Sheriff Stilinski continues his dance on the edge of the group.  He is definitely having the hardest time accepting what is going on around him.  He knows it is true, but he can only accept so much at a time.  This ongoing struggle of his could be hugely problematic if it is not resolved soon.

And what was up with the flies in the tumour?  That was just disgusting.

Until next week!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.10- The Citadel

After a month-long hiatus, we pick right back up where we left off.  The Tomorrow People learn some new information and elect a new leader, Jedekiah continues to doubt Stephen, and Stephen's mom is dating an interesting person.

Poor Stephen.  He finds out that his father is alive in limbo and finds out how to bring his father back,  Apparently, when Roger went to limbo he left his body behind and it is only his consciousness that is present in limbo.  Hence Stephen's comments about needing his father's body at the end of the last episode.  What really sucks is that Cara doubts that he is telling the truth and only John (who killed his dad, remember?) believes him.  Then, add on a little more he goes home and discovers that his mom has a date.  As if that isn't enough, a prisoner escapes from and ultra-secret Ultra facility and gives Stephen one heck of a headache which is followed by John being kicked out of power and Cara being put in his place which is followed by Stephen being shot by John and then doped by his uncle.  Then, to top it all off, the guy dating his mom is a Tomorrow Person.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the guy who supposedly has his dad's body is dead and that Jedekiah claims that he cremated Roger's body?  Yeah, his life pretty much sucks right now.

I can't say that I blame Cara for not believing Stephen, but she has seen how powerful Stephen is and how he can do things the others can't do, so you'd think that he'd get the benefit of the doubt even if she can't verify his story with a brain scan.  As for the whole leadership thing, if she really wanted to avoid being leader, she could have insisted that she didn't want to be the leader and insisted that John stay in charge until the group calmed down and had time to think about what happened.  Granted, I have been critical of John's leadership in the past, but, just as no one should make a major decision immediately after a major life event, no group should change their leadership under similar circumstances.  The group acted rashly and without any sense of deliberation.  Cara's first plan was not a horrible one, but she did react in a bad way when she found out about the conditions inside of the Citadel.  Jedekiah was able to predict her actions with a high degree of certitude and that nearly got the entire group captured and Cara killed.  It did get the ex-prisoner (Errol?) killed.  Was it entirely her fault?  No, but she does need to stop and think before she acts.

John does seem more comfortable in the position as the second-in-command.  He gave Cara really good advice, but backed her when she made her decision.  Also, he relinquished control without much of a fight.  Honestly, if I were him I wouldn't have said anything about what happened to Roger.  I know that a lot of people are going to insist that the truth is best, but in this case it didn't serve a useful purpose.  Remaining silent would have been a better option overall.

I am not sure what to think of Mrs. Jameson's new boyfriend.  He seems to be a Tomorrow Person given the fact that he pushed back against Stephen's attempt to read his mind.  The question is whether he is from Ultra or if he is free.  If he is free, he could be very dangerous because he could be using Mrs. Jameson in an effort to get close to Jedekiah or Stephen.  Either way, it cannot be a good thing.  The other thing is that if he is free, how the heck did he manage to stay out of Ultra's clutches all these years?

Until next week!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.10- The Casket Girls

Well, that was an interesting return.  Davina shows off her power, Cami threatens Klaus, alliances are formed and broken, plots are made, and Klaus is Klaus.

Klaus is nothing if not predictable.  His exact actions may be unpredictable, but what he'll do in general certainly is predictable.  He subscribes to the idea that you are either for him or against him.  Oppose him in the least and he will do everything he can ion order to destroy you, as Davina found out tonight.  He does not seem to get that his actions are what caused Davina to do what she did.  In a matter of moments, he went from looking at Davina as a weapon to plotting her destruction.  He didn't realize that she had the power to force him to change, temporarily disable Elijah, and kill 4 witches (ok, 3, but one had a protection spell, so...) without breaking a sweat.  The only reason Marcel managed to avoid serious damage at her hands is that he knows how to manipulate her in order to get her to pause and not just act.  Klaus' plan to poison Davina via the violinist was not a horrible idea, but he failed to realize that Marcel would anticipate that Klaus would lash out and seek to protect her.  Now Klaus has a serpent in his nest and he needs to step *VERY* carefully.

More carefully than he realizes actually, since now Rebekah is seriously plotting his downfall with Davina and Cami as her allies.  And she is recruiting from the garden that Marcel has "planted".  I know that Rebekah has plotted against Klaus in the past, but this seems to be a little more serious since she now has serious power on her side in the form of Davina who undoubtedly has vengeance on her mind.  Then there is Cami who is pissed at Klaus because of what he did to her and who is protected to a certain extent because Klaus likes her.  The problem with plotting against Klaus is that there is little that can be done about him.  The daggers will have no effect on him and unless my memory is very bad, there are no stakes around that can kill him.  Davina may be able to desiccate him, as was done on The Vampire Diaries, but that's about it.

Marcel and Elijah are sticking by Klaus more out of habit than anything else.  It is clear that neither trusts him and they both know what he is like.  Unfortunately, Marcel made a promise to Klaus when he handed over New Orleans and Elijah is determined to redeem Klaus, so I don't see either abandoning him in the near future.  They may be persuaded to turn on him if victory is assured, but I sort of doubt that.

Davina's displays of power were very interesting and quite impressive.  The witches barely staggered her and she managed to levitate and kill them with barely any effort whatsoever.  Then she managed to force Klaus to change to a werewolf and caused Elijah to choke on blood, again with barely any effort.  She is truly scary.  She is making Bonnie look like a weakling, which is seriously saying something.  I don't know how much longer she can last at this level of power, but until she loses the power, she is the one thing that Klaus *MUST* be wary of.

Sophie also needs to be careful given the visions that Davina has been having.  Bringing back Celeste appears to be one hell of a bad idea.  I know that Sophie is freaking out because the witches' plan failed and the elders are dead, but to bring back that big of a threat is a horribly bad idea.  Granted, she doesn't know how big the threat is (and frankly neither do we), but it cannot be a good thing.

Until next week!

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.14- More Bad Than Good

Scott, Allison, and Stiles continue to experience issues stemming from their brief passing.  Stiles and Lydia turn to the twins to help Scott, Isaac helps Allison, and Lydia helps Stiles.  Malia is found, Sheriff Stilinski continues to be harassed by Agent McCall, Kira gets more involved with Scott, we see who has Derek and Peter, and something makes an appearance.

The twins' method of helping Scott was very brutal and very direct.  They knew that he needed to embrace his inner Alpha and not be scared of it, otherwise he would lose control.  So, they beat him until he embraced it.  Think something like what Stiles did in the first season to help Scott learn control, only much more hands-on and bloody.  But it worked.  Scott embraced his inner Alpha to such an extent that he managed to force Malia to turn back into a human after being a coyote for 8 years and nearly caused Isaac, who was some distance away, to transform as well.  That was quite impressive.  Not sure if Isaac nearly changed because Scott is a True Alpha or what.

Speaking of the twins, we also discovered that the encounter with Ms. Blake where she nearly killed them broke their Alpha sides.  So Beacon Hills officially only has one Alpha.  Derek gave his up to heal Cora, Peter lost his when Derek killed him, and the twins lost theirs.  What remains to be seen is if the twins will join Scott's pack or if they will strike out on their own.  I suspect that, since Danny and Lydia are more or less a part of Scott's pack, they will stay and join the pack.  Their knowledge of being Alphas could be very helpful for Scott.  Their teaching methods were, as mentioned above, brutal and direct but they were also very effective.

Both Stiles and Allison seemed to need a confidence boost and something to ground them in the here and now.  Stiles found his when Lydia stepped on a wolf trap and needed Stiles to free her.  He managed to figure out what to do after she expressed her full confidence that he would be able figure it out like he figures everything else out.  Given the fact that he was able to read the mirror at the end of the episode, I assume he managed to shut the door that Deaton mentioned.  Allison found her help in Isaac, who was caught in a trap himself.  At his urging, she managed to calm herself enough to save Malia from being shot by her dad.  Again, I am assuming that she manged to close that door, but it remains to be seen for sure.

Poor Sheriff Stilinski is in *WAY* over his head, but he is gamely hanging on for dear life.  He knows that weird things are out there, but he either doesn't quite get how pervasive they are or he is still trying to wrap his mind around it.  Working this closely with his son and Scott has to be weird for him, particularly since Scott's dad is the one investigating him.  It was very nice that he managed to reunite Malia with her dad, especially since that was his first case.

Derek and Peter were being held by a Spanish speaking family before they were rescued by the girl who rescued Isaac last season.  I am a little confused because I could have sworn that she died.  She also managed to reach into a box made of; and filled with; mountain ash to pull out what looked like a massive stamp/brand that bears the same mark that Derek has on his back.  What was up with that?

Agent McCall continues to be an ass of epic proportions.  Like I said last week, from the outside, Sheriff Stilinski does appear to be incompetent, but if you are in the know, you know that the sheriff is dealing with forces that he is not equipped to handle without relying on Scott and his pack.

I also feel really sorry for poor Kira.  First, her dad embarrasses her in front of the whole class and this week he embarrasses her in front of Scott, i.e. the guy she likes.  <sigh>  At least she was rescued by Scott before Malia killed her or something.  I am really curious as to how exactly she factors into the overall story arc.

Before I go, I have to ask: what were those things in the end?  The last time we saw fireflies, they were connected to Ms. Blake, so this cannot be good at all.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.13- Anchors

Welcome back to the second half of the third season of Teen Wolf.  Tonight mainly dealt with the fallout from the first half of the season as well as starting a new story.  Before I get to the review, I wanted to make a few comments I had though to make during a pre-season 3B post.  After the review, I will talk a little about my hopes for this arc.

First, I love that each story arc has it's own version of the credits.  Rewatching the entire series this weekend, I noticed (for the first time) that the credits reflect the arc of the season.  The second season ended with the scales of the kanima.  The third season had Scott rising out of the ground, presumably reflecting his rise to being a True Alpha.  Also, starting around episode 5 or 6, his eyes too on a faint reddish hue, also reflecting his Alpha status.  In addition, there were shots of Lydia screaming, presumably a reference to her being the Wailing Woman and the "tree" at the end.  This season sees lots of red around, again, I assume, because of Scott's Alpha status, a mask (presumably of the kitsune), and a lightning storm at the end.  So want to know what that is about.

I did read a couple of articles that I will comment on a little bit later.  One was on and one on (I apologize, this is a review, not the article, I missed that last night, my bad!).  The first is an interview with Tyler Posey and the second is with a few of the cast members.

Ok, now onto the episode.

Scott, Stiles, and Allison are definitely feeling the effects of what they did last season.  Scott is having trouble controlling his transformations with some near disastrous results. Stiles is having dreams that he is having trouble waking up from and he is having trouble reading words.  Allison is seeing Kate is some weird ways, including when she was having a fantasy about her and Isaac and Kate showed up to garrote him.  Yeah, that was pleasant.  Deaton says that what they did has opened a door to their minds which they need to close ASAP.  A new girl at school, Kira, says that they are experiencing Bardo, which is a state where they are in between life and death.  Whatever is going on, it definitely needs to be resolved because it is seriously messing with their lives.  Scott nearly lost control in the middle of school and only managed to not hurt anyone because Stiles took him into a room and he punctured his hands in order to bring himself back from the brink.  Then he nearly lost it at his dad (more on that later) who was saved because Mrs. McCall stepped in and helped him regain control.  Lydia also nearly died when Allison thought she was shooting an arrow at Kate, only to find it was actually Lydia when Isaac showed up and caught the arrow.

Speaking of Isaac, this is going to be an interesting time.  While Scott and Allison are no longer together, Scott is still a little possessive and does not like the idea of Isaac and Allison together.  He actually shoved Isaac against a wall a few times which led Mrs. McCall to remind them that the house is somewhat fragile.  Scott does need to let Allison go.  I get that she is his first love, but he needs to figure something out.  And while I commend Isaac on his openness and honesty, he does need to figure out something else out.

Gotta feel sorry for poor Sheriff Stilinski.  Now that he knows the truth, he is going back through his old files and seeing the truth that he missed before.  Unfortunately for him, everyone else does not know the truth and so his job is in serious jeopardy.  I am of two minds about Agent McCall.  On the one hand, I get why he is doing what he is doing.  Without knowing the truth, it does look like Sheriff Stilinski is incompetent.  On the other hand, seeing the contempt that he seems to feel for the Stilinskis last arc and knowing that he left Scott and his mom makes it very hard to sympathize with him.  He does seem to be an ass, but he also knows that something is up and I think that he is determined to get to the bottom of it.

I do wonder if Scott will ever tell him the truth.  So far, Scott has only revealed the truth under the direst of circumstances.  In the second season, Matt forced his hand and so Mrs. McCall found out.  Last season, Stiles told his dad in order to keep him safe and Sheriff Stilinski saw that it was true when Scott was defending him from Ms. Blake.  So, unless the right circumstances happen to arrive, I doubt that Agent McCall will find out the truth.

I also had to feel sorry for Kira.  Having your dad publicly point you out in that extremely embarrassing way could not have been fun.  Fortunately, she "happened" to overhear the conversation about the odd events and mentioned Bardo.  If the show follows its normal pattern, she may very well be the kitsune, but I won't say for certain yet.

I wonder if that wolf really was the missing girl or if Scott was wrong.  If the wolf was the girl, then how exactly could she transform into a full wolf as an Omega (or maybe a Beta)?  Also, did she kill her family?  That could explain why her eyes are blue.  Of course, it is possible that she killed someone else.

Finally, who is holding Peter and Derek?

Ok, now for my hopes for this season.  First off, I was happy to read that Stiles will be playing a big role this season.  He is generally important, but he often takes a backseat to other people, so seeing him take front and center will be nice.  Second, Tyler said that this season will be moving a little slower, more akin to Season 1 than 2 or 3A.  I think that the change of pace will be a good thing.

I really hope that Scott becomes more of a leader this season.  So far, he has been a good leader, but now that he is an Alpha, he has bigger shoes to fill.  I think that he may very well consider the entire town as his "pack" to protect.  He can learn from Deaton and Mr. Argent, so that will be good.  He can also learn what not to do based on what Derek did.  He also needs to let go of Allison and use her more than he does.  He can be too protective of her, when she and her dad are often the thing that will tilt the balance in his favor.  I want to see the relationship between Isaac and Allison explored, even if it stays platonic.  The two of them are very fun together, so that would be cool.

Until next week!