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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.10- The Casket Girls

Well, that was an interesting return.  Davina shows off her power, Cami threatens Klaus, alliances are formed and broken, plots are made, and Klaus is Klaus.

Klaus is nothing if not predictable.  His exact actions may be unpredictable, but what he'll do in general certainly is predictable.  He subscribes to the idea that you are either for him or against him.  Oppose him in the least and he will do everything he can ion order to destroy you, as Davina found out tonight.  He does not seem to get that his actions are what caused Davina to do what she did.  In a matter of moments, he went from looking at Davina as a weapon to plotting her destruction.  He didn't realize that she had the power to force him to change, temporarily disable Elijah, and kill 4 witches (ok, 3, but one had a protection spell, so...) without breaking a sweat.  The only reason Marcel managed to avoid serious damage at her hands is that he knows how to manipulate her in order to get her to pause and not just act.  Klaus' plan to poison Davina via the violinist was not a horrible idea, but he failed to realize that Marcel would anticipate that Klaus would lash out and seek to protect her.  Now Klaus has a serpent in his nest and he needs to step *VERY* carefully.

More carefully than he realizes actually, since now Rebekah is seriously plotting his downfall with Davina and Cami as her allies.  And she is recruiting from the garden that Marcel has "planted".  I know that Rebekah has plotted against Klaus in the past, but this seems to be a little more serious since she now has serious power on her side in the form of Davina who undoubtedly has vengeance on her mind.  Then there is Cami who is pissed at Klaus because of what he did to her and who is protected to a certain extent because Klaus likes her.  The problem with plotting against Klaus is that there is little that can be done about him.  The daggers will have no effect on him and unless my memory is very bad, there are no stakes around that can kill him.  Davina may be able to desiccate him, as was done on The Vampire Diaries, but that's about it.

Marcel and Elijah are sticking by Klaus more out of habit than anything else.  It is clear that neither trusts him and they both know what he is like.  Unfortunately, Marcel made a promise to Klaus when he handed over New Orleans and Elijah is determined to redeem Klaus, so I don't see either abandoning him in the near future.  They may be persuaded to turn on him if victory is assured, but I sort of doubt that.

Davina's displays of power were very interesting and quite impressive.  The witches barely staggered her and she managed to levitate and kill them with barely any effort whatsoever.  Then she managed to force Klaus to change to a werewolf and caused Elijah to choke on blood, again with barely any effort.  She is truly scary.  She is making Bonnie look like a weakling, which is seriously saying something.  I don't know how much longer she can last at this level of power, but until she loses the power, she is the one thing that Klaus *MUST* be wary of.

Sophie also needs to be careful given the visions that Davina has been having.  Bringing back Celeste appears to be one hell of a bad idea.  I know that Sophie is freaking out because the witches' plan failed and the elders are dead, but to bring back that big of a threat is a horribly bad idea.  Granted, she doesn't know how big the threat is (and frankly neither do we), but it cannot be a good thing.

Until next week!