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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.11- Après Moi, Le Déluge

This episode lived up to the billing as a pivotal episode.  There was really only one storyline in the episode and the ending set up the next major storyline.  And boy, is it a doozy!

First, I want to talk about the title.  The title is translated as "After me, the deluge".  I don't speak French, but I assume it could also be translated as "After me, the storm".  And this is an incredibly apt title.  Not only were there literal storms during the episode, but the end showed a coming storm in the form of a face off between the vampires and some (presumably) powerful witches.  There are also storms on the horizon as far as various relationships are concerned.

Davina is dead.  Could she come back?  Sure, but I sincerely doubt it.  This was the main story of the night.  Marcel was determined to keep Davina alive despite the fact that she is losing control of her power and would take the city of New Orleans (or at least the French Quarter) with her.  As she deteriorated, the powers that connected her to the earth created a sort of backlash that effected the physical world.  First, Davina vomited dirt and caused an earthquake.  Then she caused a massive windstorm that was limited solely because she was drugged.  Then she caused a massive deluge as she lost control of the power of water.  Finally, she started to light things on fire as she passed by them.  Turns out that the only way to end the problem would be to complete the Harvest and return the power to the earth, which was supposed to return her and the other sacrifices to life.

If you remember from last week, Sophie was looking for the bones of Celeste in order to consecrate them.  Turns out that consecrating the bones would allow Sophie to take Celeste's power and become an Elder, thereby allowing her to complete the Harvest and re-empower the witches by reconnecting them to the earth.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, there was no power left in Celeste's bones and so Sophie could not complete the ritual.  So the Originals decided to allow Sophie to use Esther's bones in order to complete the ritual.  Marcel, who had previously taken Davina away in order to keep her safe, agrees to bring her back with the understanding that Davina would be resurrected.  What no one realized is that Sabine is actually Celeste (and has been for a year) and that Sabine has somehow managed to take the power and resurrect 3 other Elders.  One is the Elder who led the Harvest, one is (apparently) a flapper from the 1920s, and the last appears to be a voodoo practitioner.

What I want to spend most of the rest of the review on is everyone's reactions to what is going on.  Let's start with Marcel.  He has promised to protect Davina and refuses to deviate from that promise.  He is so wrapped up in trying to win her affections back and protecting her that he loses sight of the fact that she is a very direct threat to all of the residents of New Orleans.  I know this is awfully harsh, but if sacrificing one girl is guaranteed to save hundreds of thousands (if not more) then that sacrifice is worth it.  I am not attempting to devalue Davina's life, but there are times when the individual needs to sacrifice themselves for others.  Fortunately, Davina sees this and is instrumental in persuading Marcel to let the Harvest go forward.  Marcel's reaction to Davina's death was completely expected.  He loses control and breaks down weeping.  What was amazing is that this actually brought out Klaus' sweet and comforting side.

I am trying to figure out if Klaus wanted to save New Orleans for the people involved or if he merely wanted to protect his "kingdom".  He is capable of either one.  I suspect that the latter provided for most of his motivation, but I would not discount the possibility of the former.  Being Klaus, he is utterly pragmatic and perfectly willing to sacrifice Davina to prevent an even bigger disaster.  As you can probably figure out, I actually agree with him this time.  Don't like it, but there it is.

Elijah and Rebekah both seemed to acquiesce to the Harvest going forward, but neither liked it.  Rebekah was seriously worried about giving the witches their power back.  Elijah seemed to see the Harvest as the lesser of two evils.  Either sacrifice one girl or lose her and the whole city with her.  I was sort of surprised that Elijah was the one who suggested using Esther's bones to provide the power for the Harvest to work.  Klaus seemed delighted that Elijah thought of it and Rebekah did not like the idea, although (as I said before) her dislike seemed to stem more from a distaste for re-empowering the witches than any sort of moral objection.

Sophie was determined to go through with the Harvest because it was supposed to resurrect her niece.  Her monofocus is completely understandable, if a little disturbing.  She has been so focused on finishing the Harvest that she has put blinders on to anything else that may be going on.  When she failed to resurrect the sacrifices, she was completely destroyed.

Having the 3 (or is Celeste and Elder too, thus making it 4?) Elders floating around cannot be good.  Given the fact that Davina has been drawing Celeste and talking about how dangerous she is, I do not see this turning out to be a good thing.  I hope that they explain how exactly Celeste was resurrected.  Was she resurrected in order to take control of Sabine's body or did she cast some sort of spell in order to make people think that she had always been around?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Hayley has a lot to make up to Elijah.  She knows how much he prizes his honor and his word, but she betrayed it anyway.  I get that she does not take the long view that he does but she has to understand that, to an immortal being like Elijah, certain permanent changes are tremendously important.  I am sure they'll  make up at some point, but it might be a little while.

About Rebekah and Thierry.  I have no doubt that she meant everything she said about freeing him, but I suspect that, given the newly resurrected Elders, things are going to get hectic and that she'll forget to bring him out, which would make for an interesting story whereby the witches could manipulate him or something.  Could I be wrong?  Of course, but I do think we might be headed in that direction.

Also, I do want to mention that they never actually said that the 3 resurrected witches were Elders (although we know one was).  However, I am making the assumption that Celeste would only bring back witches who are powerful enough to be of help to whatever she wants, and that probably means Elders.

Until next week!