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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.12- Dance Back from the Grave

Welcome to the first post-Davina episode of The Originals.  Celeste wasted no time in gathering her forces to face the Originals in general and Klaus in particular.  One prediction I made last week turned out to be completely wrong but if this week is any indication, the witches Celeste raised are going to make Davina look like a cake walk.

This week was focused on the voodoo practitioner, a witch named either Papa Tunde.  At least, I assume he is a voodoo practitioner.  We do know that he uses not only ancestral magic, but also sacrificial magic.  About a hundred years ago he was invited to New Orleans by Marcel (!) in order to displace Klaus and Tunde wasted no time in making his presence felt.  He used some sort of magic to drain vampires of their life force in order to boost his magic.  He wanted to be treated with respect and when Klaus (to no one's surprise) refused to do so, he went on a rampage killing vampires, werewolves, and witches who didn't follow him.  Finally, Klaus poked his eyes out and killed him.  No wonder the man is holding a grudge.  Well, between the killing and the fact that Klaus also beheaded Tunde's two sons whom Tunde was using to channel magic.

I was definitely surprised to hear that Marcel invited Papa Tunde to New Orleans.  I get that Marcel wanted to be with Rebekah, which wouldn't happen so long as Klaus was around, but to invite someone who is clearly dangerous, not entirely stable, and uncontrollable?  Talk about an awful plan!  Then, I practically fell over when he told Rebekah that he had invited Tunde and she suggested bringing Mikael in!  I get that she has serious issues with Klaus, but to invite in her father who wants to kill all vampires?  Talk about a majorly moronic and ill-thought out plan!

When Thierry fled from Tunde and left Rebekah there, I was hoping that he was planning on going to either Klaus or Elijah in order to have them help free Rebekah.  Instead, the sniveling coward left her there and went off drinking.  I swear, if I were Elijah I may very well have ripped the guy to pieces.  Thierry had better hope that Klaus never finds out what he did, because it is entirely possible that Klaus would hunt him down and take him apart.

Elijah definitely had something of a point when he practically begged Rebekah to not provoke Klaus.  I do think that Elijah is too forgiving, but if Klaus can get what he wants, he may calm down a little.  Granted, the chance is small, but still.  I do also think that she had something of a point, even if she blew it out of proportion.  Elijah's feelings for Haley are not the best idea, but at least Elijah is trying to maintain some distance from her in order to stay with Klaus.

So, now Celeste has killed Tunde after he sacrificed all of the vampires in the Garden and (I assume) inherited all of his power.  Number one, she is powerful already, but add to that all of the power that Tunde has collected and the prospects are growing dim for the Originals.  Does that knife really have the power to destroy them?  If so, how?  So far as we know, only the wood of the white ash can actually kill an Original, so I would be interested to see how that knife can kill them.  I assume that the magical power it contains will somehow kill them, but how?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Marcel, Klaus, and Sophie have figured out that someone (although they don't know who yet) hijacked the power of the Harvest in order to resurrect the witches.  Can Sophie somehow get the power back in order to bring back the girls?  Watching her team up with Klaus ought to be interesting.

Until next week!