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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.13- Anchors

Welcome back to the second half of the third season of Teen Wolf.  Tonight mainly dealt with the fallout from the first half of the season as well as starting a new story.  Before I get to the review, I wanted to make a few comments I had though to make during a pre-season 3B post.  After the review, I will talk a little about my hopes for this arc.

First, I love that each story arc has it's own version of the credits.  Rewatching the entire series this weekend, I noticed (for the first time) that the credits reflect the arc of the season.  The second season ended with the scales of the kanima.  The third season had Scott rising out of the ground, presumably reflecting his rise to being a True Alpha.  Also, starting around episode 5 or 6, his eyes too on a faint reddish hue, also reflecting his Alpha status.  In addition, there were shots of Lydia screaming, presumably a reference to her being the Wailing Woman and the "tree" at the end.  This season sees lots of red around, again, I assume, because of Scott's Alpha status, a mask (presumably of the kitsune), and a lightning storm at the end.  So want to know what that is about.

I did read a couple of articles that I will comment on a little bit later.  One was on and one on (I apologize, this is a review, not the article, I missed that last night, my bad!).  The first is an interview with Tyler Posey and the second is with a few of the cast members.

Ok, now onto the episode.

Scott, Stiles, and Allison are definitely feeling the effects of what they did last season.  Scott is having trouble controlling his transformations with some near disastrous results. Stiles is having dreams that he is having trouble waking up from and he is having trouble reading words.  Allison is seeing Kate is some weird ways, including when she was having a fantasy about her and Isaac and Kate showed up to garrote him.  Yeah, that was pleasant.  Deaton says that what they did has opened a door to their minds which they need to close ASAP.  A new girl at school, Kira, says that they are experiencing Bardo, which is a state where they are in between life and death.  Whatever is going on, it definitely needs to be resolved because it is seriously messing with their lives.  Scott nearly lost control in the middle of school and only managed to not hurt anyone because Stiles took him into a room and he punctured his hands in order to bring himself back from the brink.  Then he nearly lost it at his dad (more on that later) who was saved because Mrs. McCall stepped in and helped him regain control.  Lydia also nearly died when Allison thought she was shooting an arrow at Kate, only to find it was actually Lydia when Isaac showed up and caught the arrow.

Speaking of Isaac, this is going to be an interesting time.  While Scott and Allison are no longer together, Scott is still a little possessive and does not like the idea of Isaac and Allison together.  He actually shoved Isaac against a wall a few times which led Mrs. McCall to remind them that the house is somewhat fragile.  Scott does need to let Allison go.  I get that she is his first love, but he needs to figure something out.  And while I commend Isaac on his openness and honesty, he does need to figure out something else out.

Gotta feel sorry for poor Sheriff Stilinski.  Now that he knows the truth, he is going back through his old files and seeing the truth that he missed before.  Unfortunately for him, everyone else does not know the truth and so his job is in serious jeopardy.  I am of two minds about Agent McCall.  On the one hand, I get why he is doing what he is doing.  Without knowing the truth, it does look like Sheriff Stilinski is incompetent.  On the other hand, seeing the contempt that he seems to feel for the Stilinskis last arc and knowing that he left Scott and his mom makes it very hard to sympathize with him.  He does seem to be an ass, but he also knows that something is up and I think that he is determined to get to the bottom of it.

I do wonder if Scott will ever tell him the truth.  So far, Scott has only revealed the truth under the direst of circumstances.  In the second season, Matt forced his hand and so Mrs. McCall found out.  Last season, Stiles told his dad in order to keep him safe and Sheriff Stilinski saw that it was true when Scott was defending him from Ms. Blake.  So, unless the right circumstances happen to arrive, I doubt that Agent McCall will find out the truth.

I also had to feel sorry for Kira.  Having your dad publicly point you out in that extremely embarrassing way could not have been fun.  Fortunately, she "happened" to overhear the conversation about the odd events and mentioned Bardo.  If the show follows its normal pattern, she may very well be the kitsune, but I won't say for certain yet.

I wonder if that wolf really was the missing girl or if Scott was wrong.  If the wolf was the girl, then how exactly could she transform into a full wolf as an Omega (or maybe a Beta)?  Also, did she kill her family?  That could explain why her eyes are blue.  Of course, it is possible that she killed someone else.

Finally, who is holding Peter and Derek?

Ok, now for my hopes for this season.  First off, I was happy to read that Stiles will be playing a big role this season.  He is generally important, but he often takes a backseat to other people, so seeing him take front and center will be nice.  Second, Tyler said that this season will be moving a little slower, more akin to Season 1 than 2 or 3A.  I think that the change of pace will be a good thing.

I really hope that Scott becomes more of a leader this season.  So far, he has been a good leader, but now that he is an Alpha, he has bigger shoes to fill.  I think that he may very well consider the entire town as his "pack" to protect.  He can learn from Deaton and Mr. Argent, so that will be good.  He can also learn what not to do based on what Derek did.  He also needs to let go of Allison and use her more than he does.  He can be too protective of her, when she and her dad are often the thing that will tilt the balance in his favor.  I want to see the relationship between Isaac and Allison explored, even if it stays platonic.  The two of them are very fun together, so that would be cool.

Until next week!