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Monday, January 13, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.14- More Bad Than Good

Scott, Allison, and Stiles continue to experience issues stemming from their brief passing.  Stiles and Lydia turn to the twins to help Scott, Isaac helps Allison, and Lydia helps Stiles.  Malia is found, Sheriff Stilinski continues to be harassed by Agent McCall, Kira gets more involved with Scott, we see who has Derek and Peter, and something makes an appearance.

The twins' method of helping Scott was very brutal and very direct.  They knew that he needed to embrace his inner Alpha and not be scared of it, otherwise he would lose control.  So, they beat him until he embraced it.  Think something like what Stiles did in the first season to help Scott learn control, only much more hands-on and bloody.  But it worked.  Scott embraced his inner Alpha to such an extent that he managed to force Malia to turn back into a human after being a coyote for 8 years and nearly caused Isaac, who was some distance away, to transform as well.  That was quite impressive.  Not sure if Isaac nearly changed because Scott is a True Alpha or what.

Speaking of the twins, we also discovered that the encounter with Ms. Blake where she nearly killed them broke their Alpha sides.  So Beacon Hills officially only has one Alpha.  Derek gave his up to heal Cora, Peter lost his when Derek killed him, and the twins lost theirs.  What remains to be seen is if the twins will join Scott's pack or if they will strike out on their own.  I suspect that, since Danny and Lydia are more or less a part of Scott's pack, they will stay and join the pack.  Their knowledge of being Alphas could be very helpful for Scott.  Their teaching methods were, as mentioned above, brutal and direct but they were also very effective.

Both Stiles and Allison seemed to need a confidence boost and something to ground them in the here and now.  Stiles found his when Lydia stepped on a wolf trap and needed Stiles to free her.  He managed to figure out what to do after she expressed her full confidence that he would be able figure it out like he figures everything else out.  Given the fact that he was able to read the mirror at the end of the episode, I assume he managed to shut the door that Deaton mentioned.  Allison found her help in Isaac, who was caught in a trap himself.  At his urging, she managed to calm herself enough to save Malia from being shot by her dad.  Again, I am assuming that she manged to close that door, but it remains to be seen for sure.

Poor Sheriff Stilinski is in *WAY* over his head, but he is gamely hanging on for dear life.  He knows that weird things are out there, but he either doesn't quite get how pervasive they are or he is still trying to wrap his mind around it.  Working this closely with his son and Scott has to be weird for him, particularly since Scott's dad is the one investigating him.  It was very nice that he managed to reunite Malia with her dad, especially since that was his first case.

Derek and Peter were being held by a Spanish speaking family before they were rescued by the girl who rescued Isaac last season.  I am a little confused because I could have sworn that she died.  She also managed to reach into a box made of; and filled with; mountain ash to pull out what looked like a massive stamp/brand that bears the same mark that Derek has on his back.  What was up with that?

Agent McCall continues to be an ass of epic proportions.  Like I said last week, from the outside, Sheriff Stilinski does appear to be incompetent, but if you are in the know, you know that the sheriff is dealing with forces that he is not equipped to handle without relying on Scott and his pack.

I also feel really sorry for poor Kira.  First, her dad embarrasses her in front of the whole class and this week he embarrasses her in front of Scott, i.e. the guy she likes.  <sigh>  At least she was rescued by Scott before Malia killed her or something.  I am really curious as to how exactly she factors into the overall story arc.

Before I go, I have to ask: what were those things in the end?  The last time we saw fireflies, they were connected to Ms. Blake, so this cannot be good at all.