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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.16- Illuminated

Lydia gives Aiden a wake-up call, Mr. Argent and Stiles get some bad news, Scott and Kira learn something about each other, Ethan and Aiden help Danny throw a party, and several people find themselves on the bad end of some new things...

What the heck are those things?  They can only exist in shadows, are powerful, can pull weapons out of themselves (that was totally awesome!), and know some serious moves.  Oh, and they apparently have some connection to Mr. Argent.  Whatever they are, they cannot be good.  They have branded Aiden, Ethan, Isaac, Lydia, and Derek with the numbers 1 through 5 and seemed like they were about to turn their attention to Kira until Scott wolfed out and stood between them and Kira and delayed them for a few seconds, long enough for the sun to come up and cause them to dissolve.

Kira saw Scott as a werewolf.  Honey, you were wondering why Scott wasn't weirded out by you?  Well, that's why.  He has seen weirder things than that picture of you.  I didn't see a fox myself, rather it looked sort of like drawings I have seen of the Earth's Van Allen radiation belt only vertical rather than horizontal.  Almost like she is radiated energy of some sort.  I also found it interesting that she said this all started a few months ago, presumably around the time of the confrontation with Ms. Blake and when Scott, Allison, and Stiles sacrificed themselves in order to save their parents.  I wonder if that triggered her abilities (which would explain the move to Beacon Hills) or if there is a coincidence of some sort.  Seeing as little, if anything, is coincidence in the Teen Wolf world, I am going for the former.

Watching Isaac and Allison flirt with each other is really funny.  It is mostly kept as subtext and then one of them will make the subtext come roaring into regular text and then the other is struck dumb for a sec until they get their wits back.  Tonight it was Isaac's turn.  When Allison took off her shirt and asked him if he wanted to paint her body, he got the most hilarious look on his face.  It was like he was trying not to stare, but he never stood a chance.  I also loved Lydia's reaction.  "At last!"  <snerk>

Ethan has always been the more human of the twins and tonight he clued Aiden into the fact that Scott is not that interested in power for its own sake, unlike Deucalion or Peter.  Rather, Scott uses the power he has to help people around him and that is where his interest lies.  Hence, Ethan is trying to be more human in order to prove to Scott that he is worthy to be a part of Scott's pack.  Aiden wasn't going to do it until Lydia called him a bad guy.  If there is someone who is going to get Aiden to turn himself around, it is Lydia.  Granted, he is using what he did in order to prove something to Scott, but (as the saying says) if he fakes it long enough it will become real.

Apparently Stiles is the one who left the message for Barrow last week about Kira.  While it is most definitely not our Stiles, I wonder what is getting into him.  The only thing that really makes any sense is that this is an extension of what happened to him after the sacrifice.  Something got into his head and is controlling him to some degree.  That is not good.  The problem is that if Scott is forced into a position where he has to choose between saving Stiles and saving other people, I don't know if Scott will be able to choose while maintaining his sanity.  I don't see him willingly sacrificing Stiles, but at the same time if he can't save others it will tear him up.  Not a good situation.

Watching Stiles with Caitlin was funny.  He was confused as to why she was kissing him (it was her girlfriend who was sacrificed by Ms. Blake after all) but he is so not complaining at all.   Like I said last week, I am not sure if I want to see him with Lydia at this point, so seeing someone else chase him should be fun.  I will say that after what he figured out tonight, I don't know if he is going to be very focused on being chased for a while.

They need to get some answers to Mr. McCall soon.  He is not going to give up looking for answers and the sooner they can get him answers, the sooner Stiles' dad will be in the clear.  And what exactly is this secret that Stiles and his dad know about Mr. McCall?  Whatever it is, it is bad enough to cause Mr. McCall to be worried when Stiles mentioned it.

Last questions: How did Mr. Argent get injured?  How is he connected to these entities?

Until next week!