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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.11- Rumble

We get a little more information about Cara's background, Stephen runs into a new antagonist, the Ultra trainees go through a winnowing process, and Cara's leadership is tested.

It is always interesting to get more background on our main characters.  Six years ago, Cara was saved from Ultra by a man named Julian who holds a very dim view of humans.  He is so convinced that the Tomorrow People are superior that he relishes torturing people and seems to view himself as a latter day Robin Hood, albeit with psychotic tendencies.  He views any sort of sentiment or emotion as a weakness to be exploited and ruthlessly crushed.  All in all, he is a totally wonderful guy.  NOT!  He has a particular vendetta against Cara because Cara released one of his victims who came back and shot Julian's girlfriend.

Cara definitely needed to confront Julian in order to help her get over what happened, but Stephen was right when he urged her to take a little bit of time and actually come up with a plan.  Using Charlotte to disable Julian's crew was an incredibly smart maneuver.  Not only did it cement Cara's leadership and Charlotte's place in the Tomorrow People, but it also allowed Stephen to use Ultra to take out Julian's crew.  Unfortunately, Julian got away and actually got himself a new "recruit".  All in all, it was a good thing.

The attack on Julian's crew also gave Stephen a chance to show that he can do stuff for Ultra on his own.  What is not good for Stephen is that Hillary is determined to become an agent on her own and appears to have no scruples about using whatever method is necessary in order to achieve her goal.  She uses Stephen's sympathy in order to beat him in combat training, follows Stephen when he first attempted to catch Julian, and she also knows about Astrid.  I shudder to think what she'll do with that information.  I suspect that she will manipulate a situation to get Astrid hurt or something in an attempt to cripple Stephen.

Jedekiah revealed, once again, his complete and utter disdain for the Tomorrow People.  His declaration that their powers are privileges that can be revoked at any time is definitely disturbing.  It shouldn't be surprising, but for some reason it was.  The idea that something that is that integral to a person can somehow be stripped away at any time and that they have no recourse is profoundly disturbing and (dare I say it?) immoral.

Russell so should have fled as soon as he knew that Julian was onto him.  Staying there to fight Julian was a profoundly stupid move.  Granted, it gave Cara the spark that she needed in order to confront Julian, but it also put his life in danger for no really good reason.  I can only assume it was some sort of machismo or ego thing, because I would hate to think that Russell is really that stupid.

I am actually enjoying seeing John without the burden of power.  He is definitely more relaxed and he is totally supportive of Cara.  He gives suggestions (just as she did), but he backs her as needed.  He is also sharing tips with her and teaching Charlotte to control her powers, so that is a good thing.  I honestly thought that he might be lost if he wasn't the leader of the Tomorrow People, but he is functioning well without being the leader, so good for him.

Until next week!