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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.12- Sitting Ducks

Stephen sets out to confirm his suspicions about Peter while he has to figure out how to protect Astrid from Hillary, John takes on an assignment that turns dangerous to make up for the past while Cara has to take steps to help him out, and a new breakout appears.

Given everything that has been going on in his life, I think Stephen's suspicions where Peter is concerned actually make sense, particularly in view of the telepathy blockage that happened last week.  Pushing Peter off the cliff was a step too far, but by that point Stephen was tired of beating around the bush and honestly thought that Peter would be able to save himself.  The look on his face when he realized that Peter had no powers was one of horrified realization.  He was so sure of himself that he didn't even consider that Luca could be the one with powers.  I figured it out when Luca was trying very hard to talk with Stephen before Stephen went to see Astrid.  This is going to make Stephen's life even more complicated than it already is.  He has been trying so very hard to keep his family separate from the Tomorrow People and Ultra, but now his brother is going to be dragged into that world.  I do not think that his mother will be far behind.  He is already on shaky ground with Astrid because she is not going to be able to go home for some time.  Poor guy.

Also, poor Astrid!  She has been dragged headlong into Stephen's world because Hillary has decided to take Stephen down.  Hillary is so sure that Stephen is getting preferential treatment that she is resorting to all sorts of underhanded tricks in order to topple him.  Fortunately, Jedekiah realizes what Hillary is up to and he gave her a good verbal spanking.  Hillary pushed too hard and was a little too anxious about Astrid being killed although I am sure that Jedekiah knew what was going on before that.  Because of Hillary, Astrid was shot at, had to dig a bullet out of John, shot a gun at a bunch of guys, and now has to hide out with the Tomorrow People for her own safety.  I wonder how she (and they!) will adapt to the situation.

John tried to exorcise another ghost from his past tonight.  14 years ago, he used his powers to protect a comic book seller who was also his friend, only to have Ultra execute the man right in front of him for knowing too much.  Yet another reason to despise Ultra.  At least Jedekiah appears to experience some small measure of remorse for killing someone.  I do wonder why they don't just pay attention to the people who know and; if they talk; take them out then.  That would seem to strike up a decent balance between secrecy and whatnot.

So now Cara is going to have to figure out how to assimilate Astrid into the group.  Astrid is not going to be happy about this, but maybe Stephen will be able to help Astrid adjust.  Then again, Astrid may be too mad at Stephen to allow him to help.  Also, Stephen is going to be busy dealing with Luca breaking out to help out as much as he would like.  Luca is already powerful enough to block Stephen's telepathy and he also has at least decent control over his telekinesis.  If Ultra gets their hands on Luca, that is going to make Stephen's already hard assignment that much harder.

Until next week!