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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 5.11- 500 Years of Solitude *EPISODE 100*

Not many shows reach 100 episodes.  So, to do so is an impressive feat which means that the episode tends to be special for some reason.  The Vampire Diaries did not disappoint this episode.  The episode celebrated (ummm, is celebrated the right word?) Katherine Pierce, who has been (as most of the character noted) the primary motivator behind most of what happens to the residents of Mystic Falls.  Without Katherine Pierce there would have been no Damon or Stefan; no Elena; Klaus would never have come to Mystic Falls; Caroline would still be an insufferable, bitchy cheerleader; Tyler would be an insufferable ass; Vicki would be alive (well, probably); Aunt Jenna, Uncle John, and the Gilberts would still be around; Grams would never have died; Bonnie would still be a witch; and...well, you get the point.  Should I really keep going?  Using the 100th episode to show Katherine's impact (both good and bad) on the world of Mystic Falls was eminently appropriate.

Stefan, unsurprisingly, was trying to help Katherine to the end.  Stefan is such a good person that I don't think that he could ever truly hate someone who has had as big of an impact on his life as Katherine has.  Granted, she has made his life a living hell, but she has been such a major presence in it.  Also, I do think that Stefan does truly care for Katherine.  Add to that the fact that she helped him get over his claustrophobia brought on by Silas' actions and his actions are totally understandable.  Don't forget what is said about love and hate: they are two sides of the same coin.  The only person you can hate is someone who arouse true passion in you.

Damon, also unsurprisingly, decided to torture Katherine.  Like Stefan, he does have incredibly deep feelings for Katherine, so much so that her betrayals have been a large part of what truly warped him over the years.  Having his torture take the forms of Uncle John, Aunt Jenna, and Elijah was pretty cruel.  While I don't know if he would actually miss Katherine, there will be a void of some sort in his life.  Add to that the fact that he is determined to destroy his relationship with Elena and Damon could go dark really easily.

I was somewhat surprised that Elena was willing to forgive Katherine.  Aside from the brothers, I truly think that she has suffered the most as a result of Katherine's actions.  Then again, Elena owes her existence to Katherine, so there is that.  Elena's life has been turned upside down, inside out, and generally made into a total disaster area thanks to Katherine.  However, Elena is as good a person as Stefan is, so forgiving Katherine definitely made sense for her.  After all, had Katherine not been around Elena would never have met Stefan and Damon.

Most of the rest of the gang was happy just to know that Katherine would be out of their lives.  Listening to their lists of what Katherine did to them was sort of funny.  Amusingly enough, I do think that (for the most part) Caroline is actually better off because of Katherine.  Sorry, but I could not stand pre-vampire Caroline.  Vampire Caroline is so much better of a person that human Caroline ever was.  Yes, Caroline did lose her dad, but for the most part her life is not that bad.  Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy have each suffered so much more at the hands of Katherine than Caroline has.  Bonnie lost her dad, her Grams, died, and now is the Anchor for the Other Side.  Matt lost his sister (ok, so that was mostly Damon, but without Katherine there would have been no Damon) and has died numerous times.  Jeremy lost his parents, his aunt, his uncle, his pseudo-parent (Alaric), 2 girlfriends, his sister, and then died himself because of Katherine.

I do have to say that I should have expected that ending, but I didn't see it coming until just before it happened.  When I saw Elena alone with Katherine, I knew what was going to happen.  I wonder if this was always the plan or if Katherine decided to do this instead of commandeering her daughter's body.  The best part for Katherine is that she already has practice pretending to be Elena, so she has a bit of an advantage there.  I think that the ceremony the Wanderers were doing in the house was a part of the setup for Katherine to take over Elena's body, but I could be wrong.  If the ceremony was not related to the hijacking, I wonder what the Wanderers would want with the blood of the two dopplegangers.  Given the power present in the dopplegangers' blood, I am worried.

I loved the look on Caroline's face when she found out that Jeremy and Bonnie had slept together.  I am not entirely sure why this was surprising, but the look on her face was hilarious as was her comment about scandalous sex.  Follow that with her own scandalous sex with Klaus.  Oh boy!  I must admit that I thought that Tyler would walk in on Caroline and Klaus together.  I am glad that the writers' addressed the obvious chemistry between Klaus and Caroline here, because it really needed to be addressed.

Watching Stefan play matchmaker and conciliator between Damon and Elena was interesting.  I am glad that he values both of them enough to help them out if needed.  The two of them really need to give this an honest shot.  Unfortunately, now that Katherine has hijacked Elena's body, this may not happen.  Sigh....

I really loved the last scene in the Salvatore library where Bonnie and Jeremy were conveying messages from the dead to everyone else.  Vicki to Matt was just really sweet and who cannot love themselves some Alaric/Damon snark?

Until next week!