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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.14- No Exit

Katherine continues her crusade to get Stefan, Nadia and Matt continue to hang out, Caroline attempts to reconcile with Tyler, and Damon continues to go downhill as a part of Dr. Wes' "experiment"....

Katherine is nothing if not relentless.  She's also quite good at improvising to get what she wants.  Stefan wants to go looking for Damon?  Sure, she'll go along and use the opportunity to get close to Stefan.  Don't leave her by your car because she'll break it in order to get dirty so that she can seduce you.  And don't let her answer your phone because she'll use the information to try and get you to kill your brother.  Her flexibility and improvisational skills have served her well for 500 years and they continue to do so.  The only problem is that she slipped up several times and Stefan and Caroline put the disparate pieces together and figured out that "Elena" is actually Katherine.

I was glad that Stefan managed to resist "Elena's" advances.  Given how he obviously still has feelings for her, that took a great deal of effort and I am proud of him.  And while I am not surprised that he chose the path that would save Damon, that made me proud too, if only because it frustrated Katherine no end.  She has never quite figured Stefan out.  She thought that by putting herself in danger, Stefan would be forced to choose between her and Damon, where he was actually able to save both.  And the fact that he took all of the bits and pieces and realized what was going on was impressive.  The question is what is he going to do?

I'm sorry, but I have little sympathy for Tyler.  I get why he is mad at Caroline, but let us not forget that he abandoned her to get revenge on Klaus.  I know it doesn't justify what she did, but it does make me a whole lot less sympathetic towards him and his position.  Then again, I have never been fond of Tyler, so there it is.  Caroline can also get on my nerves with her constant refusal to see that Damon has changed, so this is some of her own medicine coming back at her.  I am pretty much over these two, so I say let it die already.

Nadia and Matt would make a cute couple if she wasn't Katherine's daughter and holding him hostage.  I think that the two of them are genuinely fond of each other.  Matt's attempts to turn Nadia against Katherine were pathetically obvious, but his ultimate solution (kiss her and then steal her phone) was a good one.  Unfortunately for him, Nadia caught him and managed to erase his memories of what happened.  His attempt to connect with her over absentee mothers was a good try.  But dude, you're not going to pull that over on a 500 year old vampire.  Sorry.

And now Nadia is dying.  During her brief tussle with Caroline and Tyler, she got bit by Tyler.  She ain't gonna be long for this world.  The question is, what will Katherine do?  Will she continue her crusade to get Stefan or will she actually try and help Nadia?  Seeing as the former has no chance now that Stefan knows about her, I am betting on the latter if she can get away from the gang.

Poor Damon.  Trapped in a house with Enzo and then with "Elena" and Stefan.  This was not his night.  Dr. Wes is pretty much a sick, inhuman monster and needs to be taken care of somehow.  His "experiments" are sadistic and cruel with little to no actual point.  I don't think he actually gets off on what he is doing, but he is so focused on his "research" that he is ignoring everything else.  At least Damon got away.  Will Stefan be able to teach Damon to curb his cravings?  Or will something more drastic have to be done?

Until next week!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.14- Brother's Keeper

Welcome back!  Marla learns what Stephen has been up to, Cara continues to sink under the pressures of leadership, John crashes at Stephen's house, and we find out a big secret Jedikiah has been keeping.

Stephen and Marla had several minor skirmishes with each other this episode.  I get why he is mad at her.  For a while now, she has let him think he is crazy rather than tell him the truth about what is going on.  Then he proceeds to risk life and limb to protect her and Luca from what is going on, only to discover that she knows the basics already.  I also get why she is upset with him.  She has been trying to protect him, only to have him rush headlong onto the same road that took her husband away.  Fortunately, John told her what Stephen has been up to, so she is able to realize how important Stephen is and agrees to stick around so long as there is honesty between them.

I am impressed that she managed to keep her abilities a secret from Jedikiah and Ultra all this time.  Granted, most of it was probably because she didn't use them in order to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention, but still it is impressive.  She was also smart enough to listen to John and realize that Stephen is doing the right thing for everyone.  I just worry what will become of Luca.  Will he be a breakout like Stephen?  Or will he be more like Jedikiah and remain powerless?

Cara is not dealing with leadership well.  I know that she is doing what she sees as the best thing (and in some cases she is right), but she is also going down a bad path.  Using the new breakout and his twin to try and kill Jedikiah was not a good idea.  I get that Jedikiah is dangerous, but is sinking to that level a good thing?  She has also managed to at least partially alienate Stephen and Russell also appears to be getting annoyed with her.  Also, reading Stephen's mind without his consent is seriously uncool.

I also worry about Stephen.  While he has managed to maintain his dual allegiances thus far, I have to wonder how much longer he can keep up the facade of being a loyal Ultra agent.  He nearly slipped several times tonight when he revealed information that he shouldn't have had and his partner got suspicious of him.  Couple that with the fact that Cara and Russell spoiled his chance to seize the breakout and Stephen is in a little trouble.  Granted, he has been through worse, but how many times can he repeat this cycle before he ends up holding the short end of the stick?

Seeing John free from leadership is (as I've said before) nice.  He is able to get a bit more perspective and tells off both Stephen and Cara nicely.  I wonder if he is right about Cara wanting him back as an assassin.  She has to know that he hates killing, and I hope that she is not that heartless.

Seeing Jedikiah standing over his brother's frozen body was seriously creepy.  If Jedikiah has the body, than who (if anyone) was in the car?  Also, is Roger really dead with his personality trapped in limbo or was that conversation something else meant to manipulate Stephen?

Until next week!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.14- Long Way Back From Hell

Elijah is on the warpath, Klaus gets severely pissed, Rebekah's secrets come to light, we find out what exactly happened to Genevieve, and we find out a little more about Celeste...

While I may not  be her biggest fan, Celeste does have style.  Using Sophie's niece to send Elijah on a hunt for information with magical tattoos was an interesting way to go.  Using the name of every person she has ever possessed in order to get Elijah to realize how far she has come and get him to the asylum was a nifty idea.  Then she used Rebekah's summoning of Mikael to piss off Klaus enough to have him attack Rebekah and thus cause a divide in the Mikaelson family.  Good plan, particularly since Klaus reacted in such a predictable manner.  Unfortunately she didn't seem to count on Haley getting involved and attacking her in order to force her to remove the curse on her family.  I say "seem" because until we know for sure, it is very much an open question.  It is entirely possible that she planned on Haley figuring it out in order to further the rift among the Mikaelsons.

Sometimes I am not sure who is scarier, Klaus or Elijah.  Klaus is more overtly dangerous and more prone to violence, but Elijah's urbane exterior belies the fact that he is just as capable of violence as Klaus is if his ire is raised.  Kidnapping his family?  Guaranteed to raise his ire.  Only problem is that when going up against witches, one needs more than just anger.  The other thing that can be scary about Elijah is that he tends to explode with little to no emotions (not always, but mostly) which is always scarier in my book.  I am so not sure how he is going to deal with Klaus and Rebekah at this point.  Sending for Mikael is an unforgivable sin in Klaus' eyes.  Elijah seems to be willing to let it go, but that may also be because he values family more than anything else.

Rebekah and Marcel need to run as far and as fast as possible.  I am not sure if Klaus will chase them down himself, but he will certainly do something to them because of what they did.  The only thing is that he will have to deal with Elijah first.  Unfortunately for Elijah, Klaus does have an edge due to his hybrid status, so this could be interesting.  Who knows?  Klaus may be willing to forgive Elijah because Elijah was protecting family.  Doubtful?  Granted, but always a possibility.

I totally get why Genevieve was pissed. Rebekah used her to send for Mikael and then changed her mind. When Genevieve couldn't reverse the spell and wanted to tell Klaus (who she totally had a thing for), Rebekah infected her (and Celeste's then-body) with the Spanish flu and had them isolated to protect her secret.  Yeah, that would probably piss me off too.  I did find the way she treated Klaus to be particularly amusing if only because it was such a contrast from how she treated Rebekah and how Celeste treats all of the Originals.

I am not sure what Haley hopes to accomplish by attacking (and presumably kidnapping) Celeste.  I get that she wants Celeste to remove the curse, but somehow I doubt that will happen.  Could it?  Sure, but I do doubt it.

Until next week!

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.20- Echo House

A psychologically heavy episode that featured the return of some past guests and gave some potential answers...

This episode was a lot like "Motel California" from last summer, less frenetic and action packed than other episodes, but very heavy on the psychological front.  Most of the episode consisted of Stiles with Malia in the same asylum that Barrow escaped from and that Lydia led the group to when they were searching for Stiles.  Also present was Ms. Morell, now posing as a therapist at the asylum.  I was sort of surprised that Stiles decided to admit himself, although the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  He knows that the nogitsune is dangerous and he wants to do what he can to make sure that it does not harm anyone else.

Unfortunately for Stiles, the asylum is still dangerous.  Malia is pissed at him and Scott because they took her away from the life that she had.  Stiles' roommate is more than just a touch crazy and Ms. Morell has told Stiles that he needs to stay awake because he is most vulnerable to the nogistune when he is asleep.  She has also informed Stiles that if the nogitsune takes him over, she will kill him using a respiratory paralytic.  All sorts of fun.

Life in an asylum does have its upsides.  Stiles gets a good look at Malia when he walks in on her taking a shower in the boys room and he also gets to make out with her.  Yeah, that's pretty much it for the upside,

Ultimately, Stiles and Malia were tied up by Stiles' roommate who is about to drill a hole in Malia's head until Stiles gives himself over to the nogitsune to save her.  Here is my question.  How much of the episode in the asylum actually happened and how much was in Stiles' head?  Honestly, I am not sure yet.  I suspect that after Stiles was injected with the sedative is when it went to mostly in his head, slthough I could very easily be wrong.  My other question is if the nogitsune can occupy more than one person at a time.  If so, I think (based on some facial expressions) that Malia is in its grasp.  Either that or she is working with it.

Remember that woman who kidnapped Peter and Derek earlier this season?  She's related to the Argents somehow.  Not entirely sure how yet, but she is a hunter and Argent definitely knows her.  I am guessing that she is his mother-in-law, although I could be entirely wrong on that count.  My second guess is that she is some friend of the family who seems to fall more in line with Gerard's way of thinking.  She gives me the screaming willies.

Scott, the twins, Kira, Alison, and Lydia plan a heist in order to get the silverfinger from police custody for Deaton because it has a scroll inside that supposedly tells how to expel a nogitsune.  I will say that I was definitely a little disappointed here.  Kincaid is also after the scroll and he is an Omega.  Scott has shown his power over Omegas using his Alpha abilities before, but this time he was almost as helpless as a babe until the twins rescued him.  I do not get why Scott didn't try to use some of his Alphaness in order to take down Kincaid, other than it being used as a plot device to show how violent the twins can be.  Something about that just struck me as wrong.

When they got the scroll, it turns out that it says that the body of the host must be changed in order to exple the nogitsune.  Scott took this to mean that if he were to bite Stiles than Stiles would become a werewolf and the nogitsune would be expelled.  Number one, could it really be that simple?  Number two, could Scott actually bite Stiles?

Until next week!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.19- Letharia Vulpina

Scott meets the nogitsune, Deaton has a plan, Peter wants something from Lydia, and there is a whole lot of chaos....

Well, the nogitsune is wasting no time in causing chaos, pain, and destruction.  First, it sabotaged the electric grid at the hospital and electrocuted 2 or 4 people including Isaac before Kira was able to stop the electrical wire.  Then, it booby trapped the woods and got Coach shot in the stomach with a crossbow.  It also sent a bomb to the sheriff's station but made everyone believe that there was one on a bus.  It apparently also killed Katahashi and literally twisted a sword in Scott's gut before being taken down by Deaton.  This thing is so not nice.  I read somewhere (can't remember where, but if I find it, I'll link to it) that the nogitsune is not the big bad this season.  I don't want to know what is worse, although after tonight, I have my suspicions.

Last week I questioned if the nogitsune would have access to Stiles' memories, and this week answered that question with a resounding yes.  It managed to impersonate Stiles so well that Scott was fooled.  Granted, a part of fooling Scott is that Scott wanted Stiles to be himself, so he wasn't looking for other signs, but that was still impressive.  Being able to fool Stiles' best friend is not something to take lightly. We also found out that the nogitsune causes chaos, pain, and destruction because that is what it feeds on, so it was *SO* not happy that Scott was taking away people's pain with his Alpha abilities.  Hence the twisting of the sword in order to cause Scott pain and to immobilize him so that the nogitsune could take that pain out of Scott.  And given the look on Stiles' face, that much pain was almost euphoric for the nogitsune.

I get why Scott stopped the twins from attacking Stiles, but it was ultimately not the best move.  The problem is that there is no good move here.  Killing Stiles might or might not kill the nogitsune, but not killing him allows the nogitsune to do what it wills.  Deaton's approach was a good one.  Inject Stiles with a poison that hurts the nogitsune and hopefully doesn't hurt Stiles himself.  From what Deaton said, the poison should kill the nogitsune and it also apparently immobilizes it (at least temporarily).  Hopefully this will buy Scott and Deaton enough time to figure something out.

Derek and Isaac are not in good shape.  Derek has a back full of glass shards from the explosion in the sheriff's station and Isaac was electrocuted by the power line when it touched the water.  I suspect that Derek will live if he can get the glass shards removed and get his back bandaged in time.  Isaac is in a lot worse shape.  It sounds like his healing didn't really kick in, although it is possible that the healing is going towards keeping him alive more than actually healing the damage done by the electricity.

I like Alison and Lydia's approach to Peter.  They were cautious and Alison came prepared with a shock stick.  We did learn (assuming that Peter can be trusted) that the scream of the banshee is meant to clear the mind so that what needs to be heard is heard.  We also learned that Peter has a child, apparently a daughter.  That was surprising.  Remember that memory that Derek's mom removed from Peter?  That was apparently it.  And knowing Peter, he will do whatever he needs to do in order to find his daughter.  Between that and his killing of Ms. Blake at the end of season 3A, I suspect that he is about to hit big bad status again soon.

We also discovered that the oni can be summoned by sacrificing the tail of a kitsune.  That would be why Kira's mom controlled them last week when she confronted the nogitsune.  She summoned more this week but Scott and Kira managed to hold them off long enough for "Stiles" to get into Deaton's office.  This is where Scott got stabbed in the gut.  The one thing I am curious about is that I could have sworn that he was stabbed from back to front, but Deaton pulled the sword out from the front.  Either I saw wrong or the crew screwed up.

I wonder what happened to Agent McCall.  We last saw him in the sheriff's station (that I can remember anyway), but we didn't see him after the bomb.  I am sure he is all right, but I could be wrong.

Until next week!

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.18- Riddled

Things are looking increasingly dark for Stiles, Lydia is overwhelmed by her abilities, Derek continues to mentor Scott, Allison gets a surprise, and we meet a new kitsune....

So, Mrs. Yukimura is also a kitsune.  There is no way that their move to Beacon Hills was in any way, shape, or form a coincidence.  There is no doubt that Kira's family knew what was going on and moved to Beacon Hills in order to stop the nogitsune.  It was also interesting to discover that she also apparently controls the oni.  Or at the very least, they are working towards the same goal because they came to her when she confronted posessedStiles (I'll go with Piles for now).  I am afraid we are going to see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object and the consequences for Beacon Hills will be grave indeed.  Mrs. Yukimura is willing to sacrifice Stiles in order to kill the nogitsune even though he is an innocent.  This last will definitely bring her into conflict with Scott.

Scott, as has been well established and I have commented on repeatedly, is constitutionally incapable of sacrificing a friend, even if doing so would serve the greater good.  Thus far, he has managed to get around any obstacle in his path by coming up with a creative plan, but I don't know if that will work here.  Since the nogitsune is possessing Stiles, it may also have access to his memories.  If it does then it will probably be able to guess at what Scott will do and come up with some sort of counter.  He is going to have to use Kira (and maybe her mom) as a part of his plan, but I don't see how.  It is possible that Kira could somehow harness her electrical energy and kill Stiles with it; thus causing the nogitsune to leave him; and then bring him back, but I don't know if that will actually work.

Derek's explanation of his family's presence in Beacon Hills was quite interesting and makes a great deal of sense.  Since Beacon Hills is a convergence point for natural and supernatural energy, it makes sense that guardians would be put in place in order to protect it.  The Hale line seems to be an immensely powerful werewolf line, so having them there to protect Beacon Hills makes sense.  This could also explain why a True Alpha is living in Beacon Hills.  Deaton said that a True Alpha is the result of a pure spirit and immense willpower, but I wonder if there is a third condition, namely enough supernatural energy to help jumpstart the process.  Again, it would make sense.  A True Alpha is the strongest type of Alpha and also the best and purest type of Alpha, thus making the True Alpha the perfect guardian for a convergence of supernatural energy.  To draw an analogy, think of why a Slayer would be drawn to the Hellmouth in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or why a family of powerful good witches would guard a Nexus in Charmed.  Same basic idea.  Immense power requires a powerful and good guardian lest the power fall into the wrong hands.

I am worried for Stiles and Allison.  Allison is starting to lose time, which makes me wonder if maybe she too is being influenced or possessed by the nogitsune.  If so, Scott will potentially have a horrible choice on his hands.  He may be forced to sacrifice either his best friend or the girl he is in love with.  Not a pretty choice either way.  While I am glad that Stiles is fighting back against the nogitsune, I don't think he can last much longer.  I also wonder if the atrophying of the brain noted in the MRI is a result of the nogitsune in Stiles or if he really is experiencing dementia.  Again, neither can be good for him.

Lydia is having more and more trouble controlling her abilities.  Her hearing is starting to overwhelm her and she seems to be having trouble distinguishing between who she is being drawn to.  I am willing to bet that the basement of the mental hospital has a connection to Barrow and that because Barrow is connected to Stiles being possessed by the nogitsune, she led everyone to the basement.  I am not sure how she is going to get a handle on everything, but she has to because she is a very useful part of the team.

Until next week!

Starting a vlog on YouTube

I am doing a vlog on YouTube about some other tv shows.  Already put up an introduction, will put up a video about The Fosters later today.  Here is the link to the first video:  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.13- Total Eclipse of the Heart

We get to see with the effects of Katherine's decision to break up with Damon, Caroline gets "Elena" and Bonnie to go to the Bitter Ball with her (there's a hilarious Twitter hashtag story I'll tell in a bit about this one), Tyler and Matt figure out what Nadia is up to, Bonnie meets a witch, and Dr. Creepy is back and he has friends....

First, let's start with the hashtag story.  Each week there is a different hashtag for the episode of the week.  This week's was #BitterBallBlues.  Then there was a tweet about being sure to get the order of the words correct.  Hopefully I don't have to spell this one out.  Granted, it is totally sophomoric, juvenile, and immature, but it is also completely hilarious IMNSHO.

Now for the actual episode.  As Stefan and Katherine noted (and as stated by many people last week), Damon is reacting in a completely predictable way.  He gets hurt and he lashes out at other people in order to hurt the person who hurt him.  All thought goes out the window and his emotions reign supreme.  This is the part of Damon I really do not like.  It is incredibly immature and quite annoying.  The guy really needs to learn to figure out a better way to deal.  I have no doubt that this is exactly what Katherine wanted, but still.....

Stefan was right when he said that being with Elena was one of the best things that ever happened to Damon.  When he wasn't busy sabotaging the relationship, he was doing everything he could do to be the person that both she and Stefan know he can be.  He is genuinely a good guy, but he lets his worst instincts control him too often.  Killing Aaron and threatening Jeremy had no purpose except to further alienate Elena and (as Stefan said) confirm in his and everyone else's eyes that he is an irredeemable monster.  The guy has some serious self-esteem issues that he needs to work on.

I like that Stefan is not giving up on Damon.  He knows that there is a good person in there somewhere and wants to help Damon be that person again.  This is going to be a problem because Katherine is determined to get with Stefan again.  I don't see her being with Damon again under any circumstances.  To Katherine Damon has never been anything but a convenient play toy to use as she wants to.  Trying to save Damon this time is going to be particularly interesting because Dr. Creepy injected Damon with the serum to make him a vampire eater.

I was impressed that Matt figured out what is going on with "Elena" so quickly.  Had Tyler not figured out what Nadia is doing to Matt, it would not have been figured out.  Matt saw that Nadia was gathering information and passing on, which meant that Katherine had to be alive and in Elena's head.  Unfortunately, he is currently in Nadia's hands, which means that this information is not going to come out soon unless something changes.  I loved the drinking scene with Nadia, Tyler, and Matt reminiscing about the mistakes of their mothers.  Matt's crack about Tyler and his mom was the best because Tyler had forgotten about it and because of the look on Nadia's face.  That was priceless.

Bonnie the witch teacher?  That should be interesting.  I wonder if this is a way to make Bonnie a witch again.  The only problem is that in order to do that, Bonnie will have to pass on her status as the Anchor.  But if she can teach some witches to use their magic, it could be a powerful resource for the gang.

Caroline also reacted predictably to the events of last week.  She is determined to cut both Tyler and Klaus out of her life.  Given how fond she is of the Stelena pairing, I was surprised that she tried to get "Elena" to slow things down.  Does she have feeling for Stefan?  Or is she simply concerned about both Stefan and Elena moving on too quickly?

Dr. Creepy has teamed up with the Travelers.  That so cannot be good, particularly because the Travelers have the blood of the two dopplegangers.

Until the 27th!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.13- Things Fall Apart

Stephen reacts to last weeks events and meets the Founder as a result, John and Cara have a serious falling out, Stephen discovers out about a new type of Tomorrow Person, and he finds out a surprising secret about someone close to him.

Let's start with Stephen.  He, for some reason, finds himself seeing through the eyes of a new Tomorrow Person who is incredibly powerful.  She can make cop cars disappear, teleport bullets from inside of guns into her hands, and write a message on a wall (although it could have been in snow on the wall, that was a little unclear).  Turns out that the person is the daughter of the Founder who is a Synergist, a Tomorrow Person whose parents are both Tomorrow People.  Synergists are more powerful than your average Tomorrow Person.  As soon as they said this, I had some immediate thoughts that I will discuss in a bit.  In this episode, everything he does is to try and help Astrid get her life back, which he succeeded in doing (or so he thought).  He mistakenly trusted the Founder, but by doing so, he discovered that there is another member of his family who is a Tomorrow Person, and it wasn't Luca.  It was his mom!

That was actually the suspicion I had when they started talking about Synergists.  Stephen is powerful for a Tomorrow Person, which Cara and John chalked up too his father, but given the Synergist development, I immediately thought of his mom.  We have not ruled out that Luca is breaking out, but given the fact that both his mom, his dad, and his brother are all Tomorrow People, I would rate his chances of breaking out as pretty good.  What was especially surprising is that Stephen's mom was able to stop bullets in midair like Stephen did in the premiere.  That is a talented and powerful family.  This also leads me to question what exactly Stephen's mom has to do with his world.  Does Jedikiah know about her?  This throws a lot of assumptions about Stephen's world into question.

I was highly amused that Luca's secret was that he has been using a bong.  Stephen was all set to have "the Talk" with Luca about his powers and the look on his face when he realized the truth was quite amusing.

I'm sorry, but I have very little sympathy for Cara.  When John was in charge, she defied him often enough (and with good reason) that she has very little room to complain about what John does.  While she was right in the long run, if Stephen is truly important to the Tomorrow People, then John's actions were better in the short term.  Kicking John out after one defiance (even if it was public) was a fairly big overreaction.  Just goes to show you that how you view the world and what your priorities are depend on where you sit at the moment.

That being said, John should have found a better way to deal with the situation.  While he did do the right thing, when he challenged Cara publicly (twice!) he was inviting a response.  I wonder what he is going to do now.  Will he live with Stephen?  Or will he get his own place?  Also, how will his being ejected affect the Tomorrow People and Cara's leadership?

Until the 27th!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.13- Crescent City

The witches continue on their revenge kick, someone new comes back, Elijah discovers some disturbing information, and Hayley meets her family.

The witches are on a serious revenge kick.  They apparently used the power from Papa Tunde's death to resurrect Sophie's niece, Monique.  Either that or the death of one of the resurrected witches will raise one of the sacrificed girls.  Only problem?  I don't think they are quite the same as before.  Monique was quite intense and killed Sophie for daring to want to get Monique out of the French Quarter and for being an unbeliever.  Between what Monique did and the way Genevieve, Bastianna, and Celeste are acting, we have a group of fanatics on our hands and that is never a good thing.  I do get the whole wanting revenge thing, but I think they are pushing the Originals too far.  They've kidnapped and neutralized (temporarily at least) both Klaus and Rebekah and attempted to hurt Hayley.  To top it off, Celeste taunted Elijah and disabled him long enough so that he could only save one of his siblings or Hayley.  So now we have a royally pissed off Elijah and a gang of fanatic witches hellbent on revenge.  If that is not a recipe for a complete disaster, I don't know what is.

Cami is stuck in a hard place.  She hates Klaus for what he has done, but she is a good person and won't torture someone no matter what.  I was surprised that she was willing to potentially sacrifice her uncle for Klaus, but it does make sense.  She is trying to be a good person and (for some reason) is confident that Klaus will be on the winning side, so she is hoping that by not harming him, he will save her uncle from Bastianna's hex.  I'm hoping she isn't banking on the wrong side.

I hafta feel sorry for Klaus.  I don't know if I would wish what is happening to him on my worst enemy.  He has Papa Tunde's blade burrowed deep in his chest and it apparently causes tremendous pain.  I don't know if it will in fact be able to kill him or if it will merely make him wish he was dead.  I do have to say that barging into the Quarter and threatening Monique's life was not a smart move.  Typically Klaus, but not smart.  Klaus is at his best when he has some time to plan, so the witches are on the right track here.  Keeping him off balance and unable to plan anything means that he will merely react, which is almost inevitably a bad thing for him.

What exactly did Marcel and Rebekah do to Genevieve?  She is most unhappy with Rebekah and, given the previews for next week, is taking a sadistic liking to Rebekah hallucinating that she is in a mental hospital of some sort.  From what we have seen so far, I think it is safe to say that Rebekah and Marcel used Genevieve to lure Mikael to New Orleans and then killed her in some spectacularly horrible way to keep her from spilling the beans.  So cannot wait for this explanation.

I am surprised that Elijah didn't share his knowledge of "Sabine's" true identity earlier.  He implied that he had figured it out a while ago and said that he figure out her plan.  She used Hayley's pregnancy to scare the witches and to interrupt the Harvest so that she could fulfill it in such a way as to resurrect the witches to get revenge.  I wonder if the whole Harvest deal was an idea planted by Celeste some time ago in preparation for her revenge.  If so, then she has been planning this for some time.  Taunting Elijah was not the smartest choice because he will go to any lengths to save his family.  I suspect that he saved Hayley because he thought that Rebekah and Klaus would be able to handle themselves better than Hayley would be able to, all things considered.  Oops.....

I am glad that Hayley got to meet her family and her betrothed (!).  If their families are the original werewolf families in the area, I wonder if either has any connection to Klaus' father.  I would be a little surprised, but not very surprised if that was the case.  Also, given what was revealed about Celeste's "vision" this week, is the baby truly dangerous or not?

Until the 25th!

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.17- Silverfinger

We find out about the spirit warriors, Mr. Argent's connection to them, and Stiles' recent actions.  Kira finds out about Scott and the crew finds out about Kira.

Turns out the spirit warriors are called oni and are demons intent on finding someone who is possessed by a dark spirit.  The reason that the wolves and Lydia were marked is that they were not possessed by the dark spirit.  Once Scott figures this out, he orders the other wolves to stand back while he and Kira step forward and allow the oni; who are attacking his house; to touch them and confirm that they are not the receptacles of the dark spirit.  That was a smart move because once the oni confirmed that Scott and Kira belonged to themselves, they left.  One of the twins; Aiden, I think; tried to step forward to stop them, but Derek, realizing Scott's intent, stopped him.  Now that he is not trying to be a leader anymore, Derek is much less annoying.  I like this version of Derek better.

Was I the only one who was amused that Kira actually *wanted* to see Scott all wolfed out?  I guess it might be nice for her to not be the only supernatural creature around.  She knows about the pack and the pack figured out about her when she couldn't pass over the ash surrounding Scott's house.  My one question is how Derek knew about Kira.  I assume that, since he was following Scott all day, he overheard what they were talking about.  I was also amused that Kira removed the sparkplugs (at least I think that is what those parts were) from the twins' motorcycles and by the way they were following Scott around and acting as bodyguards.

Scott has some serious unresolved issues with his dad.  When he called Agent McCall a "sperm donor", I wonder if he was being literal.  I could have sworn that they said that Scott's parents were divorced, which would account for the name.  If Mr. McCall wasn't present in Scott's life, that would be grounds for the accusation.  If it was meant literally, why did Melissa take his name?  I was glad to see that he has enough paternal instinct (or maybe it was just a cop's instinct) to put himself between the oni and Scott, even if it did get him seriously injured.

Mr. Argent's connection to the oni is that he was sent by Gerard to buy some weapons from the yakuza when the oni attacked in order to destroy a dark spirit (missed the name of the spirit) who was in the local yakuza leader.  He managed to shoot one of the oni in the mask, which is why he has the shattered mask in his desk.  Argent, Allison, and Isaac went in search for a survivor of that attack.  Watching Isaac nearly have a panic attack over being sent in to sell the weapon was funny, but Allison's rather straightforward solution (kissing Isaac and letting him rub her leg) was hysterical.  He was so confident after that, almost too much so.

Apparently the oni cannot be killed, they can only be survived.  If people do not resist them, the oni won't hurt them which is useful information.  The oni are so singularly focused on finding the dark spirit that they will cut through anyone who gets between them and their target.  Unfortunately for them, the dark spirit in Beacon Hills got to them before they could get to it.  And that dark spirit is possessing Stiles.

That is seriously going to suck for Scott.  He has never actually killed someone, even if he was willing to kill Ms. Blake, and having to face off against his best friend is going to seriously screw with his head.  Last week I said:

While it is most definitely not our Stiles, I wonder what is getting into him.  The only thing that really makes any sense is that this is an extension of what happened to him after the sacrifice.  Something got into his head and is controlling him to some degree.  That is not good.  The problem is that if Scott is forced into a position where he has to choose between saving Stiles and saving other people, I don't know if Scott will be able to choose while maintaining his sanity.  I don't see him willingly sacrificing Stiles, but at the same time if he can't save others it will tear him up.  Not a good situation.

Scott has always been so determined to save everyone, but I don't know if it will be possible this time.  This dark spirit will need to be exorcised from Stiles and unless either Derek or Deaton has some sort of ritual to do so, I wonder what will happen.  I guess it is possible that if Stiles were to be changed into a werewolf, he may become immune, but I don't see Scott doing that.  This is going to be a serious pickle.

And what happened to Stiles' mom?  She had the same symptoms he did, so did she go crazy or did this same spirit possess her?  Either way, it does not bode well for Stiles.

Until next week!