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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.13- Crescent City

The witches continue on their revenge kick, someone new comes back, Elijah discovers some disturbing information, and Hayley meets her family.

The witches are on a serious revenge kick.  They apparently used the power from Papa Tunde's death to resurrect Sophie's niece, Monique.  Either that or the death of one of the resurrected witches will raise one of the sacrificed girls.  Only problem?  I don't think they are quite the same as before.  Monique was quite intense and killed Sophie for daring to want to get Monique out of the French Quarter and for being an unbeliever.  Between what Monique did and the way Genevieve, Bastianna, and Celeste are acting, we have a group of fanatics on our hands and that is never a good thing.  I do get the whole wanting revenge thing, but I think they are pushing the Originals too far.  They've kidnapped and neutralized (temporarily at least) both Klaus and Rebekah and attempted to hurt Hayley.  To top it off, Celeste taunted Elijah and disabled him long enough so that he could only save one of his siblings or Hayley.  So now we have a royally pissed off Elijah and a gang of fanatic witches hellbent on revenge.  If that is not a recipe for a complete disaster, I don't know what is.

Cami is stuck in a hard place.  She hates Klaus for what he has done, but she is a good person and won't torture someone no matter what.  I was surprised that she was willing to potentially sacrifice her uncle for Klaus, but it does make sense.  She is trying to be a good person and (for some reason) is confident that Klaus will be on the winning side, so she is hoping that by not harming him, he will save her uncle from Bastianna's hex.  I'm hoping she isn't banking on the wrong side.

I hafta feel sorry for Klaus.  I don't know if I would wish what is happening to him on my worst enemy.  He has Papa Tunde's blade burrowed deep in his chest and it apparently causes tremendous pain.  I don't know if it will in fact be able to kill him or if it will merely make him wish he was dead.  I do have to say that barging into the Quarter and threatening Monique's life was not a smart move.  Typically Klaus, but not smart.  Klaus is at his best when he has some time to plan, so the witches are on the right track here.  Keeping him off balance and unable to plan anything means that he will merely react, which is almost inevitably a bad thing for him.

What exactly did Marcel and Rebekah do to Genevieve?  She is most unhappy with Rebekah and, given the previews for next week, is taking a sadistic liking to Rebekah hallucinating that she is in a mental hospital of some sort.  From what we have seen so far, I think it is safe to say that Rebekah and Marcel used Genevieve to lure Mikael to New Orleans and then killed her in some spectacularly horrible way to keep her from spilling the beans.  So cannot wait for this explanation.

I am surprised that Elijah didn't share his knowledge of "Sabine's" true identity earlier.  He implied that he had figured it out a while ago and said that he figure out her plan.  She used Hayley's pregnancy to scare the witches and to interrupt the Harvest so that she could fulfill it in such a way as to resurrect the witches to get revenge.  I wonder if the whole Harvest deal was an idea planted by Celeste some time ago in preparation for her revenge.  If so, then she has been planning this for some time.  Taunting Elijah was not the smartest choice because he will go to any lengths to save his family.  I suspect that he saved Hayley because he thought that Rebekah and Klaus would be able to handle themselves better than Hayley would be able to, all things considered.  Oops.....

I am glad that Hayley got to meet her family and her betrothed (!).  If their families are the original werewolf families in the area, I wonder if either has any connection to Klaus' father.  I would be a little surprised, but not very surprised if that was the case.  Also, given what was revealed about Celeste's "vision" this week, is the baby truly dangerous or not?

Until the 25th!