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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.14- Long Way Back From Hell

Elijah is on the warpath, Klaus gets severely pissed, Rebekah's secrets come to light, we find out what exactly happened to Genevieve, and we find out a little more about Celeste...

While I may not  be her biggest fan, Celeste does have style.  Using Sophie's niece to send Elijah on a hunt for information with magical tattoos was an interesting way to go.  Using the name of every person she has ever possessed in order to get Elijah to realize how far she has come and get him to the asylum was a nifty idea.  Then she used Rebekah's summoning of Mikael to piss off Klaus enough to have him attack Rebekah and thus cause a divide in the Mikaelson family.  Good plan, particularly since Klaus reacted in such a predictable manner.  Unfortunately she didn't seem to count on Haley getting involved and attacking her in order to force her to remove the curse on her family.  I say "seem" because until we know for sure, it is very much an open question.  It is entirely possible that she planned on Haley figuring it out in order to further the rift among the Mikaelsons.

Sometimes I am not sure who is scarier, Klaus or Elijah.  Klaus is more overtly dangerous and more prone to violence, but Elijah's urbane exterior belies the fact that he is just as capable of violence as Klaus is if his ire is raised.  Kidnapping his family?  Guaranteed to raise his ire.  Only problem is that when going up against witches, one needs more than just anger.  The other thing that can be scary about Elijah is that he tends to explode with little to no emotions (not always, but mostly) which is always scarier in my book.  I am so not sure how he is going to deal with Klaus and Rebekah at this point.  Sending for Mikael is an unforgivable sin in Klaus' eyes.  Elijah seems to be willing to let it go, but that may also be because he values family more than anything else.

Rebekah and Marcel need to run as far and as fast as possible.  I am not sure if Klaus will chase them down himself, but he will certainly do something to them because of what they did.  The only thing is that he will have to deal with Elijah first.  Unfortunately for Elijah, Klaus does have an edge due to his hybrid status, so this could be interesting.  Who knows?  Klaus may be willing to forgive Elijah because Elijah was protecting family.  Doubtful?  Granted, but always a possibility.

I totally get why Genevieve was pissed. Rebekah used her to send for Mikael and then changed her mind. When Genevieve couldn't reverse the spell and wanted to tell Klaus (who she totally had a thing for), Rebekah infected her (and Celeste's then-body) with the Spanish flu and had them isolated to protect her secret.  Yeah, that would probably piss me off too.  I did find the way she treated Klaus to be particularly amusing if only because it was such a contrast from how she treated Rebekah and how Celeste treats all of the Originals.

I am not sure what Haley hopes to accomplish by attacking (and presumably kidnapping) Celeste.  I get that she wants Celeste to remove the curse, but somehow I doubt that will happen.  Could it?  Sure, but I do doubt it.

Until next week!