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Monday, February 3, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.17- Silverfinger

We find out about the spirit warriors, Mr. Argent's connection to them, and Stiles' recent actions.  Kira finds out about Scott and the crew finds out about Kira.

Turns out the spirit warriors are called oni and are demons intent on finding someone who is possessed by a dark spirit.  The reason that the wolves and Lydia were marked is that they were not possessed by the dark spirit.  Once Scott figures this out, he orders the other wolves to stand back while he and Kira step forward and allow the oni; who are attacking his house; to touch them and confirm that they are not the receptacles of the dark spirit.  That was a smart move because once the oni confirmed that Scott and Kira belonged to themselves, they left.  One of the twins; Aiden, I think; tried to step forward to stop them, but Derek, realizing Scott's intent, stopped him.  Now that he is not trying to be a leader anymore, Derek is much less annoying.  I like this version of Derek better.

Was I the only one who was amused that Kira actually *wanted* to see Scott all wolfed out?  I guess it might be nice for her to not be the only supernatural creature around.  She knows about the pack and the pack figured out about her when she couldn't pass over the ash surrounding Scott's house.  My one question is how Derek knew about Kira.  I assume that, since he was following Scott all day, he overheard what they were talking about.  I was also amused that Kira removed the sparkplugs (at least I think that is what those parts were) from the twins' motorcycles and by the way they were following Scott around and acting as bodyguards.

Scott has some serious unresolved issues with his dad.  When he called Agent McCall a "sperm donor", I wonder if he was being literal.  I could have sworn that they said that Scott's parents were divorced, which would account for the name.  If Mr. McCall wasn't present in Scott's life, that would be grounds for the accusation.  If it was meant literally, why did Melissa take his name?  I was glad to see that he has enough paternal instinct (or maybe it was just a cop's instinct) to put himself between the oni and Scott, even if it did get him seriously injured.

Mr. Argent's connection to the oni is that he was sent by Gerard to buy some weapons from the yakuza when the oni attacked in order to destroy a dark spirit (missed the name of the spirit) who was in the local yakuza leader.  He managed to shoot one of the oni in the mask, which is why he has the shattered mask in his desk.  Argent, Allison, and Isaac went in search for a survivor of that attack.  Watching Isaac nearly have a panic attack over being sent in to sell the weapon was funny, but Allison's rather straightforward solution (kissing Isaac and letting him rub her leg) was hysterical.  He was so confident after that, almost too much so.

Apparently the oni cannot be killed, they can only be survived.  If people do not resist them, the oni won't hurt them which is useful information.  The oni are so singularly focused on finding the dark spirit that they will cut through anyone who gets between them and their target.  Unfortunately for them, the dark spirit in Beacon Hills got to them before they could get to it.  And that dark spirit is possessing Stiles.

That is seriously going to suck for Scott.  He has never actually killed someone, even if he was willing to kill Ms. Blake, and having to face off against his best friend is going to seriously screw with his head.  Last week I said:

While it is most definitely not our Stiles, I wonder what is getting into him.  The only thing that really makes any sense is that this is an extension of what happened to him after the sacrifice.  Something got into his head and is controlling him to some degree.  That is not good.  The problem is that if Scott is forced into a position where he has to choose between saving Stiles and saving other people, I don't know if Scott will be able to choose while maintaining his sanity.  I don't see him willingly sacrificing Stiles, but at the same time if he can't save others it will tear him up.  Not a good situation.

Scott has always been so determined to save everyone, but I don't know if it will be possible this time.  This dark spirit will need to be exorcised from Stiles and unless either Derek or Deaton has some sort of ritual to do so, I wonder what will happen.  I guess it is possible that if Stiles were to be changed into a werewolf, he may become immune, but I don't see Scott doing that.  This is going to be a serious pickle.

And what happened to Stiles' mom?  She had the same symptoms he did, so did she go crazy or did this same spirit possess her?  Either way, it does not bode well for Stiles.

Until next week!