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Monday, February 17, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.19- Letharia Vulpina

Scott meets the nogitsune, Deaton has a plan, Peter wants something from Lydia, and there is a whole lot of chaos....

Well, the nogitsune is wasting no time in causing chaos, pain, and destruction.  First, it sabotaged the electric grid at the hospital and electrocuted 2 or 4 people including Isaac before Kira was able to stop the electrical wire.  Then, it booby trapped the woods and got Coach shot in the stomach with a crossbow.  It also sent a bomb to the sheriff's station but made everyone believe that there was one on a bus.  It apparently also killed Katahashi and literally twisted a sword in Scott's gut before being taken down by Deaton.  This thing is so not nice.  I read somewhere (can't remember where, but if I find it, I'll link to it) that the nogitsune is not the big bad this season.  I don't want to know what is worse, although after tonight, I have my suspicions.

Last week I questioned if the nogitsune would have access to Stiles' memories, and this week answered that question with a resounding yes.  It managed to impersonate Stiles so well that Scott was fooled.  Granted, a part of fooling Scott is that Scott wanted Stiles to be himself, so he wasn't looking for other signs, but that was still impressive.  Being able to fool Stiles' best friend is not something to take lightly. We also found out that the nogitsune causes chaos, pain, and destruction because that is what it feeds on, so it was *SO* not happy that Scott was taking away people's pain with his Alpha abilities.  Hence the twisting of the sword in order to cause Scott pain and to immobilize him so that the nogitsune could take that pain out of Scott.  And given the look on Stiles' face, that much pain was almost euphoric for the nogitsune.

I get why Scott stopped the twins from attacking Stiles, but it was ultimately not the best move.  The problem is that there is no good move here.  Killing Stiles might or might not kill the nogitsune, but not killing him allows the nogitsune to do what it wills.  Deaton's approach was a good one.  Inject Stiles with a poison that hurts the nogitsune and hopefully doesn't hurt Stiles himself.  From what Deaton said, the poison should kill the nogitsune and it also apparently immobilizes it (at least temporarily).  Hopefully this will buy Scott and Deaton enough time to figure something out.

Derek and Isaac are not in good shape.  Derek has a back full of glass shards from the explosion in the sheriff's station and Isaac was electrocuted by the power line when it touched the water.  I suspect that Derek will live if he can get the glass shards removed and get his back bandaged in time.  Isaac is in a lot worse shape.  It sounds like his healing didn't really kick in, although it is possible that the healing is going towards keeping him alive more than actually healing the damage done by the electricity.

I like Alison and Lydia's approach to Peter.  They were cautious and Alison came prepared with a shock stick.  We did learn (assuming that Peter can be trusted) that the scream of the banshee is meant to clear the mind so that what needs to be heard is heard.  We also learned that Peter has a child, apparently a daughter.  That was surprising.  Remember that memory that Derek's mom removed from Peter?  That was apparently it.  And knowing Peter, he will do whatever he needs to do in order to find his daughter.  Between that and his killing of Ms. Blake at the end of season 3A, I suspect that he is about to hit big bad status again soon.

We also discovered that the oni can be summoned by sacrificing the tail of a kitsune.  That would be why Kira's mom controlled them last week when she confronted the nogitsune.  She summoned more this week but Scott and Kira managed to hold them off long enough for "Stiles" to get into Deaton's office.  This is where Scott got stabbed in the gut.  The one thing I am curious about is that I could have sworn that he was stabbed from back to front, but Deaton pulled the sword out from the front.  Either I saw wrong or the crew screwed up.

I wonder what happened to Agent McCall.  We last saw him in the sheriff's station (that I can remember anyway), but we didn't see him after the bomb.  I am sure he is all right, but I could be wrong.

Until next week!