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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.20- Echo House

A psychologically heavy episode that featured the return of some past guests and gave some potential answers...

This episode was a lot like "Motel California" from last summer, less frenetic and action packed than other episodes, but very heavy on the psychological front.  Most of the episode consisted of Stiles with Malia in the same asylum that Barrow escaped from and that Lydia led the group to when they were searching for Stiles.  Also present was Ms. Morell, now posing as a therapist at the asylum.  I was sort of surprised that Stiles decided to admit himself, although the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  He knows that the nogitsune is dangerous and he wants to do what he can to make sure that it does not harm anyone else.

Unfortunately for Stiles, the asylum is still dangerous.  Malia is pissed at him and Scott because they took her away from the life that she had.  Stiles' roommate is more than just a touch crazy and Ms. Morell has told Stiles that he needs to stay awake because he is most vulnerable to the nogistune when he is asleep.  She has also informed Stiles that if the nogitsune takes him over, she will kill him using a respiratory paralytic.  All sorts of fun.

Life in an asylum does have its upsides.  Stiles gets a good look at Malia when he walks in on her taking a shower in the boys room and he also gets to make out with her.  Yeah, that's pretty much it for the upside,

Ultimately, Stiles and Malia were tied up by Stiles' roommate who is about to drill a hole in Malia's head until Stiles gives himself over to the nogitsune to save her.  Here is my question.  How much of the episode in the asylum actually happened and how much was in Stiles' head?  Honestly, I am not sure yet.  I suspect that after Stiles was injected with the sedative is when it went to mostly in his head, slthough I could very easily be wrong.  My other question is if the nogitsune can occupy more than one person at a time.  If so, I think (based on some facial expressions) that Malia is in its grasp.  Either that or she is working with it.

Remember that woman who kidnapped Peter and Derek earlier this season?  She's related to the Argents somehow.  Not entirely sure how yet, but she is a hunter and Argent definitely knows her.  I am guessing that she is his mother-in-law, although I could be entirely wrong on that count.  My second guess is that she is some friend of the family who seems to fall more in line with Gerard's way of thinking.  She gives me the screaming willies.

Scott, the twins, Kira, Alison, and Lydia plan a heist in order to get the silverfinger from police custody for Deaton because it has a scroll inside that supposedly tells how to expel a nogitsune.  I will say that I was definitely a little disappointed here.  Kincaid is also after the scroll and he is an Omega.  Scott has shown his power over Omegas using his Alpha abilities before, but this time he was almost as helpless as a babe until the twins rescued him.  I do not get why Scott didn't try to use some of his Alphaness in order to take down Kincaid, other than it being used as a plot device to show how violent the twins can be.  Something about that just struck me as wrong.

When they got the scroll, it turns out that it says that the body of the host must be changed in order to exple the nogitsune.  Scott took this to mean that if he were to bite Stiles than Stiles would become a werewolf and the nogitsune would be expelled.  Number one, could it really be that simple?  Number two, could Scott actually bite Stiles?

Until next week!