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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.13- Things Fall Apart

Stephen reacts to last weeks events and meets the Founder as a result, John and Cara have a serious falling out, Stephen discovers out about a new type of Tomorrow Person, and he finds out a surprising secret about someone close to him.

Let's start with Stephen.  He, for some reason, finds himself seeing through the eyes of a new Tomorrow Person who is incredibly powerful.  She can make cop cars disappear, teleport bullets from inside of guns into her hands, and write a message on a wall (although it could have been in snow on the wall, that was a little unclear).  Turns out that the person is the daughter of the Founder who is a Synergist, a Tomorrow Person whose parents are both Tomorrow People.  Synergists are more powerful than your average Tomorrow Person.  As soon as they said this, I had some immediate thoughts that I will discuss in a bit.  In this episode, everything he does is to try and help Astrid get her life back, which he succeeded in doing (or so he thought).  He mistakenly trusted the Founder, but by doing so, he discovered that there is another member of his family who is a Tomorrow Person, and it wasn't Luca.  It was his mom!

That was actually the suspicion I had when they started talking about Synergists.  Stephen is powerful for a Tomorrow Person, which Cara and John chalked up too his father, but given the Synergist development, I immediately thought of his mom.  We have not ruled out that Luca is breaking out, but given the fact that both his mom, his dad, and his brother are all Tomorrow People, I would rate his chances of breaking out as pretty good.  What was especially surprising is that Stephen's mom was able to stop bullets in midair like Stephen did in the premiere.  That is a talented and powerful family.  This also leads me to question what exactly Stephen's mom has to do with his world.  Does Jedikiah know about her?  This throws a lot of assumptions about Stephen's world into question.

I was highly amused that Luca's secret was that he has been using a bong.  Stephen was all set to have "the Talk" with Luca about his powers and the look on his face when he realized the truth was quite amusing.

I'm sorry, but I have very little sympathy for Cara.  When John was in charge, she defied him often enough (and with good reason) that she has very little room to complain about what John does.  While she was right in the long run, if Stephen is truly important to the Tomorrow People, then John's actions were better in the short term.  Kicking John out after one defiance (even if it was public) was a fairly big overreaction.  Just goes to show you that how you view the world and what your priorities are depend on where you sit at the moment.

That being said, John should have found a better way to deal with the situation.  While he did do the right thing, when he challenged Cara publicly (twice!) he was inviting a response.  I wonder what he is going to do now.  Will he live with Stephen?  Or will he get his own place?  Also, how will his being ejected affect the Tomorrow People and Cara's leadership?

Until the 27th!