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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.14- Brother's Keeper

Welcome back!  Marla learns what Stephen has been up to, Cara continues to sink under the pressures of leadership, John crashes at Stephen's house, and we find out a big secret Jedikiah has been keeping.

Stephen and Marla had several minor skirmishes with each other this episode.  I get why he is mad at her.  For a while now, she has let him think he is crazy rather than tell him the truth about what is going on.  Then he proceeds to risk life and limb to protect her and Luca from what is going on, only to discover that she knows the basics already.  I also get why she is upset with him.  She has been trying to protect him, only to have him rush headlong onto the same road that took her husband away.  Fortunately, John told her what Stephen has been up to, so she is able to realize how important Stephen is and agrees to stick around so long as there is honesty between them.

I am impressed that she managed to keep her abilities a secret from Jedikiah and Ultra all this time.  Granted, most of it was probably because she didn't use them in order to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention, but still it is impressive.  She was also smart enough to listen to John and realize that Stephen is doing the right thing for everyone.  I just worry what will become of Luca.  Will he be a breakout like Stephen?  Or will he be more like Jedikiah and remain powerless?

Cara is not dealing with leadership well.  I know that she is doing what she sees as the best thing (and in some cases she is right), but she is also going down a bad path.  Using the new breakout and his twin to try and kill Jedikiah was not a good idea.  I get that Jedikiah is dangerous, but is sinking to that level a good thing?  She has also managed to at least partially alienate Stephen and Russell also appears to be getting annoyed with her.  Also, reading Stephen's mind without his consent is seriously uncool.

I also worry about Stephen.  While he has managed to maintain his dual allegiances thus far, I have to wonder how much longer he can keep up the facade of being a loyal Ultra agent.  He nearly slipped several times tonight when he revealed information that he shouldn't have had and his partner got suspicious of him.  Couple that with the fact that Cara and Russell spoiled his chance to seize the breakout and Stephen is in a little trouble.  Granted, he has been through worse, but how many times can he repeat this cycle before he ends up holding the short end of the stick?

Seeing John free from leadership is (as I've said before) nice.  He is able to get a bit more perspective and tells off both Stephen and Cara nicely.  I wonder if he is right about Cara wanting him back as an assassin.  She has to know that he hates killing, and I hope that she is not that heartless.

Seeing Jedikiah standing over his brother's frozen body was seriously creepy.  If Jedikiah has the body, than who (if anyone) was in the car?  Also, is Roger really dead with his personality trapped in limbo or was that conversation something else meant to manipulate Stephen?

Until next week!