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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.13- Total Eclipse of the Heart

We get to see with the effects of Katherine's decision to break up with Damon, Caroline gets "Elena" and Bonnie to go to the Bitter Ball with her (there's a hilarious Twitter hashtag story I'll tell in a bit about this one), Tyler and Matt figure out what Nadia is up to, Bonnie meets a witch, and Dr. Creepy is back and he has friends....

First, let's start with the hashtag story.  Each week there is a different hashtag for the episode of the week.  This week's was #BitterBallBlues.  Then there was a tweet about being sure to get the order of the words correct.  Hopefully I don't have to spell this one out.  Granted, it is totally sophomoric, juvenile, and immature, but it is also completely hilarious IMNSHO.

Now for the actual episode.  As Stefan and Katherine noted (and as stated by many people last week), Damon is reacting in a completely predictable way.  He gets hurt and he lashes out at other people in order to hurt the person who hurt him.  All thought goes out the window and his emotions reign supreme.  This is the part of Damon I really do not like.  It is incredibly immature and quite annoying.  The guy really needs to learn to figure out a better way to deal.  I have no doubt that this is exactly what Katherine wanted, but still.....

Stefan was right when he said that being with Elena was one of the best things that ever happened to Damon.  When he wasn't busy sabotaging the relationship, he was doing everything he could do to be the person that both she and Stefan know he can be.  He is genuinely a good guy, but he lets his worst instincts control him too often.  Killing Aaron and threatening Jeremy had no purpose except to further alienate Elena and (as Stefan said) confirm in his and everyone else's eyes that he is an irredeemable monster.  The guy has some serious self-esteem issues that he needs to work on.

I like that Stefan is not giving up on Damon.  He knows that there is a good person in there somewhere and wants to help Damon be that person again.  This is going to be a problem because Katherine is determined to get with Stefan again.  I don't see her being with Damon again under any circumstances.  To Katherine Damon has never been anything but a convenient play toy to use as she wants to.  Trying to save Damon this time is going to be particularly interesting because Dr. Creepy injected Damon with the serum to make him a vampire eater.

I was impressed that Matt figured out what is going on with "Elena" so quickly.  Had Tyler not figured out what Nadia is doing to Matt, it would not have been figured out.  Matt saw that Nadia was gathering information and passing on, which meant that Katherine had to be alive and in Elena's head.  Unfortunately, he is currently in Nadia's hands, which means that this information is not going to come out soon unless something changes.  I loved the drinking scene with Nadia, Tyler, and Matt reminiscing about the mistakes of their mothers.  Matt's crack about Tyler and his mom was the best because Tyler had forgotten about it and because of the look on Nadia's face.  That was priceless.

Bonnie the witch teacher?  That should be interesting.  I wonder if this is a way to make Bonnie a witch again.  The only problem is that in order to do that, Bonnie will have to pass on her status as the Anchor.  But if she can teach some witches to use their magic, it could be a powerful resource for the gang.

Caroline also reacted predictably to the events of last week.  She is determined to cut both Tyler and Klaus out of her life.  Given how fond she is of the Stelena pairing, I was surprised that she tried to get "Elena" to slow things down.  Does she have feeling for Stefan?  Or is she simply concerned about both Stefan and Elena moving on too quickly?

Dr. Creepy has teamed up with the Travelers.  That so cannot be good, particularly because the Travelers have the blood of the two dopplegangers.

Until the 27th!