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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.14- No Exit

Katherine continues her crusade to get Stefan, Nadia and Matt continue to hang out, Caroline attempts to reconcile with Tyler, and Damon continues to go downhill as a part of Dr. Wes' "experiment"....

Katherine is nothing if not relentless.  She's also quite good at improvising to get what she wants.  Stefan wants to go looking for Damon?  Sure, she'll go along and use the opportunity to get close to Stefan.  Don't leave her by your car because she'll break it in order to get dirty so that she can seduce you.  And don't let her answer your phone because she'll use the information to try and get you to kill your brother.  Her flexibility and improvisational skills have served her well for 500 years and they continue to do so.  The only problem is that she slipped up several times and Stefan and Caroline put the disparate pieces together and figured out that "Elena" is actually Katherine.

I was glad that Stefan managed to resist "Elena's" advances.  Given how he obviously still has feelings for her, that took a great deal of effort and I am proud of him.  And while I am not surprised that he chose the path that would save Damon, that made me proud too, if only because it frustrated Katherine no end.  She has never quite figured Stefan out.  She thought that by putting herself in danger, Stefan would be forced to choose between her and Damon, where he was actually able to save both.  And the fact that he took all of the bits and pieces and realized what was going on was impressive.  The question is what is he going to do?

I'm sorry, but I have little sympathy for Tyler.  I get why he is mad at Caroline, but let us not forget that he abandoned her to get revenge on Klaus.  I know it doesn't justify what she did, but it does make me a whole lot less sympathetic towards him and his position.  Then again, I have never been fond of Tyler, so there it is.  Caroline can also get on my nerves with her constant refusal to see that Damon has changed, so this is some of her own medicine coming back at her.  I am pretty much over these two, so I say let it die already.

Nadia and Matt would make a cute couple if she wasn't Katherine's daughter and holding him hostage.  I think that the two of them are genuinely fond of each other.  Matt's attempts to turn Nadia against Katherine were pathetically obvious, but his ultimate solution (kiss her and then steal her phone) was a good one.  Unfortunately for him, Nadia caught him and managed to erase his memories of what happened.  His attempt to connect with her over absentee mothers was a good try.  But dude, you're not going to pull that over on a 500 year old vampire.  Sorry.

And now Nadia is dying.  During her brief tussle with Caroline and Tyler, she got bit by Tyler.  She ain't gonna be long for this world.  The question is, what will Katherine do?  Will she continue her crusade to get Stefan or will she actually try and help Nadia?  Seeing as the former has no chance now that Stefan knows about her, I am betting on the latter if she can get away from the gang.

Poor Damon.  Trapped in a house with Enzo and then with "Elena" and Stefan.  This was not his night.  Dr. Wes is pretty much a sick, inhuman monster and needs to be taken care of somehow.  His "experiments" are sadistic and cruel with little to no actual point.  I don't think he actually gets off on what he is doing, but he is so focused on his "research" that he is ignoring everything else.  At least Damon got away.  Will Stefan be able to teach Damon to curb his cravings?  Or will something more drastic have to be done?

Until next week!