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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Review of Tomorrow People 1.18- Smoke and Mirrors

The Founder is back at Ultra, Stephen's separation from the Tomorrow People widens, Jedekiah is desperate, and someone new finds out about the Tomorrow People.

The question of the week is who can Stephen trust more: the Founder or Jedekiah?

Jedekiah is his uncle, but he has also repeatedly lied to Stephen and has committed almost unspeakable acts of cruelty.  So why should Stephen trust him when he is warning Stephen about the Founder?  It is the problem of the boy who cried wolf.  Jedekiah is so unreliable at this point that it is hard to believe him.  Then, to top it off, Jedekiah told Luca the whole truth and forced Stephen to choose between revealing his powers or saving Luca.  As if that is really a choice Stephen could have made.

The Founder is also seemingly untrustworthy.  He experimented on his own daughter, shows signs of paranoia (or some other type of mental instability), is manipulative, and sent people to kill Astrid when she found out about the Tomorrow People.  On the other hand, he does seem to have changed in the wake of his daughter's death, so it is possible that he has turned over a new leaf.

Stephen, somewhat unsurprisingly, chose to ally himself with the Founder, reasoning that he can still effect change from within Ultra.  After everything Jedekiah has done to Stephen personally, I find it hard to blame Stephen for his choice.  John seemed to be inclined to let Stephen follow his instincts until the blatant emotional manipulation by Jedekiah when he revealed Roger's body to John.  Cara, on the other hand, didn't even give the Founder's words a second (or even a first for that matter) thought.  She dismissed the whole idea out of hand and pushed Stephen further away in the process.  She also was clearly jealous, which didn't help her cause at all.  After the way she has been acting, I am totally unsurprised that Stephen ignored her.  Her leadership skills have not been up to par and she has done enough to damage Stephen's trust in her that I don't think she had a chance of him listening to her.

Is Stephen being manipulated?  Yes, he is.  But the question is whether the manipulation will benefit him, the Founder, or everyone.  We know that Jedekiah is scared of the machine, but it could be because the machine will give the Founder some sort of leg up on everyone else.  I have a theory about the machine and the "tracking devices" the Founder was talking about.  The Founder said that the devices attached themselves to the cerebellum, which is the part of the brain that helps to coordinate movement.  I suspect that the devices somehow allow the Founder to control the movements of the people who they are in.  The machine will somehow use Stephen's power to enable the devices and allow the Founder to have an army with which he will try and wipe out the homo sapiens.

Can anyone blame Luca for flipping out at the revelation of what Stephen can do?  And then he found out that both of his parents have the paranormal powers as well, so his world is completely upended.  I cannot blame Stephen for wanting to protect Luca, and I really hope that Luca sees that everything Stephen has done was to help his family have as normal of a life as possible.  In fact, I suspect that is also a part of the reason why Stephen is going along with the Founder.  If a normal life can be achieved, that would be something that Stephen has wanted for some time now.

Until April 14th!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.17- Rescue Me

We meet the last of the male dopplegangers, find out more about Liv and Luke, watch Delena melt down, watch Jeremy move out of the Salvatores' house, and see the Travelers do some interesting magic.

Liv and Luke are in town in order to stop the Travelers.  Apparently, there is bad blood between witches who draw their power from the earth and the Travelers.  I wonder if the bad blood has anything to do with Silas and Qetsiyah or if it is something else.  So far, in the VD universe, we have seen four distinct types of magic.  We've seen witches who draw their power from nature, witches who draw their power from the ancestors (although these types mix somewhat), Expression, and the Travelers who seem to practice a type of blood magic.  Many cultures believe that the spilling of blood releases power (after all, blood is life, yes?), so if you can harness the power of blood, you can do some wicked powerful spells.  Use the blood of supernatural creatures (in this case dopplegangers) and you probably have more power.  Using the power to link themselves and commit mass suicide in order to bring their leader back from the Other Side was very creepy and so not a good thing!

My question is what exactly do the Travelers want with Elena and Stefan?  I would say that there is probably a ritual of some sort involving the dopplegangers, but what is the purpose?  The alternative is that Markos wants to get revenge on the dopplegangers for some reason.  But again, the question is, why?  And why are Luke and Liv hellbent on preventing whatever it is from happening?  Obviously, it will be bad for them, but will it be bad for anyone else?

It was nice to see the show finally address the amount of time the gang spends away from school.  I am surprised that they managed to graduate at all.  And Jeremy has had it rougher than anyone else.  He's lost his parents, aunt, sister, and multiple girlfriends; had his mind messed with on many occasions; died several times; been brought back from the dead; and was left in the care of someone who killed him on a few different occasions who also happens to be his sister's on-again, off-again boyfriend.  If that is not a recipe for issues, I do not know what is.  Moving out will hopefully help him get his bearings and get back some semblance of normalcy.

Damon and Elena had an epic meltdown.  After sleeping with him, Elena decides that it's over.  Only problem?  She keeps having fantasies about him!  Do Damon and Elena have the healthiest relationship? No, but what Elena (and others) seem to forget is that they depend on Damon to do the things they won't do, but they then turn around and get upset at him for doing them!  Like tonight, Elena got really upset that Damon was torturing Liv.  Thing is that if Damon hadn't been there, Elena would be dead and there would be no answers.  Elena really needs to come to some sort of decision where Damon is concerned.  Either stay with him despite his many flaws or breakup with him and risk an adverse reaction.

Watching Caroline and Enzo together was interesting and a little creepy.  Enzo was openly flirting with Caroline who was so not wanting to deal with that.  Something about Enzo creeps me out.  He is smooth and handsome, but he is also very unstable and that is not a good thing.  He is like season 1 Damon only worse in almost every respect.  I wish Caroline had been able to save the doppleganger, but had he not been killed, Stefan would have been and the situation would be much worse.

Poor Bonnie had to experience the death of who knows how many Travelers in a very short period of time.  Here's hoping that she comes through it ok, because it was apparently very painful.  So painful that she actually passed out, although that may also have been a side effect of the ritual.

Until April 17!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.17- Endgame

I am actually glad I left this for its own day because the episode was fairly momentous and deserves my undivided attention.  Cara met a new breakout who was a familiar face from her past, Jedekiah enlists Stephen to help him and John is dragged along, we get some backstory on the founding of Ultra, and Callie returns....

This episode introduced a definite rift between Jedekiah and the Founder.  Jedekiah insists that the Founder is bent on destruction and the Founder insists that Jedekiah is jealous of what the Tomorrow People have and poisoned Roger's mind against him.  This rift seems to be the next obstacle for Stephen to navigate.  Jedekiah claims that he knew the whole time that Stephen was a double agent for the Tomorrow People and that he set events in motion in order to set the Founder up to be killed by John.  While this may be true, I strongly suspect that Jedekiah merely took advantage of circumstances in order to fulfill his own ends.  Unfortunately for him, Jedekiah has lied to Stephen one too many times, so when the Founder told Stephen that what he and John were doing was only for Jedekiah's good, Stephen started to believe him.

The question here is which one is telling the truth?  To be honest, I suspect that both of their stories have an element of the truth.  The Founder does seem to be bent on having the Tomorrow People control the world and Jedekiah does definitely seem to be jealous of what Roger and the Founder have.  The problem is that both have deluded themselves into believing their own tales, so I don't think there is really a good way to tell exactly what is going on.  Jedekiah lost this round when John failed to kill the Founder and he had to flee, but you know that man has more up his sleeve.

I wonder if John really believed what Jedekiah was saying or if he went along with it in the hope of getting Roger back and ending the struggle between Ultra and the Tomorrow People.  Unfortunately, I do not think that killing the Founder would have ended the war on the Tomorrow People.  Jedekiah does seem genuinely worried about what the Tomorrow People can do (not that I blame him, given the Founder) and we know how much he loves his experiments.  If the war were to end and the Tomorrow People were to come to the surface, I am sure that Jedekiah would find a way to capture and study them.

Stephen is going to be walking a very narrow path, one which has destruction on either side.  Stephen is powerful enough that both Jedekiah and the Founder want him on their side.  I wonder what that chair is that the Founder was referring to and why Roger destroyed it.  I feel fairly safe when I say that it is probably something that Roger invented and realized could be put to evil use, so he destroyed it to prevent either the Founder or Jedekiah from getting their hands on it.  Stephen doesn't know what is truly going on (not that we do either!), so he seems susceptible to manipulation at the hands of either of these two masters of the craft.  He is mostly concerned about getting his father back and protecting people, so it will be interesting to see what he does.

As a boy, Jedekiah seems to have been fairly unpopular given that scene we saw where he had been bullied and had a gun.  When Roger first used telekinesis to stop that bullet, Jedekiah was definitely intrigued.  Then there was that laboratory and the first meeting with the Founder.  Jedekiah seemed so sad (and a little upset actually) at being left out of the telepathic conversation.  I do want to know how exactly he knew what they thought at each other.  I assume Roger told him, but we never heard for sure.  And that appears to be how Ultra was founded.

Cara met a breakout and it was her sister, who was none too pleased at the turn of events.  I am not sure how much of the anger the sister showed was due to her budding powers and how much of it was because she was mad at Cara for leaving, but both were definitely present.  She definitely wanted to stay a ballet dancer, so Cara giving her the bracelet was a good thing.  I almost hate to say this, but if that shot would help her, it might not have been the worst idea.

Callie is dead because of what she, Jedekiah, John, Stephen, and the Founder did.  John fired the bullet, the Founder deflected it and it hit Callie who conspired with John, Jedekiah, and Stephen to kill her dad.  This cannot end well for anyone involved.

Until next week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.24- Divine Move

The nogitsune goes down and takes others with him, Isaac and Mr. Argent discover what Allison figured out, someone surprising knows about werewolves, someone comes and another leaves, and a shocking figure from the past shows up most unexpectedly (and unwelcomely!)

I was a little surprised at Mr. Argent's reaction to Allison's death.  Not terribly surprised, but still a little surprised.  Her death caused him to completely sublimate any feelings of grief he had in order to focus on figuring out how to take down the oni and nogitsune. Fortunately, he was able to be human enough to comfort Isaac who was in complete shock over what happened.  He also coached Scott on what to say to the police about what happened to Allison.  Fortunately for all concerned, Isaac and Mr. Argent were able to figure out how Allison destroyed an oni.  Silver can destroy them as long as it stays in the body.  That is why Mr. Argent was able to hurt (but not kill) an oni when he shot it when he was younger.  Problem is that the bullet went straight through the oni, hurting it but not destroying it.

After searching for how to join Scott's pack, Ethan and Aiden finally got it after Derek informed them that they needed to do what Scott would do: stand and fight to protect others regardless of the cost.  And boy, did they pay a price.  Aiden managed to destroy an oni but not before being impaled on the oni's sword.  That has to seriously suck.  I am glad that they finally did get it and were able to channel their aggression in the right way.  I also have to say that I am definitely liking Derek more as a mentor than a leader.  He can teach quite well and understands what is going on quite well.  When Ethan was saying good bye to Danny, I was completely shocked to hear Danny tell Ethan that he knew Ethan was a werewolf.  How long has Danny known?  As far as I can remember, Danny has never seen anyone from the group change or anything, so I don't know how he knew.  Then there is the casual way he said it, like everyone knew about werewolves.  Inquiring minds so want to know....

Stiles' "divine move" was inspired.  When the nogitsune had him, Scott, Lydia, and Kira trapped in that illusion, Stiles figured out what was going on and got them out.  Then he managed to set up the nogitsune to be bitten by Scott.  Honestly, I half expected that Scott would have to turn Stiles himself in order to change the body of the host, but apparently the host body the nogitsune was using was real enough to be changed by Scott's bite.  At least the nogitsune is trapped now and I suspect that Argent and Isaac left to put it somewhere where it will never be found.  I just worry about what Stiles is going to do after everything that has happened.  I don't think that he'll withdraw from the fight, but I suspect that he will either hang back a little bit more or he'll learn how to fight in order to be a more active participant.  I am hoping for the second, but either is a perfectly valid possibility.

I wonder if Mr. McCall is going to stick around for a while.  I hope he can repair his relationship with Scott.  Also, if as implied by the scene with Isaac and Argent leaving, he may prove to be an invaluable ally in a fight.  Scott will just have to persuade him that the supernatural is real.  Scott could really use his dad right now.  His first love was just killed and Scott is still reeling from what happened.  It would be nice to see the three of them together in some capacity.

Kate Argent is alive and changed by Peter's claws.  That so cannot be a good thing.  I think that she will be out for some serious revenge on all sorts of people, particularly those whom she will blame for Allison's death.  That woman wasn't stable before Peter killed her, and I can't imagine that much has changed.

Malia is sticking around to be taught by Scott.  I hope that Kira will stick around too, because I do like her.

Until June 23rd y'all!

Tomorrow People Review out tomorrow

In order to give the show a good review unaffected by what is sure to be a massive Teen Wolf review tonight, I am going to write the Tomorrow People review tomorrow night.  Thanks for your understanding.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.17- Moon Over Bourbon Street

Elijah attempts to impose peace on the Quarter, Marcel plots his return, Davina is still dealing with what happened while she was dead, and Klaus makes a deal with the wolves...

First, I want to apologize for how late this is.  I missed the episode on Tuesday and didn't have time to watch it until tonight.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Elijah has an interesting situation on his hands.  Klaus is seemingly apathetic to what is going on in the Quarter, so it falls to Elijah to keep the peace.  The problem is that you have witches and vampires attacking each other and humans in the streets in the middle of the day.  Not exactly conditions which are amenable to peace and harmony.  Marcel was able to keep the peace using Davina as a tool to control the witches, but Elijah doesn't have that sort of power.  Everything that bubbled under the surface while Marcel ruled has broken out now.  Elijah may very well have to turn into Klaus in order to keep New Orleans peaceful.

That may be the reason why Klaus is seemingly apathetic.  I suspect that he wants to see Elijah turn into him.  After all, that would be a sweet sort of revenge for Klaus.  Elijah and Rebekah were always on Klaus for what he did, so to see Elijah have to embrace those same ideas would be give Klaus an "I told you so!" moment.  Given that, I do wonder why Klaus is making deals with the wolves.  Is it really that he appreciates their sense of loyalty to family and pack (which is something he craves)?  Or is he trying to push things in such a way as to force Elijah down a certain road?

Marcel is plotting how to get New Orleans back for himself.  He got Josh to help Davina use her magic again and is trying to build an army out of the vampires who left the compound.  I must admit that I can't believe that Josh is doing something that Marcel wants.  Granted, Davina needed the help because of everything that happened, but those two should know that helping Marcel or Klaus is a bad idea.

Davina has her mojo back and it appears to be quite strong.  I highly doubt that she has anywhere near the amount of power that she had before, but she appears to still have a good amount.  Hopefully Monique will smarten up and stop being such a queen bee bitch towards Davina.  Something happened to her while she was dead and it didn't change her for the better.  From what we saw of her before, she was basically a good person, but now she seems to be a fanatic and somewhat unstable.

I wonder if somehow Davina could turn back into the powerhouse that helped keep the peace.  If she was able to choose the role, rather than be tricked into it, she would handle it better.  Elijah has always dealt fairly with her (although he did use her for his own ends), so maybe she would work with him.  If Davina could fulfill the same role again, that would be a very good thing.

The new human representative gives me the screaming willies.  Something about her is so incredibly shifty, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.  I don't trust her at all and suspect that she is so much more than what she appears to be.

This 3 way war brewing between the vampires, wolves, and witches is so not going to be pretty if it breaks out.  The humans may be able to affect the outcome somewhat, but for the most part, I suspect that they will just have to sit this out and see what happens.  With Klaus stirring the pot by inciting the wolves, things are going to get very tricky.  I know that Genevieve (and probably the returned teens) could hurt the Originals if needed, I don't know if the witches could do much more than just protect themselves from Klaus or Elijah if their ire is raised.  I also don't know if a normal werewolf would be able to stop Elijah.  Klaus is obviously immune to the vampiric weakness to wolf bites and we know that a hybrid can affect Elijah, but can a normal wolf?

Next episode is in a few weeks.  See y'all then!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.16- While You Were Sleeping

This was a somewhat trippy episode that serves as a bridge to what is to come.  We saw another doppleganger, Elena descending into madness, Delena come roaring back with a vengeance, and a whole heaping serving of truth.

Let's start with Elena.  Not only is she suffering from an enhanced version of the Ripper virus, but she is also coming out of the massive nightmare that was Katherine taking over her life.  Naturally, she is wondering how no one seemed to pick up on the fact that she wasn't herself.  Let us not forget that Katherine is above all a survivor.  She has been studying Elena for years and can do a pretty good job of imitating her and if anyone starts to figure it out, she knows how to keep them off balance.  That's what happened to Damon.  Katherine knows all of Damon's weak points and she exploited them with a vengeance.  She got Damon to the point where he wasn't thinking, instead he was reacting to her manipulations.  Everyone else missed the subtle clues because they all thought that Katherine was dead.  Doesn't make it any easier on Elena, but it does make the error understandable.

To make matters even worse, the enhanced virus is causing Elena to hallucinate and start to completely break from reality.  She saw Aaron, figured out that he was dead, and immediately jumped to the conclusion that she killed him.  Not a bad conclusion to leap to, all things considered.  While I wasn't surprised that Damon told her, I was a little surprised at how tender he was when he told her.  He seriously looked like he was about to break down or something.  It might well have been that he thought that Elena wouldn't forgive him.  Then there was that fight they had at the end.  I am not sure how much of what she said she actually meant and how much of it was just erupting in Damon's direction, but I am fairly certain he'll take most of it to heart.  Given the fact that they went from the fight to reunion sex, I am not sure how he'll react, but it is something I am not entirely sure I want to see.

The lengths Elena went to to get out were astonishing.  Threatening Liv and Bonnie and then impaling Liv with that piece of the chair was pretty harsh.  Then again, given the fact that she was totally losing it, a little bit of over the top violence and threats are completely understandable.  Thank goodness Jeremy wasn't around because Elena would have been very upset if she had done something to him in a fit of madness.

I was honestly worried when Luke bumped into Elena that I had completely forgotten a character or something.  I was relieved to see that he is, in fact, Liv's brother.  Given the fact that Liv is obviously hiding the extent of her magical abilities, I suspect that we have our next set of antagonists.  Are these two Travelers or are they something else entirely?  They know that Bonnie is the anchor and Luke cannot be compelled (which could vervain or something else entirely), so this cannot be a good thing.

I want to know where this other doppleganger came from.  I thought the dopplegangers were descended from Amara and Silas, but since Stefan has no children and he and Damon were the last of the Salvatores, there is obviously something I am missing.  Will Caroline actually be able to kill a Stefan lookalike?  Somehow I suspect that something else is going to happen.  And having her with Enzo may not be the brightest idea.

Until next week!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Originals Review will be up later

I apologize, but I missed the episode tonight.  I will try and watch it tomorrow or Thursday, but it might be until Saturday before I can see it depending on how my schedule works out.  Keep coming back to check for it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.16- Superhero

A little more backstory on Russell, Stephen continues his search for his dad, Cara and John are back together, and a few secrets are revealed.

Four years ago, in Vegas, Russell met another Tomorrow Person named Talia who wanted to use her powers to help people.  When a Tomorrow Person with the same MO appears in the city, he assumes it's here.  Turns out that Talia has disciples who go from city to city using their powers to help people out.  I must say that as ideas go, it is a good one.  Cara and John (naturally) hate the idea because it risks exposing their powers to normal people.

I have to say that this argument is getting tired.  I know that Cara and John are both doing what they think is the best for everyone, but Russell had a point when he said that they were being presented with a false dichotomy: either join Ultra or hide.  There is the third option of using their powers to help people.  Does it risk exposure?  Yes, however it is better to help people than not.  Stephen has been arguing for something similar since he found out about his powers.  He wants to find a third option that is neither Ultra nor hiding.  The third path is, as I said earlier, incredibly risky, but it is ultimately the best choice.

Finding out about Hillary's past was very interesting.  She saw her family killed and so wants to protect people from evil.  Her joining Ultra actually makes sense here.  She sees Ultra as the best way to protect people from the bad people out there so that there are no more families like hers.  It also explains her drive to be the best.  She wants to be out fighting to protect people.  Now, that being said, I would not put it beyond her to have made that up in order to get close to Stephen and see if he is a traitor or something.  So, I'll reserve judgment on her for the moment.

Cara really needs to loosen her grip on things.  She is being overly controlling and insisting that everyone fall in line with what she thinks is best and she's been doing this ever since she was voted leader by the group.  No wonder Russell and Stephen are rebelling against her.  John let both of them have more rein, but Cara doesn't seem to trust them and it seriously chafes at the both of them.  If Cara could loosen up a bit, then she would be an infinitely better leader and maybe have a chance of both Russell and Stephen actually listening to her.  That being said, her diversion was brilliant. It got everyone out without putting anyone at serious risk.

Stephen and Jedekiah are going to need a seriously long chat.  Jedekiah has figured out that Stephen is still in contact with John and Cara and Stephen knows that Jedekiah has his dad's body.  I am not entirely sure how the two of them are going to sort this one out.  I so hope they actually have this out in next week's episode because I have to see this one.

Until next week!

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.23- Insatiable

As promised, there was a major death (and it was a shocker!).  There were also a couple of fake-outs, a story from Scott's dad, and one massive fight....

Allison Argent is dead.  That was a complete shock to me.  If I were asked, I would have put her in my top three or four safe people (the others being Scott, Stiles, and Lydia, in that order).  Scott is obviously safe since he is the titular character.  Stiles was there because he would have been such an obvious choice to kill that I figured that one out.  I honestly have no particular reason for listing Lydia there aside from a very strong feeling that she would be safe.  I had always thought that Allison/Scott was the endgame, so I didn't see her dying.  I would have put Isaac, Derek, or the twins as the most likely to die.

Allison dying does open up a lot of doors story wise.  Aside from Stiles and his mother, Allison was the one person whose death is guaranteed to unhinge Scott to some degree.  They were each others' first big love, so he'll have to deal with losing her.  Her death may also lead to Mr. Argent becoming unhinged and/or leaving the show.  Scott will also be forced to deal with the death of someone really close to him and that could bring his leadership into question to some degree.  I do wonder if Kira may be around to stay at this point as Scott's newest pack member/love interest or if she'll leave after the nogitsune is (presumably) dealt with next week.  This is going to be very interesting to see.

To add to the hurt, the nogitsune was still wearing Stiles' form when it wrested control of the oni from Kira's mom.  Given the fact that it was one of the oni that killed Allison and that the nogitsune is here because of her, Scott will probably harbor some seriously ill will towards Kira's mom.  This will also probably complicate Scott and Stiles' friendship because of the nogitsune's form.  Talk about some serious complications.

Looking back at the episode, there were some clues about Allison's death.  The way she said goodbye to her dad when making the arrowheads was a big one as was the call she made to him and his warnings to stay away.  The talk with Isaac in the car was a smaller one.  Basically, in retrospect, they were wrapping up her relationships with people before she died.  Not in an obvious way, but one that totally makes sense retrospectively.

I have to compliment Dylan for managing to play two completely different characters at the same time.  He had the nogitsune who was taking an almost sadistic pleasure in what was going on and in the way he was torturing Lydia.  Then there was Stiles who was weakening gradually as the episode went on.  I suspect that the fact that the nogitsune is wearing his body is what is making him sicken.  If I'm right, then killing the nogistune will cause Stiles to get better.  If it is something else, then we definitely have reason to worry.

What is up with the girl from the asylum?  Does she have an ability that is driving her mad or is her madness allowing her to see beyond our reality and into the supernatural reality?  She could be a banshee, but if so I want to know how she became one.  The problem with her warning is that it was too general and not strong enough.  Maybe that was all the warning Lydia could give under the circumstances though.

I loved watching Coach taser the guy from the asylum.  That was quite fun to see.  I will admit that I was secretly hoping to see the guy get tasered someplace a little more painful, but it didn't happen and I'll leave it at that.  :-)

I am so hoping that the story Scott's dad told him about Scott falling down the stairs was not the big secret.  If so, I will be massively disappointed.  I know I said I was hoping they weren't going to go the affair route, but that story was so minor that it didn't seem to be worth the time.  Not that dropping a baby/kid down the stairs is good or anything, but with no lasting damage, it seemed very anticlimatic.

So we have the twins shot with wolfsbane laced shells (what was up with Mr. Argent's reaction to the shell?), Isaac looking like he received several wounds from the oni, Allison dead, Stiles seemingly near death, and Scott completely devastated.  I cannot wait for next week to see how exactly how this all plays out in the season finale.

Until then!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.16- Farewell to Storyville

Someone leaves, Marcel tries to stand up to Klaus, the witches make a demand, and we learn more about the Originals' childhood.

Well, I cannot say that I was expecting Rebekah to completely leave.  I figured that she'd be gone for a few episodes and then show back up for some reason.  I will miss her.  While she is not my favorite character, she was always fun to watch, even if her constant feuding with Klaus did get a bit repetitive after a few years.  I guess the question is whether or not her calling Mikael to New Orleans was a result of Klaus' actions or not.  Watching the two of them argue back and forth about it was interesting to see.  Klaus is paranoid and determined to prove that she wanted to actually kill him, whereas she (at first) maintained that she just wanted to make him suffer.  She did admit that she sort of wanted him dead, but can you blame her after everything he has done?

So now we are down to Elijah and Klaus.  Klaus is not terribly happy with Elijah because Elijah "betrayed" him by protecting Rebekah, but Klaus did cause Elijah tremendous pain via the curved stake, so that appears to have worked itself out.  When Elijah came into the courtyard at the end of the episode and ordered everyone to leave, it was one of his scary moments.  He is so calm about his threats that they are actually scarier than Klaus yelling.  Then there was his very pointed threat to Marcel.  He chose to spare Marcel out of respect for Rebekah, but he did promise Marcel that if he set foot in the Quarter again, he would die.  And it looked like Marcel believed him.  Is Elijah going to become Klaus' enforcer now?  Or is he simply trying to make nice with his brother again?

Gotta admire the fact that Marcel tried to stand up to Klaus.  Unfortunately, it didn't amount to much because of Klaus' indifference and Elijah's arrival.  Marcel really has lost all of his power.  The witches don't fear him anymore, Klaus is ignoring him, Rebekah has left, Elijah has exiled him, and Davinna is back with the witches.  If Marcel is planning on getting his power back, I want to know how he plans to manage it since he really has very little left.  He can't use Klaus again like he has in the past and I don't think anyone else will work with him for fear of the wrath of the Originals.  This should be interesting.

So the witches wanted Davinna back.  I am curious as to why.  Davinna is not fond of them after they tried to kill her, but she is also afraid of the ancestors and what they will do if she steps out of line again.  It appears that she can be used as a symbol by the witches, but I am not sure how.  Gonna be interested to see how this one plays out.

Watching more snippets of the Originals' childhood just makes it clearer why Klaus is the way he is.  Mikael hated Klaus so much that he wouldn't encourage him at all and would, in fact, beat him in order to toughen him up.  One time, he beat Klaus so badly that Rebekah had to threaten him with a sword in order to save Klaus' life.  To see that and then to see how far they've fallen is quite depressing.  Both Elijah and Rebekah love Klaus deeply, but Klaus is so suspicious and so damaged that he can't see it.

New episode next week and then we're off for a month.  See y'all then!

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.22- De-Void

The nogitsune causes even more chaos, this time among the supernaturally inclined; a surprising person comes to the rescue of Sheriff Stilinski; Melissa receives a shock; Scott shows his Alpha side to surprising effect; and Lydia makes a deal with a surprising person....

If there was someone I would not have expected Lydia to make a deal with, it was Peter.  Considering everything he has done to her and the gang, I was surprised that she was willing to make him any sort of promise.  Then again, if he is as desperate to find his daughter as he appears, it means that he can be trusted to uphold his end of the bargain.  Doesn't make me any less surprised, but I guess it does make sense.  She gets to save Stiles in exchange for giving Peter the name of his daughter.  Pretty good deal from her end.

And regardless of what you think of him, Peter did deliver.  Scott was looking for how to free Stiles from the nogitsune and was ready to bite him, hoping to expel the nogitsune that way.  Fortunately, Peter knew how to do the mind-entering thing and told Scott how he and Lydia could work together to help Stiles.  And what a journey that was!  The nogitsune took Lydia back to the night she was bitten by Peter and took Scott into the closet with "Alison" after trapping both of them by tying them down to a bed.  That scene with Stiles and the nogitsune playing that game (think it was checkers) was a little odd.  And then Alpha Scott came through with the howl that broke Stiles away from the nogitsune and caused all of the affected people (see below) to drop.  And then Teen Wolf introduced us to a whole new level of disgusting by having Stiles throw up what must have been several yards of wrapping.  When it was peeled off, we saw...Stiles!  Apparently "Stiles" was actually the nogitsune and it left with Lydia.  Not good.

While not disgusting, it was a little disturbing to see "Stiles" stab himself and then see flies come out of the wound.  To see them then go and crawl into Ethan, Aiden, Derek, and Isaac was interesting, if only because we got to see what each of them thinks at some deep, dark level.  Ethan blames Aiden for not being in Scott's pack and thinks he is a loose cannon.  Aiden thinks Ethan is weak.   Isaac hates them both (<sarcasm> total shocker there! </sarcasm>) and Derek blames all of the Argents for what happened to his family.

That three way wolf brawl between Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac was brief and interrupted by Kira and Allison attempting to stop it.  I do wonder how Allison managed to handle the katana so well.  I assume that, since it is a sword, she has a certain amount of carry over ability from her other fighting skills.  The two of them better be grateful that Scott managed to stop the nogitsune when he did, because otherwise I guarantee they would have been used as mops for the floor.  I know that they are both good fighters, but I don't see them being able to fight the twins and Isaac.  Well, not unless Kira were to use some of he kitsune abilities on them somehow.

Watching Derek with Mr. Argent was weird.  The two of them have settled into a wary sort of friendship, so finding out that Derek does blame him on some level for what Kate did is a little disturbing.  I really hope it doesn't affect them too much, because I do like watching the two of them work together.  They do make a really good team.

What exactly did Stiles overhear Melissa say to his dad?  I am so hoping it is nothing as banal as an affair, because that would just be annoying.  Given what the nogitsune said and Melissa's reaction, it must be something pretty bad, particularly if she actually thinks that Scott will hate her for what happened.  The two of them are so close, that I am trying to imagine what could be that big.  Then again, it could also be something relatively small that has been hidden for so long that it will be a big thing now.

I was very surprised that Agent McCall came to Sheriff Stilinski's defense.  It could be that he genuinely thinks that no one can handle things as well as Stilinski can or it may be that he wants to get in Scott's good graces.  If it is the latter, that is flat out wrong.  Sorry, but manipulating your son's emotions to get close to him is just wrong.

That first scene was uber-intense.  I knew that Argent wouldn't shoot Stiles, but watching the nogitsune order Argent to shoot him and Sheriff Stilinski hold a gun to Argent was just intense.  Thank goodness Allison realized what was going on and also removed the firing pin from Argent's gun.

Two more weeks until the finale!  See y'all next week!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Review of Vampire Diaries 5.15- Girl Gone

3 characters take a bow (one in a most unexpected way), one character comes back, Caroline goes off on Tyler, someone beside Bonnie is after Jeremy, and sore loser takes on a whole new meaning....

Katherine, Nadia, and Wes have all shuffled off this (im)mortal coil.  Nadia succumbed to Tyler's bite, Katherine was forced out of Elena's body by the Traveler's knife, and Wes played doctor with Damon and lost.  Out of the three of them, I am not sure if I am going to miss Katherine or Nadia more.  Although we only knew Nadia for a short period of time, I definitely grew to like and admire her.  Her only real fault was being too loyal to Katherine, but that is completely understandable.  I think she could definitely have been one of the good vampires had circumstances been different.

Katherine, on the other hand, I will miss for other reasons.  She may have been an uber-bitch, but I still loved her.  So much of her life was forced in directions dictated by the fact that she is a Petrova doppleganger and by Klaus chasing her.  If she had been left alone after being turned, I do think that she may have turned out a lot differently.  Not that this excuses anything she did, but it does provide reasons for her actions.  She was right to point out that each of the characters has been shaped and affected by her (as I noted here).  Not that she has been a positive force or anything, but she has been a major factor in their lives.

I want to know where Katherine was taken off to.  That exit was really weird.  Something threw her back from Bonnie, dragged her out of the church, and then launched her into the sky.  I can think of two main possibilities.  First, the spell the Travelers cast is keeping her on earth and dragged her to them.  Second, she is being sent to hell or something.  The only thing wrong with the second idea is that as a vampire and doppleganger, she should have passed to the Other Side.  Inquiring minds want to know.

And tonight Katherine redefined sore loser.  She knew that the gang knew about her switch with Elena, so she decided to take Elena and others down with her by injecting Elena with a souped up version of the ripper virus.  She said that since Elena gets everything, she was going to ensure that Elena did not get Stefan.  What Katherine never got is that Elena gets things because she is a genuinely good person, not because she is manipulative or anything.  I honestly think that this is a concept that Katherine cannot comprehend.  Katherine became familiar with the concept of love at the end with Nadia, but other than that I doubt that she loved anyone.  And I am including Stefan when I say that.  She says that she loved Stefan, but her actions to ensure that Elena never gets Stefan say otherwise.

I was so happy to see Caroline tell Tyler off.  Like I've said many times recently, what happened between Caroline and Klaus happened in part because of Tyler's actions.  Now if only Caroline can take the sentiments she expressed and apply them to Damon.  She has been treating Damon much the same way that Tyler has been treating her, only for longer.

Liv (the witch who's been helping Bonnie) was making some serious googly eyes at Jeremy.  Not that I blame her or anything, but to openly ogle someone in front of their SO is so not cool.  Watching her reactions when Jeremy and Bonnie were explaining the whole situation was quite fun.  Welcome to the wacky world of the gang sweetie.  Now, go find a new guy and stop hitting on Jeremy.

We'll be back in two weeks.  See y'all then!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Review of The Tomorrow People 1.15- Enemy of My Enemy

Ultra teams up with Julian, Astrid goes to John for help, and there's a confrontation in the Tomorrow People's hiding place.

Teaming up with Julian was not a smart move.  Even though they implanted that bomb in his head, the potential for disaster was just too great.  The problem is that Julian is a psychopath and cannot be controlled.  Granted, since Cara was in charge and he showed Cara the ropes, he did have an advantage of being able to predict her movements.  My question is why Jedikiah gave Julian unfettered control of the Kill Squad.  Granted, Julian did figure out what Stephen is doing, but his initial reason for having Stephen around was in order to have a weapon to use against Jedikiah if needed.

I was seriously surprised that Cara was able to let the bomb go off.  I know that it was the most pragmatic option, but I did not expect it of her.  I must also admit that it was the lesser of evils all told.  If she had let Julian go, he would have revealed Stephen's double agent status to Jedikiah, continued to come after the Tomorrow People, and quite possible kill many more people.  The trap was a nice one, particularly because it had the suppressors, which was an element that Julian could not have predicted.

I loved seeing Astrid and John together.  He is able to give her the insight into Stephen's world that she desperately needed and also helped her through the trauma in a way that Stephen couldn't because he was such an integral part of the trauma.  Seeing her with Stephen at the end was especially nice.  They really do need more scenes with Astrid and Stephen.

It was nice to see that Cara and John managed to work out their issues.  They're both incredibly stubborn and both will stand by what they think is the right thing to do.  That is what caused their conflict.  Well, that and the fact that Cara demanded unquestioning obedience from John.  That is never a good thing.  But they have obviously made up, so that is good for them.

Watching how the two of them met was interesting.  Cara initially thought that John was a member of Ultra and ran from him.  Lucky for her, he was around to save her from the Ultra agents who attacked her.  That was an impressive telekinetic throw that she did.  The guy went flying over the top of the van.  I swear that I heard bones breaking when he landed.  That had to hurt!

Stephen really didn't have much to do on his own this week.  He mainly reacted to what other people were doing.  It was actually sort of a nice break for him.  Poor guy kept getting attacked or having his abilities suppressed for most of the episode.  He couldn't save his friends that way he normally would.  I do want to know what that device he found at the end of the episode was.  It reacted to him in a serious way.  Maybe it will lead him to his father?

Next episode is Monday the 17th.  See y'all then!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Review of The Originals 1.15- Le Grand Guignol

We get an explanation as to what happened when Mikael visited New Orleans, Celeste continues her revenge, Hayley is a woman on a mission, and someone comes back to us.

Well, I knew that Mikael despised Klaus, but I did not realize how deep it truly went.  No wonder Klaus has daddy and trust issues.  His dad seems to blame him for being born and also for still being alive despite the fact that Klaus (obviously) had no control over the first and Mikael and Esther forced the second.  In fact, Mikael has completely dehumanized Klaus and declared that Klaus does not even deserve to exist.  Given that, I am totally not surprised that Klaus has issues.  Not that any of this actually relieves Klaus of any guilt for what he has done, but it does make it understandable.  Being chased relentlessly for hundreds of years by your mother's husband (who he still thinks of as his dad) and called a mongrel who has no right to exist?  Yeah, that'd make anyone go more than a little crazy.

I am also not surprised that when Klaus and Elijah fled with Rebekah, they thought that Marcel was dead.   Between being nailed to that cross and the opera house being burned down, I would have thought he was dead too.  I do get why Marcel did not greet Klaus with open arms though.  I also have to wonder how exactly Marcel got out of the opera house alive.  Did Mikael free him before he left?  Or did Marcel somehow wake up enough to get out of there?

Elijah's deal with the witch was an inspired idea.  If Celeste was being honest, she could continue as she was.  If, however, she was lying and was only interested in herself, then she would go elsewhere.  And elsewhere turned out to be back into her own body.  I assume that the spell trapped her there, or else I don't think Elijah would have killed her.  Hopefully this means that Celeste is gone and we only have Genevieve left to deal with.

So happy that Davinna is back.  I wonder how powerful she is now that the Harvest is over, but it will be nice to see her back.  Assuming that she still has her power, I think she should be able to break the barrier spell that Celeste put up with relative ease.  She may also be called in to battle with Genevieve or something.  That should be interesting.  Genevieve is definitely powerful, but if Davinna is still carrying around anywhere near the same level of power she was before, it should be an interesting time.  Maybe if Davinna is in Marcel's corner, we can have a draw and relative peace in New Orleans.

Hayley has the cure for her family.  It appears that she'll have to wait until they transform back into humans, but it will hopefully work.  If not, then life will be interesting.  Since Celeste is now (apparently) permanently gone, there might be no other way to break the hex unless somehow the other witches can figure out a way to undo it collectively.

Now that we have the three Original siblings trapped in a graveyard together, life ought to be very exciting.  Klaus has the oak stake his mother created for Alaric (I think) and has murder on his mind.  Elijah is determined to prevent that murder and Rebekah (I assume anyway) wants to as well.  Next week ought to be interesting.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.21- The Fox and the Wolf

This episode was a exposition heavy episode meant to fill us in on back story before moving onto the final set of episodes, much like "Visionary" from over the summer.  We learn about why the nogitsune and Kira's family are in Beacon Hills while Sheriff Stilinski enlists Mr. Argent, Derek, and Allison to help him find Stiles.

To truly do this episode justice, I will have to summarize the events that Kira's mom describes before talking about the characters.  Kira's mom is a 900-year old kitsune who was in a internment camp at Oak Creek.  Yes, the one that Kira's dad claimed never existed.  While there she met a soldier who she embarked on a relationship with.  They discovered that the doctor at the internment center was stealing medicine and selling on the black market and as of this several people died.  The internees had a little bit of a riot before calming down a little, but one of the internees (who was a werewolf) threw a molotov cocktail-like weapon that killed the boyfriend.  This caused the soldiers to open fire, killing many of the internees.  They took all of the bodies (including Kira's mom and her boyfriend's body) to the desert to burn them.  Kira's mom was (obviously) not dead, so she asked for a nogitsune to come and possess her so that she could get revenge.  The nogitsune possessed her boyfriend instead, killed the soldiers and most of the people in the camp, and went to the insane asylum and slaughtered people there before Kira's mom was able to stop it by stabbing it with her katana after the interned wolf stabbed the nogitsune in the back.  The katana shattered, and Kira's mom buried it (along with the body) in the wall of the asylum, where it would later be freed.  She then took a fly the flew out of its mouth, put it in a jar, and buried it beneath the Nemeton where the fly was freed when Scott, Allison, and Stiles sacrificed themselves in order to save their parents.  So now Kira's mom is insisting that Kira needs to use the reforged sword (through some nifty kitsune power that Kira has as a thunder kitsune) and stab Stiles in order to get rid of the nogitsune.

Whew!  That was a lot of story for one episode, but it did answer a lot of questions.  I have to wonder how much of this Deaton knew when he warned Scott, Stiles, and Allison about what they were doing.  I also suspect that this is part of the reason Derek's family is in Beacon Hills.  If they were guardians, it must have had something to do with the power of the Nemeton.  Now Scott has to figure out a way to expel the nogitsune from Stiles.  We know that stabbing the host only traps the nogitsune, as it was obviously able to find its way out after what Kira's mom did.  I wonder if there might be a ritual of some sort to get rid of the nogitsune.  After all, Kira's mom called for it, so maybe there is a way to uncall it.

I am not entirely sure what was up with the look on Kira's face after she got the sword.  I know some people think that she intends to stab Stiles, but I sincerely hope that she is willing to follow Scott's lead.  Stile now has at least 3-4 people looking to kill him if needed: Kira, her mom, Mr. Argent, and (maybe) Derek.  I also strongly suspect that Peter could be added to that list since he is the most pragmatic of the group and has proven more than willing to kill in order to help himself.

Enlisting help was incredibly smart on Sheriff Stilinski's part.  Mr. Argent has dealt with this before, Derek is part of the family of guardians, and Allison is incredibly capable.  It was nice to see that she was able to admit to being so affected by everything that has been going on.  I am not surprised that she has been, but it was nice to see her say it.  She gave Sheriff Stilinski something that he needed.  She showed that the gang is as scared as he is and still needs him.

Taking those brain scans to the doctor's last week was smart.  Sheriff Stilinski was able to confirm that the brain scans from Stiles were *IDENTICAL* to those of his mother, which is an impossibility.  Even in the same person, I am pretty sure that two different brain scans will not be identical.  Stilinski was able to help explain why Stiles gave into the nogitsune, it took away his sense of hope.  By tricking him into thinking that he was sick like his mother, it took away his sense of hope for the future, therefore making him an easier target.  Very smart maneuver.  By the way, what was up with labeling Derek the king on that chess board?  Was it a warning that the nogitsune is after him (since he is of the family of guardians) or is it something else?

Scott is now stuck in a very hard place.  He knows what Kira's mom (and possibly Kira) intends and he is determined to save Stiles.  He has the scroll which says that you can get rid of the nogitsune by changing the body of its host, but is that scroll reliable?  Will he be able to help Kira stab Stiles if needed?

Three episode left in the season.  Until next week!